24 November, 2006

Tomorrow is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

To all the female bloggers….please write some thing or post any facts about violence in the region…we wont let the occasion pass without any attention! Spread the word…do something!!

Stop violence against women

I’m not shocked coz I know we are in the Arab World where the Freedom of expression & liberty don’t exist & will never exist.

Months ago, I came across a blog of an egyption blogger. Very controversial views & rebellious to the core against all social & some religious norms. He had that stored anger against culture & anything related to Islam. I just felt sorry for him and for the society that produces frustrated generations without recognized rights nor freedom of speech.
They are oppressed religiously & physiologically. I’m not defending his personal opinions but I am with the freedom of speech!

Just today I knew that the guy was arrested long time ago for his views…..when we say we wanna migrate they ask us why!

What’s the value of life if others will impose their religious beliefs & lifestyles on each other? You can’t criticize the religion, the government, the ruler, the culture, the society…u can’t complain nor voice ur opinions…

The phenomenon of detaining bloggers known for controversial views is so common nowadays! Blocking their blogs is of course the easiest way!
Censorship, red lines, taboos, list of do & don’t!

I was about to post something about women in Saudi Arabia….I’m not sure if I will do so. They try to scare youth so they don’t dare to open their mouth. I have many topics on mind to blog about but I don’t want the blog to be blocked! Its bugs me to feel restrained from expressing my ideas on my blog! May be I need some courage to go a step further.

Although I disagree with some of your views. Go man you have all my support. They are talking about modern & free societies in time they don’t have an idea what freedom of expression is!

Do what you can to make a difference. Support him!

Sign the petition

& here is the link of the website dedicated to the campaign to free Kareem

No one deserves to be insulted or abused physically or physiologically due to his /her beliefs & views. Arabs please wake up!

18 November, 2006

Buon Giorno,
My mood is super, amazing & I’m HAPPY these days! Socially active and have lots of love & heart breaking stories that I chit chatted with my friends during the pervious days but guess wut no more sharing details with you guys! Oh sooooooooooo excited too. My parents will travel and some body will start celebrating ………………yuppy I’M GONNA BUY SHISHAAAAAAAAA….fun will start soon **EVIL SMILE**

Anyways going back to your comments sorry 4 the delay. All in all, most of you got my point about the wrongness/rightness issue.
For some reason, I figured out the following with regards to some Arab bloggers:
-Shallow-minded, introvert, & Childish (wonder wut kind of education they have or wut kind of friends they r hanging out with)
-Got no point behind blogging so they have no clue what civilized conversation is all about.
-Start criticizing the arguer and insulting him/her simply because he/she has a different point of view. As a result, they forget what the point was & use their long sharp tongue & shiitty kind of communication to defend their image. Self insecure!

BTW firas I was about to change me mind but I think I would be mistaken if I did …I would be insulting my intelligence if I though of replying to your “SARCASTIC COMMENT”:
“PS to Arablady, take it easy,now looking at your avatar I see that you've taken my advice and you are all covered up, good for you”.

My post wasn’t a response to the Arab Girl’s post. Her post just triggered some questions that would be dicussied sooner or later…I was talking about the trap we all tend to fall in: categorizing human beings according to our beliefs assuming we r RIGHT. GO back to wut D,
Shaykhspeara Sha'ira & Hannan have said about the right/wrong thing issue…they just rephrased or expressed my view but in a different way…
I guess it was a big mistake referring to her post in the first place. Agree with you but allow me to comment on the following:
““Not to wrong all girls, there is girls that were raised in environment that they found all people around them; their moms, their sisters,etc are comfortable wearing Bikini and that's why they wear it... but when a girl comes from Saudi Arabia to the U.S. and wear bikini here and then when the plane lands in Jeddah, she puts on the scarf and 3abyaa.. that's what is called slutty girl”””.
To me she is not a slutty girl! Don’t u people say in Rome do what Romans do!!& do we have to stick to wut ur culture/environment even if it goes against our personal values, individualism, & reasoning. Life is all about experiencing new things. Sounds you agree with me that its a matter of lifestyle too. at the same you r telling me if a person was born in a certain environment, she/he must stick to it & never change! So if my parents have their own religious & politics beliefs, I must follow blindly wut my brain was stuffed with. Then where have the role of external factors gone like media, friends, schools, university, traveling, …..etc.
Assume that your father is a communist, liberal, or fanatic should you believe in his convictions just because his is your father and knows better than you! they give us the basics & then its our duty to continue our life journey & build up our own system of values & beliefs..
Anyways, that girl might be a slut in ur opinion but I c her a VICTIM… victim of the unfair culture that allows the man to do wutever he wants but lists wut a woman should & should not do…they create generations with double standard views, values, & behaviors! We cover in front of the so called “society” but in reality we have our own secret life! Is this what the society wants!

no I wont tell anymore!

Nash & Dubai_Stud I dunno guys but I would be more than happy to have some identical copies of u 2 distribute…Arab women r in need of similar men…life would be much easier!

I hate them too ( ok come on don’t believe me, well I do..their actions make me do hate them!) but lets be honest with ourselves we both need each other! They r giving women kind of hard time….forget that male blogger but we cant deny that zillions of ppl think in a similar way…believe me I concluded that Education has nothing to do with the mentalities…I know a professor teaching at my university…he has PhD from the states but his wife doesn’t have a high school diploma…listen some men don’t prefer the educated girl coz they know she will make his life like hell ; ) …they want a robot not a women who thinks or has a strong personality… some of them want her without history, never talked to a male other than her father & bro, covered from head 2 toe….etc u know the story & the rest of the list..of course I’m not saying all of them but the majority! You get frustrated when u know that he lived most or part of his life abroad or probably educated at prestigious universities abroad! He still thinks the same way our ancestors used to c the world..they prefer the YOUNG woman will excellent cooking skills over those who have uni degrees…I dunno wut’s wrong with them…

digital nomad & Dina hala ladies…THX 4 the support & thx 4 dropping by….ana mraw2a kteer dina no body on earth can spoil my mood J & Dingital I love you too! Rejected..hmm sounds u have a story! Any ways welcome to my spot & plz tell me who doest judge us based on our nationalities & passports! Cheer up ..dont let anything/anybody make u feel down….
Omernos said...you are nobody to tell me what I have to do…go let your friend stop being sarcastic about Islam & Hejab, as if its really funny!

thanks 4 coming by & ppl start judging each other coz they have nothing worthwhile to do in life! 3alam fadya!

Hannan, people in our culture judge the book by its cover esp when it comes 2 women. I have been harassed several times IN PUBLIC PLACES by men with beard & short Kandoraaaaaa! The last time was long time ago when I went grocery shopping & was that man trying to give me his num :S going back & forth repeaaaaaating his num over & over again!
Wuts the hell! Wanna tell u a secret THEY freak me out whenever I c I man with beard & short kandora! They never lower their gaze & spend 10 hours staring @ u!! Drama Diva & Advents Halla & thx 4 sharing ur opinion

واحد من هالعالم
Get a life …don’t tell me that u r being sarcastic too!

Check out the following if interested..THX Abu JOuD!

again this blog represents my personal opinions that might be wrong or right. I never claim that they are right either.
Have a great weekend...


After a frustrating tour to check out some blogs I ended up being called a dumb!!!

I read an interesting post
http://www.rebelliousarabgirl.net/?p=418 on Arab Girl’s blog.

Ok I tend to be trigging some “Dumb arguments” lately. Frankly speaking, if anybody would say this to me in real life I would smash his/her face!!

Simply I can’t tolerate disrespect & black-headedness. No one ever dares to talk to me in such a tone. Ok I’m dump but proud of my triviality which I consider it open-mindedness!

My fault & crime in life are that I don’t like to categorize human beings. I don’t like to judge who is a bitch, bastard, slut, who is gonna end up in hell or heaven simply because its none of my business!!

Girls in bikini are sluts and bitches! Oh they show their asses to the world! Who the hell am I to judge people or give them names? It’s her body, not mine! If she wants to reveal her body to the world then it’s her PERSONAL decision.

Each person has his/her own lifestyle. I ‘m neither defending nor promoting such actions but I don’t have any authority to tell her “oh, babe. Its wrong!”

Why the hell people think they know what’s wrong & right!!??

How many nationalities, cultures, and religions do we have??
So if any person on Earth is not abiding by Islam teachings or the Arab traditions, he/she is WRONG!! Is it the kind of Islam you are calling for?

If each person thinks that he is RIGHT while other DIFFERENT people are WRONG…then it’s a real disaster! Divided world with hatred being the median of communication…Peace Peace lets live with each other peacefully with neither generalization nor stereotyping!!!!!!!

Moreover, for a reason I really don’t know, I felt that the internet is male-dominated too. That’s driving me crazy. I thought I would escape my reality to find some open window to breathe and meet some ppl having a similar mentality of mine. Obviously, I’m mistaken!

The other day I checked out 7aree2a’s blog http://hareega.blogspot.com/and read a good post about prostitution so thought of checking the comments section (I wish if I did not).

And here we go I just read one of the most ………… (u fill in the blanks) comment from a Jordanian blogger ( male of course)……

Firas said:
لهذا نقول أن المرأة و هي فتنة مكانها البيت الذي هو مملكتها و يعطيها كامل حقوقها
إزا مات زوجها الذي بالغالب هة ابن عمها، فان شيخ فاضل و جليل يتزوجها و يستر
عليهاأرجعوا نساءنا غلى المطابخ و البيت و اذا لا سمح الله خرجت من البيت
فعليها بالبرقع من فوق لتحت

Translation into English

That’s why we say a woman being the source of bewitchment must stay at home which is her kingdom that gives her all her rights. In case the husband, most probably her cousin, passes away or dies, a decent Imam/ sheik will marry her to provide shelter for her.

Let women go back to kitchen and houses and in case a woman goes out side her house, God forbid, she must be covered & veiled from head to toe!!!


The disaster is that by living in an Arab country I know I can’t sue him!! Do I have the right to commit suicide!! Gosh I can’t imagine the life of a woman full of sick ppl having such a mentality around her!!

Now I’m really sick of this shit!

Women are the source of prostitution
Women fool men
Women triggers men’s sexual desire and lead them to committing sins
Women are the source of every disaster in this world …they probably behind:

Earthquakes in Asia and the Far East
Hurricanes in the States
The Israeli-Arab conflict in the Middle East
Poverty in the Third World Countries
Starvation in Africa
Unemployment & crimes everywhere
All kind of pollution
The War on Lebanon & Iraq


ALL the social, political, ethical, humanitarian, moral, educational, cultural, and environmental problems/crisis on Earth!!!

Since we r the Satan on Earth, why don’ they come up with some biological weapons to wipe US WOMEN off THE UNIVERSE! Isn’t better! So both of us would REST IN PEACE!!! Our existence bothers them like hell!!

Ya Allah please please please give me some patience and support to survive in these societies….pour your blessings on me to bear the fault of being a female!!!

Ya Sneeen 3Omry

Officially you mean nothing to me…..
I won’t mourn your death either…
I’ll put my ethics and feelings under the cheapest shoes I have….

Bye Bye Ethics…Bye Bys morals, manners, &values….

The old person is DEAD NOW…..the one you see now is a real bitch & I’m happy with her….