16 November, 2005

Iraq's government faces calls for an international inquiry into abuse at a secret prison in Baghdad where inmates were reportedly tortured, beaten and starved.
The call by the Sunni-based Islamic Party on Wednesday comes after revelations that about 170 detainees, mostly Sunni, were illegally held at a centre run by the Shia-dominated Interior Ministry, in a case likely to embarrass the US military supervising local security forces.
"We insist on having an international investigation," Islamic Party spokesman Alaa Makki said.
"There have been similar cases in the past, and investigations into them led to nothing," said another party spokesman, Ayad Samarrai. "We want an international and impartial inquiry as we are beginning to think there are people high up in government who are responsible, or at least accomplices." US forces blamedMakki also blamed US-led forces for the abuse, saying it could not happen without "their green light".
Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has ordered an investigation into the allegations, with a committee due to report its findings within two weeks.
Al-Jaafari's spokesman Laith Kubba told the BBC the prime minister was "outraged" by the alleged abuse, adding: "It goes pretty much against all the core values that this government holds."
The case came to light after US forces raided the underground facilities of an Interior Ministry complex in south Baghdad on Sunday.

Hussein Kamal, Iraq's deputy interior minister, told CNN television he saw evidence of torture. "I saw signs of physical abuse by brutal beating. One or two detainees were paralyzed. And some had their skin peeled off various parts of their body."
Torture evidentThe Association of Muslim Scholars, the main Sunni religious organisation in Iraq, accused Interior Ministry services of "resorting to torture and ransoming prisoners".
Committee spokesman Shaikh Abd al-Salam al-Kubaissi said that his organisation had "filmed testimony of released detainees who had been tortured" and that the videos were handed over to Arab League chief Amr Mussa when he visited Baghdad last month.

Al-Kubaissi also accused Interior Ministry services of "detaining people at night in their homes on terrorist charges and then torturing them into making confessions, parts of which are then broadcast on television". Some detainees were released a month or two later "after paying a bribe, with no charges being brought against them", Kubaissi added. The US embassy and US military issued a statement welcoming the Iraqi government's decision to investigate the case and stressing that the mistreatment of detainees was "totally unacceptable".
Abu GhraibUS Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and General George Casey "have discussed this case with the leaders of the Iraqi government at the highest levels", it added.
A scandal over the abuse by US forces of Iraqi detainees at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison last year led to international condemnation of the United States as it struggled to defend the March 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq.
The United States will provide "technical assistance, including support from US law enforcement elements of the department of justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation" to help the Iraqi government look into the matter, the US statement added.
DetentionsThe revelations come a month ahead of general elections for a permanent government, the final stage in Iraq's transition to democracy after the ouster of Saddam Hussein.
In London, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw spoke of his "deep shock" and said: "Whoever carried out this abuse must be caught and brought to justice, regardless of rank or background."
The UN mission in Iraq on Monday accused the Interior Ministry of holding hundreds of people in detention despite judicial orders for their release.
Sunni Arabs, who provide the backbone to the anti-US fight, have repeatedly accused Iraq's security agencies, some of which have allegedly been infiltrated by Shia militias, of engaging in torture and extra-judicial executions.
EU concernThe European Union has added its concern over the alleged abuse at the detention centre, saying it showed the need to bolster human rights in the violence-scarred country.
EU external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner noted that al-Jaafari had ordered an investigation into the reports and stressed that the facts were not confirmed.
But she said: "If it were so, it's clear ... that human rights are part of our very, very strong values, and those values that we want also to export to Iraq."
Speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, she recalled that the EU agreed this year to fund training of Iraqi judges and senior police.
"What we can do is to contribute ... by building up a police corps that does not torture, a police corps that really knows where the limits are, but at the same time tries to restore order," she said.

15 November, 2005

They are waiting..they have the keys...but not the homes

Endless pain and humiliation that started in 1948

They stole the land, but they can never steel the hope of returning back

When you were assassinated nobody did anything…they even work hard to hide the truth but everyone knows that you were killed…However u will be the always on our minds……..

Palestinians light candles and hold portraits of Arafat, a former guerrilla leader who won a Nobel Peace Prize, on Friday during a rally in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah. (AFP)

A Palestinian woman near Damascus, Syria, holds a picture of late president Yasser Arafat during a ceremony on Friday to mark the first anniversary of Arafat's death. (AFP)

How to be rich!!!!!!!!!

13 November, 2005

How to be rich…. Well if you know how please tell me? lolI guess the formula got some important ingredients. For example, you need to be so ambitious. Some people were born to depress you and convince you that it’s difficult to begin from scratch. Well don’t give then an ear. Actually lots of people like this type surrounds me J
Apart of ambition, we need to be willing to be something and spontaneous when it comes to grapping chances.

Many people who are rich today came from either poor or modest families with modest financial abilities. It’s really wonderful to learn about such personalities. Learning from their experience gives me a great and strong push, optimism, and colorful hope, which encourage me to take the same track.

Take for example the story of the Lebanese ex-prime minister Rafiq Al Harririe who was assassinated in Lebanon last year. He came from a very poor family in which his dad was a farmer. Then he traveled to Saudi Arabia to work there. After years of struggle in collecting his wealth, he went back to Lebanon to build his empire and involve in politics. His contribution to rebuilding his country, especially after the destruction that the civil war caused is seen everywhere in Lebanon. He was a normal guy but his determination to be build himself, achieve success was greater than the barriers and obstacles that he faced.

Isn’t wonderful to learn from others achievement and success stories! Ya definitely it is!!

They Don't Believe In US

In the news last morning, I have heard that the female ex-minister who is ruing for office in Liberia is witnessing continues success in the elections. I saw lots of people around her supporting, cheering, greeting her. I really wonder when we will have similar things in the Arab world. I mean women running for office! Until now the culture of accepting a woman to be a leader is not established nor welcomed at all in the Arab World! They still doubt our abilities and skills. They still believe that women are created to raise kids and clean the floor, cook, and look for her husband. Even those who believe in the women’s rights in getting education and working do believe that a limit must be set to their ambition. They justify that by claiming that women would forget the main duties that they are born for or that they might lose their femininity!

I believe that we should get rid of these contaminated and sick ideas. The main problem is that the woman here can’t practice what she believes in due to the culture of the society and the tradition that hinders her from changing her lifestyle.

Well I hope that our daughters in the future will enjoy things that we were prohibited from not in the family arena only but within the society as a whole.

10 November, 2005

Today I watched the speech of the president of Syria. His speech was wonderful, the kind that I was waiting for from an Arab leader. He was firm, straightforward, clear, and aggressive as well. Actually, I have never heard such a speech from any leader. I am really proud of him and his wisdom. I like the way he deals with the barbaric and aggressive threats that comes from outside Syria. Although his speech won’t be like by many Lebanese if not all of them, it’s enough to see the Syrians and the Arab citizens satisfied with whatever he said. What I like most that he said that those who brought the enemy to the region will be the first ppl that will pay the cost. Ya well I do agree with him. He also differentiated between the Arab media and the Media that speak Arabic. That was a very strong msg that hits the biased media that market idea brought from aboard.
In a nutshell, I liked his speech and it was very effective in addressing the msg to several parties.

I was really shocked when I heard about wut happened in Jordan last night. I want to how what are the motives that push these killers to do what they are doing. They definitely have been brainwashed. But how? How can a human being harm and kill hundreds of innocent civilians in public places! I even feel guilty if I step on an insect. Its really unbelievable what its happening in the Middle East. By such terrorist attacks they are harming the economy, tourism, and create a sense of insecurity and instability in the society. Who is the loser after all? The average citizen who is looking for feeding his kids. I believe that our problem are quit enough that we are not in need of more miserable political situation. May God save all the countries?

I came across a document saved on my brothers’ computer. It was an article written by a famous Egyptian writer whose name is Amira Al Shanwani in a well-known daily newspaper called Al Ahram. The writer tells about a story that happened with her while she was in America visiting an exhibit sponsored by some Russian doctors showing some advanced and sophisticated equipments. While chitchatting with a Russian doctor, she asked him about why they don’t believe in the existence of God although they highly knowledgeable in the field of science meaning that they should be the first who should believe in the existence of great power that is behind the creation of the human being and nature. The Russian doctor smiled and said that he is waiting for a miracle to happen to believe in the existence of God!!! When they were about ending their chat, the Russian doctor gave her his business card saying that they might meet one day finding that whether he have believed in God or she left that belief!

Years after that incident, that woman heard in the news a strange story about picz for the Earth taken by NASA. You know what was in the picz. You won’t believe! NASA says that when they took picz from the earth, they usually see black darkness but this time they saw something shining! They two things that were so clear in the pics taken from the space were the Holy Mosque in Mecca and another old mosque that goes back to the era of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. These picz amazed the whole word and NASA in particular.

The writer wished if she still has the business card of the Russian doctor to call him!
Actually I tried to report what was motioned in the article precisely. Have a look at the picz and the original article written but unfortunately its in Arabic. If I got any article in English written about this incident I will post it.

09 November, 2005

Yesterday I got a msg from a friend who is living in Lebanon. Well, the least thing I would expect was to receive a msg from her. My problem is that I am so sincere when it comes to friendship. Well in life this concept has no value at all. Actually, I tried to keep in touch with her as much as I can, expecting similar attitude. But life makes us busy in a way that doesn’t enable us to be in touch with our old friends (they used to say that). Actually true, honest, and sincere friendship these days is a rare currency. The one who said that wasn’t mistaken at all. Wondering what is the meaning of life without sincerity. Money comes and goes but the human relationship stays and can never be substituted.

I have been eating too much today. I really do have a very bad habit, which is expressing my emotional, or physiological status through eating. I couldn’t stop this habit. Actually I feel bad, unsecured, and anxious. I think a lot about my future and wut is awaiting me after graduating. Am I going to find a job? How much I am going to make? Am I going to find and fulfill what I am missing? Is my life going to change? Many questions are on mind but the worst thing is that I can’t find answers!
Sometimes I feel guilty that I am not using my time in something useful. I don’t read. I don’t participate in activities or competitions at school and the worst thing that I don’t study! I used to be on the dean’s list in the fisrt year… I was an A student imagine! Lol but know I barely spend three hours studying per week!
Well I don’t know what the reasons behind such a change..
I used to be so optimistic, ambitious, competitive, and caring about my future…
I feel that I am missing something important in my life…. sometimes u feel that even when things are going well with u, u still unsatisfied. Wherever u go u feel unhappy. Whatever u buy for urself, u r still depressed. Isn’t strange?I know if I want to count the number of blessing given my God, I must be happy and satisfied.

Today I skipped the marketing class. I didn’t feel like going to school today. I don’t know what is happening to me. Quite depressed because I got no response from the woman who is working in the placement office at my university. Although I told her that I am in need of urgent internship opportunity and I have her the names of two companies to contact, she didn’t reply yet. I sent her an e-mail and she didn’t reply either. Today morning I tried to call some companies by phone but the line is either busy or the needed person is not available. Life is really difficult! Have no idea what to do. I need to do the internship in December meaning next month and till now I didn’t find a company! L

Tomorrow I have an exam but don’t feel like studying… actually I ‘m so scared to screw up..

The American Barbaric Attacks on Innocent Iraqi Civilians!

01 November, 2005

Yesterday the American military attacked a village in west Baghdad killing forty innocent citizens and injuring at least twenty people! Most of the causalities were women and children who were refugees came from a nearby village running from the American attacks that hit their original village few days ago.

Is this the prosperity and freedom that America wants to bring to Iraq? Where is the UN from the crimes that the American troops commit against the innocent Iraq people? Who is the terrorist now? Who is the barbaric now? The American military banned the news correspondents from covering what is happening but they will never kill the voice of truth.

May God rest the souls of the innocent Iraqies who were killed by the occupiers in peace

Unfair Sanctions

I couldn’t wait to know what the UN decision will be regarding the sanctions that the three superpower countries want to impose on Syria. God knows what will happen. I hope Russia will use the VITO to hinder the plans of US-UK-France. Oh my God what if it didn’t! What is going to happen? I don’t want to see a Syrian version of Iraq. But others want so. I am not against making those who killed the Former Prime Minister pay the cost of their nasty crime. However, I am against those who want all the Syrians and the government pay the cost of things done by individuals. America tries as much as possible to create any excuses to go ahead for its plans in the Middle East!

I wonder why Americans keep wondering about why many people around the world hate them! Well ask your president, and you would know.