How to be rich!!!!!!!!!

13 November, 2005

How to be rich…. Well if you know how please tell me? lolI guess the formula got some important ingredients. For example, you need to be so ambitious. Some people were born to depress you and convince you that it’s difficult to begin from scratch. Well don’t give then an ear. Actually lots of people like this type surrounds me J
Apart of ambition, we need to be willing to be something and spontaneous when it comes to grapping chances.

Many people who are rich today came from either poor or modest families with modest financial abilities. It’s really wonderful to learn about such personalities. Learning from their experience gives me a great and strong push, optimism, and colorful hope, which encourage me to take the same track.

Take for example the story of the Lebanese ex-prime minister Rafiq Al Harririe who was assassinated in Lebanon last year. He came from a very poor family in which his dad was a farmer. Then he traveled to Saudi Arabia to work there. After years of struggle in collecting his wealth, he went back to Lebanon to build his empire and involve in politics. His contribution to rebuilding his country, especially after the destruction that the civil war caused is seen everywhere in Lebanon. He was a normal guy but his determination to be build himself, achieve success was greater than the barriers and obstacles that he faced.

Isn’t wonderful to learn from others achievement and success stories! Ya definitely it is!!


DARUOSH said...

If you know, Please tell me.
This is very important for me


ArabLady said...

well i guess that we have to get good smart,,,grape chances,,, and establish your own business when u r young...unless u r very lucky by getting married to a rich guy!!!in this case u don't have to be worry about money...loool

ArabLady said...

oh i'm sorry i thought that u r a gurl...:)