A frightening night in my neighborhood!

30 October, 2005

Yesterday I watched an action movie. Not on a TV channel but in my neighborhood and in front of my house. I was in my room when I heard some people fighting. Somebody was being hit definitely and a woman was screaming and yelling. For a moment, my imagination took me to assume that somebody is trying to commit a suicide and his mom or his family is trying to stop him! The screams got louder and louder and I lost my temper. I was afraid that any body got harmed although I had no clue about what was going on or who was being hit aggressively! What I heard was screams, screams, and screams along with heavy things being broken.

I decided to go out and have a look at what was happening as I got worried and scarred. I saw a bunch of guys around a woman in a car who did not stop shouting and cursing these guys threatening them that they will pay the cost of what they did! I couldn’t wait any more; I just asked one of the guys about that woman. He said that these guys hit her. I ran to the car to see what happened to her. She was nervous and in a miserable situation. I asked her about what happened and she claimed that the guys hit her son who was sent to the hospital immediately and then they beat her with metal stick. I had nothing to do more that trying to calm her down and make her drink some water. She called the police and I gave them the number of the car that was for the guy who hit her son. Then, the cabs came and handled the problem. Some of the guys who saw what happened said that the woman was a liar and she was the one who hit herself!!

Anyways, God knows what happened. It was an exciting night where I was scared to death. I used to believe that our neighborhood is quit and away from problems but it sounds that no place is so! Sooner or later we will know what really happened.

The Fever of Reality TV shows

I wonder why most of the Arab TV channels suffer from the reality show fever such as the Arabic versions of the western programs like Survivor, Starting Over, American Idol, Superstar, to name a few. Well, it seems that we reached a stage where our creativity or innovation has died. Yes, I consider the phenomenon of imitating the same ideas worldwide as running out of ideas. Why don’t the Arab TV like the LBC, Future, MBC, to name a few, invest the millions of dollars in more useful programs that benefit the average citizen instead of wasting the citizen’s money on voting for this or that candidate. The wasted billions of dollars could be used in programs that embrace the new talents other that singing. Here, it sounds that most of the Arab youths want to be singers! Then who will be engineers, lawyers, scientists, scholars, politicians….etc.

As an Arab citizen I feel so sorry for the miserable situation that we live on all stages. The politicians are away from the concerns of their people, fresh graduates spend years looking for a job, women are marginalized, and media are far away from voicing these concerns. They are busy with broadcasting sexy, immoral, and corrupt video clips and silly stuff as if we have no major concerns and as if we are enjoying prosperity and development!!!! Oh my God why all things go in the wrong direction!

What the United Arab Emirates does for the Palestinian case is really unforgettable and will be remembered by the Palestinians and in history. Of course it’s not unexpected to see the generosity of the UAE government that supports its brothers in Palestine both financially and psychologically.

How could the Palestinians forget the number of settlement units and projects Financed by the UAE? How could they forget that Emeriti people are always the first who give a hand? How could the Palestinians forget what Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, May God rest his soul in peace, did for them? How could forget the millions of dollars spent on projects in Gaza, Rafah, Jeneen, Ram Allah and other Palestinian cities to fix what the Israeli occupation have ruined, to build what the Israeli occupation has destroyed.

How could the Palestinians forget the unlimited media support to cover what is happening on their land shedding the light on how the Palestinian citizens suffer? How they could forget the role of the Red crescent of the UAE especially during the Intifada?

No, we will never forget what the UAE did and still doing to support the Palestinians. Words will never express how grateful we are to the UAE and how proud we are of having such an Arab Muslim country that always stands beside its brothers in Palestine.

What we only can do is to ask god to bless this country, its wonderful government, and its generous people.

Occupation But With a New Face

America, Britain, and France don’t want to re-occupy the Arab world economically, culturally, and politically only but also militarily.

I am really so sorry for the current French foreign policy toward the issue between Lebanon and Syria. I always respected France for its balanced and moderate policy when it comes to the issues of the Middle East. However, it sounds that the incentives and the hidden gains are more attractive that being neutral! May be France recognized that being neutral won’t hinder both Britain and the united states from going for their plans.

So far no tangible, solid, or accurate proofs have been illustrated to prove that Syria is involved with or has any thing to do with the assassination of Al Harriri. Like what happened with Iraq, claiming that Sadam was behind the attackes of the sep 11, Bush and Blair have fun playing the same dirty game over and over. Ya sure. I forgot that they are the superpower countries that are controlling the whole world. As a result, they need no excuses or justifications for what they are doing!

May God bless Syria, Lebanon, and all the countries in this world.

Iraq was yesterday, Syria and Iran are tomorrow,,,and God knows who is next !!!

The American government intentions are so clear regarding Syria which are to replace the Syrian president and gets rid of him altogether! Just wanna know if America doesn’t have interior issues or problems to get busy with. It seems that America doesn’t have any thing to do but to poke its nose in every thing related to the Arab World. America wants to enforce DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, and LIBERTY IN OUR COUNTRIES blab blah (all r big lies)…well I doubt if the Americans themselves enjoy these things…..then how they justify what happened in Abu Ghraib in Iraq,,,, what is happening in Gwantanamo,,,what is happening in the American prisions in US itself….the discrimination against Blacks, Arabs, and Muslims,,,,the Fake propaganda against Sadam and the fake information regarding the “MASS DESTRUCTION WEAPONS”…and much more….why America insists on interfering in every thing? WHY!

In its war on Iraq, the US wanted to make sure to stop those independent cameras and respondents from covering the true image of the war on Iraq, the deed bodies on the streets, the massive destruction that it caused! That’s why it keeps fighting AL Jazeera TV whose credibility and objectivity in reporting news bother the American authorities…
(Colin Powel himself asked Amir Qatar to put an end to AL Jazeera TV’s news reporting)
….they feel afraid from the honest and trustworthy Arab respondents and TVs that don’t follow the American hidden agenda,,,that’s why many correspondents of Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera TV have been arrested and killed in Iraq because that believe the media the transport the true image is more powerful that their “ Mass destruction weapons”….!

Don’t think that I hate Americans or have anything personal against them..not at all.. but I hate their biased foreign policy regarding how they deal with us and with the whole world….so plllllllzzzzzz leave us in peace …We r capable enough to manage our “internal” issues….

To teach others what democracy is entails knowing what it is all about first!!!

Who is responsible for the bird flu?

I have read two days ago in the newspaper about a Finnish official who claims that the disaster of the bird flu could have been avoided, abolished, or controlled if the rich or the developed countries gave an ear to the warnings of the countries that got affected.

Why do the developed countries keep neglecting such issues if we can avoid such serious natural or health catastrophes?? Why they ignore the symptoms of any problem waiting the disasters to happen then they react! The answer in my opinion that they are busy with poking their nose in other counties’ internal affairs forgetting that this world suffers from major problems such as pollution, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, to name a few.

I believe that more non-profit organizations must be established to create an active worldwide move regarding the policies of some countries that definitely will lead the whole world to the hell. The upcoming periods will witness more destructive wars, deadly illnesses, and conflicts between neighbor countries. Thus, people especially those who are highly educated and enlightened must be aware of these serious threats and do something about what is going on otherwise the world won’t be bearable for living for the future generations.


When I read wut 1 of the bloggers, Sunshine, wrote about how wonderful, caring, loving her mom is I asked myself is it really difficult for all momz to be good mothers?…sometimes mothers believe that they are doing well but that in their point of view …for me if a woman can’t be not only a good mother but a PERFECT one she should get married or at least she must not give birth to a baby….
U know what is the problem is the Arab societies??? Here the women (not all of them of course, otherwise I would be generalizing) get pregnant from the first night! Then, after a month or two, conflicts start arising between the newly married couples.. of course u can imagine how damaging the consequences will be on the coming baby especially if the couple get divorced. What makes the issue worse that here in the Arab societies the concept of being in touch with ur ex-husband doesn’t exist at allllllll! So the poor kid will be suffering moving from here to there between his mom and dad. Sometimes the families of the divorced couples play a negative role and don’t serve an effort to make the kid hates the other side!

Well I feel sorry for those babies who came to this world to see that they can’t grow up in a loving family with a healthy atmosphere…..why they should pay the cost??? Who will answer them when they ask their parents why they get divorced!!!!

HOPE a bright future for all the kids all over the world regardless of where they have been grown up whether at the orphans’ homes, their grandmas’ homes, or on the streets! God bless them all.

Missing this blog

20 October, 2005

I miss this blog a lot….a long period passed without posting any thing although I am new and should be more enthusiastic about the idea….actually life makes us busy all the time…but I hope to be more active coz writing is one of the things that makes me feel better when sad, lonely, or depressed….

Arab lady