The Fever of Reality TV shows

30 October, 2005

I wonder why most of the Arab TV channels suffer from the reality show fever such as the Arabic versions of the western programs like Survivor, Starting Over, American Idol, Superstar, to name a few. Well, it seems that we reached a stage where our creativity or innovation has died. Yes, I consider the phenomenon of imitating the same ideas worldwide as running out of ideas. Why don’t the Arab TV like the LBC, Future, MBC, to name a few, invest the millions of dollars in more useful programs that benefit the average citizen instead of wasting the citizen’s money on voting for this or that candidate. The wasted billions of dollars could be used in programs that embrace the new talents other that singing. Here, it sounds that most of the Arab youths want to be singers! Then who will be engineers, lawyers, scientists, scholars, politicians….etc.

As an Arab citizen I feel so sorry for the miserable situation that we live on all stages. The politicians are away from the concerns of their people, fresh graduates spend years looking for a job, women are marginalized, and media are far away from voicing these concerns. They are busy with broadcasting sexy, immoral, and corrupt video clips and silly stuff as if we have no major concerns and as if we are enjoying prosperity and development!!!! Oh my God why all things go in the wrong direction!