Blab Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

08 October, 2008

I’m so very busy these days…work work & work

what its making it worse is having my midterms next weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek…..need to dedicate this weekend to studying & only studying have no clue how I will digest 16 chapters all at once……I’m worried about my individual projects as well….my work occupies all my efforts & time ..but 7amdila I can still find time for shisha & close friends :D

Yesterday haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad fun shopping …oh gosh outlets at mall of the emirates have introduced new collections of clothes & accessoriesssssssssssss …wanted to buy EVERY THING…went to buy a shoe but ended up buying belts, accessories, make up & toppppppps….while driving back home & I felt a bit guilty as I forgot about having financial obligations these two upcoming months……………

my best friend came back from Canada after finalizing her paper & another one came back from her vacation ….another friend will relocate to Dubai & I expect him to reach Dubai by the end of this month……..

and a disastrous problem coming my way when my uncle comes to visit us sooooooooooooooooon…..dunno how long he will stay but of course gossip & troubles will start indirectly when he sees what I wear & why I come late …etc

Momy …please keep your brother awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

Now get to back to work

C yaaaaaaaa