30 June, 2006

Cadbury chocolate bars in UAE safe, fit for consumptionposted on 28/06/2006
""Cadbury chocolate products in the UAE are free of any contamination and are fit for human consumption, a municipal official disclosed yesterday. 'Thorough and exhaustive lab investigations and tests and field surveys conducted by food safety control and inspection authorities have found that the Cadbury chocolate bars are safe, free of the alleged contamination and fit for human consumption," said Obeid bin Isa Ahmed, Assistant Secretary General of Municipalities. 'Cadbury products in the UAE markets have been subjected to tests in various food labs. The tests have not been confined to the contamination-suspected brands reported by the international media but to all brands,' he affirmed. Cadbury local agent said in a meeting that the brands under question were not imported into the UAE markets. Reports on Friday said that more than a million Cadbury products were recalled from the market in the United Kingdom over fears that they may be contaminated with salmonella. The contamination in the UK was traced to a leaking pipe in West Central England, which has already been repaired. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)""

Wondering wuts is safe to eat…every thing seems to be contaminated…not healthy….with artificial colours…..so wut should we eat!

To me foreign brands are untrustworthy now ? ….two months ago a contact lens solution was pulled out from the UAE market after proving that it might lead to blindness and severe consequences!!…..i used to use that brand…! Imagine .....

27 June, 2006

What would you do if ......?!


13 things I would do with a million DH?

I WOULD ............
1-Quit the job I might be doing ......
2-Buy 3 or 4 new brand cars. One for morning, one for afternoon, one for evening, and the last one to be parked in front of my house....
3-Buy an apartment.
4-Do my masters.
5-Establish my own business.
6-Buy a dog. My mother hate dogs.
7-Visit some countries with my dog. Some. Shit! Say the whole world.
8-Give some to charity. No I would establish some non-profit organizations…much better…
9-Adopt 10 kids. Two from each continent…
10-Give some to my family.
11-Go shopping every day three times till I say enough. I know I will never say it.
12-Set up a modern nursery so that kids learn something useful when mom at work.
13-Take some courses in other languages. Learn Italian, fresh, etc.

13 things I would do if I were ahead of state?

1-Enforce the concept of total equality between women and men……..
2-Cut off the head of men who beat up their wives and daughters!
3-Make women’s salary twice as much as men’s!
4-Make women sponsor their husbands & fathers!
5-Put an end to dowries and the wedding expenses so every body can get married
6-Promote creative minds and embrace the talents……..
7-Feed all hungry people……
8-Educate the whole population in the country…..
9-Stop using currencies and adopt the old system of exchange
10-Make every body happy……..
12-Protect the nature and the environment……..
13-Make all people equal…..so no body is richer than another…….

The Rough Road

26 June, 2006

Today I hade an interview with a manager of a recruitment agency to tell me about the offer she has for me….actually the offer is not bad but the salary is miserable…I know that I could find a better position for a better salary but that takes time and I cant wait longer :S although I graduated last month……what I liked about the job is that it will entail traveling within GCC countries…I love the idea although it will break out a war at home since I come from a conservative home where every thing is taboo and the girl is under great pressure and where people say and think is the priority …..

But they have to figure out that I let them mess enough in my life in time I was not able to make many important decisions…..now as I’m about to be independent financially I want to be myself….i want to take my own decisions without any interference…….

After the interview I met up with my sister and after finishing her work….oh ya i bough a bunch of roses 4 my mom as she was depressed in the past few days :D..."wut a lovely daughter"...anyhow as excepted …I took some doses of frustration as she didn’t encourage me to accept the offer since the salary is very low …”deep inside I know that she disliked the idea of traveling”…..as she said the salary wont last for 10 days even!!…very true especially that I will be driving from Sharjah to Dubai by 4X4 car that swallows petrol like hell…..Actually I am thinking of selling it and buying a smaller used car :D…..well I am thinking practically now !!!

Anyhow I’ll be under probation for three months …after that I can decide whether to go head and continue with them or not….at least three-month experience is not that bad…I still have the opportunity to find something better…

U might be wondering how much they will be paying …..Guess

No not exactly…..

No NOo Lesser….

Ya Exactly

3500 Dh !!

1300 for the car
1200 4 petrol
And guess what I will end up having 1000!!

Tomorrow I will meet up with the girl working at that company …will do my best to push the salary up at least to 4000…………I will c wut’s going to happen ……..

25 June, 2006

Well since I am going through the tragedy of finding a job I listed the addresses of some recruitment agencies in the UAE and Dubai…..they might be helpful for those planning to move to Dubai or those who are seeking better positions… tomorrow I have a job interview …..wish me luck :D

23 June, 2006

Today I received an e-mail that I like so I decided to share some of the wonderful quotes…

“Life can be understood only looking behind but can be lived only looking ahead.”
(Soren Kierkegaard)

“Why repeat the old errors, if there are so many new errors to commit.”
(Bertrand Russel)

“Always there is a drop of madness in love, yet always there is a drop of reason in madness.”

“Many people lose the small joys, in the hope for the big happiness.”
(Pearl S. Buck)

“I made an agreement of peaceful coexsistance with time:neither he pursues me, nor I run from him, one day we will find each other.”
(Mario Lago)

“Never walk on the traveled path because it only leads you to where the others have been.”
(Grahan Bell)

21 June, 2006

I’m bored to death…depressed…feel like doing nothing…even talking with people or answering any phone call…..not in the mood to go out either…its hot like hell out there especially in the morning…I feel like taking tablets to sleep for three months….it has been around two months since I finished my exams…I really wanna find a job but don’t want to work at the same time ….am I crazy …I really hate my laziness….hate this attitude…. Even my mom ..i can’t get along with her….she can’t understand me…….last night I donno what happened with me I couldn’t sleep well…..

Even the guy I met last week…I don’t reply to his calls…I really feel sorry for him…what shall I tell him …I don’t feel like talking to you without any apparent reason?!!!! He would think that I am a big loser and moody …….
Another problem is that I am trying to reduce my weight ..but really I can’t …I am trying to resist………

Oh God plz I hate myself when I am in a bad mood………… what’s going on? why don’t I feel myself young, fresh, and energetic? Sometimes I feel that I don’t know what I want in life….or maybe it’s the accumulation of frustration that I had in the past years

11 June, 2006

Wonderful place where u can find some peace of mind......

MMMmmmm.... in these days the weather doesn't help to have a wake there

Guantanamo: Hell on Earth

Today while driving to the dentist I heard on the radio about the three Arabs who committed suicide in the American prison in Cuba…I am really so upset…I feel so sorry for them and for myself and the useless people including the governments and public…..sometimes I ask myself to what extent its worthy to live in this life….
Until when the Arab government will overlook the case of the Arab prisoners in Guantanamo…. I need an answer? Aren’t they ashamed of themselves for not working for the best interest of their people?

These innocent prisoners spent years and years withoutapparent reasons nor fair tails…most of them were caught in Afghanistan after the 9/11 ….ya sure superpower countries don’t need to justify their nasty work in the third world countries…..

With media busy with interviewing with movie stars, ridiculous shallow-minded talk shows, and disgusting video clips we will remain in comma for centuries…..

I really ask God to bless the prisoners with his support and lighten their hearts and minds with faith and passion……………read the article posted on

10 June, 2006

Secret report brands Muslim police corrupt

its an interesting article ....one sentence caugth my attention

"One Muslim officer with the Met said: "It is like saying black officers are more likely to be muggers. Today it is Muslim officers who are treated as the Uncle Toms. How can they say to the Muslim community 'trust us', when they don't even trust their own Muslim officers"

Just would like to know how far this study is accurate and representitive? nothing was mentioned about this aspect....just conclusions without backing up their claims... read the whole acrticle