Random Thoughts

21 July, 2008

How does it feel to take off your chest a heavy burden? I just did by finishing my final exam. As mush as I was happy, I was a bit sad. My friends will be graduate next semester while I’m waaaaaaaay behind. They have jobs as well to maintain so I don’t have an excuse. I still have one year to go. I don’t want to regret putting my masters on hold but things happened the way it happened & I can do nothing about the past.

These days I don’t feel like talking to any of my family members….three days passed i haven’t seen anybody..nothing happened but I just don’t feel like talking ..listening to mom’s ranting about this & that….eft!

I should start a saving plan cause the situation is horrible…I’m not saving a penny although my salary is higher than my married brothers who have a tribe of kids!!

Thanks God, I don’t have to think about rent expenses, electricity, telephone bills, water, grocery shopping & cooking etc…..however, I’d love to be independent & settle down alone a part from sharing your privacy & life with your family….

Happy 3rd anniversary my lovely blog…I love u & I’m proud of you…I know you tolerated me in times I was happy, depressed, desperate, moody….thanks for my trustworthy friend & warm nest

Weekend Stuff

06 July, 2008

This morning I feel my head will explode …its heavy … its like carrying batikha (watermelon) I drank plenty of coffee, smoked two cigarettes, & took headache reliever …nothing is working : (

Friday was (nakad) & depressing. Didn’t feel like seeing anybody or talking to anybody…I spent all day long sleeping…. Yesterday I went to watch a movie with the “newly engaged friend”.... I watched “ AL RAyes Omar 7arb” it sucks….then we went for shisha probably my head is spinning becoz of that…or probably becoz I didn’t have enough sleep …u know I cant miss on watching Noor on MBC 4!!!

By the way I confronted my friend with what bothered me the other day…she explained her point of view & I tried to be understanding! See how good I’m ;)

Last week I sent an e-mail to my ex-boss who moved to KSA. I missed him so very much. It’s so amazing how chemistry played a role. I have been so close to him & I took plenty of time to realize that he left Dubai for good....

He replied back telling me that he laughed when he read my e-mail. He was talking about me ( as usual) in front of his colleagues who asked me to offer me a job in KSA. He seemed sooooooooo depressed.

Here is a part of what he wrote:

“thanks (……. )for your mail you makes me feel so happy
my family went to(……)I,m setting here alone , no place to go bcs i,m now single i have very restricted area to go.

any way i rely miss you and the time when we were setting together chatting about every thing our life and our future,now i cant find somebody to talk to.

let me tell one thing ,from the time i left Dubai may be you are the only person who is contacting me i don't know what wrong with the people i don't want you to feel bad i,m feeling very bad towards women you remember when i told you that i,m always feel that i,m not lucky with women , now i can feel it more , some of the girls whom i thought they are Friends they don't even answer my calls .

since i met you it was clear for me that you are different and now you prove it for me , you are rely a special person i wish we are setting now in Patti coffee taking our coffee and talking any way as they said you cant always get all what you want and some times you met people you wish you met them earlier in your life,

i don't know what i,m writing it seems that i,m very dispirit
pls keep in touch....with love "

I replied with a spirit- boasting e-mail hoping it will make him feel good. Actually my e-mail sounded like a lecture…..he is blaming women & women r blaming men..whats the hell!

Don’t get depressed my ex-moddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir

Hope to see u sooooooooooon.

Quit or no Quit

02 July, 2008

What you would do if you have a boring job. The problem is that nothing comes as a full package its either disorganized management style, being underpaid, or having boring responsibilities.
All my ex-bosses were awesome. My current boss is awesome too.
With my ex-employer I loved my job to death, had a wonderful manager, but stress was about to destroy me mentally & I couldn’t cope with university , missed my final exam & failed the course…etc
Now I moved to a new employer, a wonderful boss as well….well paid….international com etc
But I don’t feel its fulfilling my hunger towards what I love to do …my passion towards marketing…I don’t feel such a job will add to my career path neither strengthen my skills… no knowledge gaining….
I’m programmed to have very demanding stressful jobs …having a verrrrrrrrrry relaxing job is not my cup of coffee, tea, wutevaa……I want something challenges something new everyday
I can’t be greedy at the same time…..having everything is somehow impossible
Yesterday I had dinner with my newly engaged friend …. She pissed me off to the max with a behavior that I didn’t like ….thx God I managed to control my nerves!

Goodbye Ali

01 July, 2008

I’m very sad

A fellow blogger , Sleepless in Muscat, passed away at the age of 29

I used to read his blog when I started blogging

I wish his soul will find peace wherever it exits now

May allah bless your soul ALi