Quit or no Quit

02 July, 2008

What you would do if you have a boring job. The problem is that nothing comes as a full package its either disorganized management style, being underpaid, or having boring responsibilities.
All my ex-bosses were awesome. My current boss is awesome too.
With my ex-employer I loved my job to death, had a wonderful manager, but stress was about to destroy me mentally & I couldn’t cope with university , missed my final exam & failed the course…etc
Now I moved to a new employer, a wonderful boss as well….well paid….international com etc
But I don’t feel its fulfilling my hunger towards what I love to do …my passion towards marketing…I don’t feel such a job will add to my career path neither strengthen my skills… no knowledge gaining….
I’m programmed to have very demanding stressful jobs …having a verrrrrrrrrry relaxing job is not my cup of coffee, tea, wutevaa……I want something challenges something new everyday
I can’t be greedy at the same time…..having everything is somehow impossible
Yesterday I had dinner with my newly engaged friend …. She pissed me off to the max with a behavior that I didn’t like ….thx God I managed to control my nerves!


Stained said...

at least you've got a job.... :P
I'm stressed to death...due to unemployment... :|

Anyway...its very hard to find our dream job...you really need to veryyyyyy lucky....

as you said...having everything is impossible...so be content, work hard and hope some day that job will walk down your way!!!

Arab Lady said...

if i had my own comp i would have hired u :)

keep searching never give up
best of luck

Anonymous said...

Boring jobs kill us all, but sometimes you need one versus not having a desk job - it's tiring.

Your friend pissed you off? Let me guess... Over the tops like mob emsadqa that she's engaged? Or was she all giggly, my hubby this and my hubby that. I'm sorry if I'm a bit too personal, but been there, done that and wanted to chop their heads off - ha ha ha. I try to avoid engaged/married friends because they change 180 degrees that I don't like.

Hanan said...

I am in a similar situation.

I used to love my job; great people, new things to learn, fun environment (most of the time) but the thing is I have been doing the same thing for the past year and a half now. I reached a point where I want to a change. I am looking for a post in the same company but within a different department. Let's see how that goes.

Honestly, if I found a better job in terms of the overall experience, I'll take it in a heartbeat.

Oh and yeah, I think married/engaged friends are the worst kind of friends. 5a6ree at3araf 3ala wa7da that does not revolve her life around her SO's.

Arab Lady said...

Loool @ fay

No honey..although u r right but such things never bother me…

I never give a damn about the way she talks to her fiancé or how many trillion times she calls him 7abiby per second when chatting over da phone ..etc..never born to be jealous of my engaged friends but I do agree that they chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange 380 degrees when they find what they call Mr. Right!!!

Hehe woow this year 3 girls got married, one got her first babe, 3 got engaged

How amazing!!
I think avoiding ennaged/married friends is a good advice…I think automatically the relation will be weakened with days as priorities & interests change …ya3ni u would c her once every 2 months!


I’m bored with friends who either talk about men or men!! Being their boy friend, ex-boy friend, or hubby..etc

By the way two years is like more than enough for doing the same job….ya try to move to another department if you feel its possible otherwise get ur self a more challenging job …honestly I cant wait till I finish my maters…after that I will definitely moveeeeeeeeeeeee from my current job

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm not jealous. I was taught to never be like that. I just don't like the fact that some people brag about it like it's the best and only good thing that can happen to them. [Slaps] - wake up people, life is so much more than that, hehehe.

I'm curious, then what pissed you off about her?

Random: Are you local?

Hareega said...

what did she do?
my friend once spat in the street, masa7t el ard feeh bi nuss el share3

Arab Lady said...

@ fay & 7arega

friends' secrets :P

hareega we r in dubai not amaaaaan ya man...lol

Anonymous said...

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