12 September, 2010

My blog's 5th Anniversary

Five years have passed so fast. I remember how often I used to blog releasing all the negative energy & thoughts I had, condemning what used to suffocate me from religions, cultural constraints….

I remember how writing used to set me free…I had the courage to write what I couldn’t say ….When I go back to my old posts back, I really laugh! I even cant recall what exactly used to trigger all the sadness I had….

5 years passed, probably im more mature now… Less rebellious, with more to understanding of the cultural burden we inherited from our "beloved" ancestors…I discovered that deep inside I'm the most traditional female you could ever meet yet I have a "rational modern twist" ….I'm against  dating yet against arranged marriage...Against prostitution & bitching yet against covering women from head to toe

Most importantly, i'm so very thankful to God who let me appreciate family values & relationships before its too late..

This spot will always have a special place in my heart ….its the private zone documenting intimate moments with myself