29 March, 2008

Kalam Niswaaaaaan (my story with my sisters in law)- Part ONE

I foresee a potential bloody fight with my sisters-in-law these days : ) …isn’t lovely!

My 9 year old niece has a blabbing tongue exactly like her mother. Both of them have no clue how to use their brain cells in something useful except BLABLAAAAAABING.

(El mohim), the other day I asked my niece about what she wants to be in the future when she grows up. The shocking answer was that she doesn’t think of going to college. For her Grade 10 is more than enough!!!

So I spontaneously replied: “ you want to be like your mother & ur aunt (my other sister in law)???!!!!!!!!

Why on Earth a girl whose age is 9 would love to stay at home & get married? Of course becoz she doesn’t see some leading role models around her. She sees women who clean, cook, speak 132356598 words per second, & get pregnant every 9 months!!

I’m very concerned about the quality of the upcoming generations of my family!! I’m serious about it!

I’m so upset too coz my brothers don’t tend to choose intellectual educated ladies which will be reflected on their kids later on!

I have 2 sisters in law whose maximum level of education is a High School degree!!! Another one s a drop out!! My brother tried to convince her to continue but she refused!

(El mohim), my sisters in law protested! They spoke with my sister about what Hiba means when she said” you want to become like your mother & aunt”

My sister got embarrassed :)

I told her if they want an explanation, im ready!!

28 March, 2008

Massive explosion in AL Qouz Industrial Area in Dubai on Wednesday 26th March

Causalities: the accident killed 3 ppl injured 27 others and gutted at least 83 storage facilities in Al Quoz Industrial Area

Gob Bless U UAE & Dubai

21 March, 2008

In response to Sabra http://hometoronto.blogspot.com/regarding her post about me feeling sorry for us being Arab Females!!

First of all. Very sorry for not checking your blog frequently as I have been away from bloging. I even turned off the commenting option since June 2007.

Lovely post & lovely “Fashit Kholi2”. I always feel sorry for ambitious women for being Arabs. Successful ambitious talented arab women existing in the Arab World were obliged to sacrifice alot to reach what they have reached. Society sees them as incomplete. Your education, career, & achievement don’t justify. They are not counted. If I prefer to continue my education over getting married, I would be insane. Sympathy could be seen in the eyes of your relatives when compared with your younger peers who got dozens of kids. Even if they are not happy with their marriage, even if they don’t have financial independence, society sees them as achievers! they have made the right choice!

Two days ago I was harsh with a friend of mine who got deceived by a 45 old man who is married with 4 kids! I asked her what about his first wife? How could you allow yourself to sink into such a relationship?!

A woman is always a bitch with another woman.

Sometimes I feel that we deserve what ever Arab women grow through. Women accepted the path drawn by culture & religion. They submitted to the current situation & never tried to change neither rebel.

To every woman out there, fight for your rights. Don’t ever submit to the myth that we don’t deserve absolute EQUALITY.

Since this part of the world has us, future will have a better place & opportunities to the coming generations.

We shouldn’t lose faith.
One day Arab men wont be able to force their sisters to cover themselves, wont be able to force women to get married to their cousins…one day a woman would be able to take her decisions by her own & be her self.

20 March, 2008

Life is moving on ….people come….people go…days pass by so fast…happy moments elapse quickly & we realize that its time to say goodbye ….to say goodbye to the people we respect, admire, love, to the people who we trust, the people who inspire us to smile & survive…..

This year it was the happiest because you were in my life…to both of you I say: I will really miss you. I’ve learnt a lot from you…

I cant imagine that your existence will be nothing more than sweet memories while browsing your pictures….you will always have a space in my heart…

Its time to say goodbye…wish to get the chance to see you one day somewhere else on this planet…might be another country under a different sky...

With Love,


“People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within”,
Ramona L. Anderson.