Towards a definite HELL

24 July, 2005

What happened in Egypt is really disgusting. What kind of future is waiting for the region? Most of the victims were Egyptians. To what hell are the terrorist driving the world? Who benefits from killing innocent people, from creating instable countries, from destroying the Economy, and ruining the reputation of Muslims?

If the most secure systems in the world have been penetrated, what do terrorism and violence hide for the whole world?

It’s not the issue of Muslims and terror any more. What’s happening in the world nowadays concerns all nations, all religions, and the humanity in general. Something must be done to stop such a trend of attacks; otherwise a global disaster would happen.
The feeling of insecurity is threatening every one on this planet. All of us are vulnerable to such barbaric attacks without knowing when and where they might happen.

Whatever the reason behind bombing cars and committing suicide is, such aggression and violence are unjustified at all. Although I am not either Egyptian, British, Iraqi, Lebanese, or Turkish I am still a human being who suffers from seeing others going through pain and paying the cost.

Although I am living in the most secure Arab country, UAE, I feel unsecured and I can see destruction and blood clearly as the fate waiting this world. I might be pessimistic but this is the case.

I can’t figure out why human being can’t live in peace and harmony with each other melting all the cultural, racial, and religious barriers. Where is the wrong in that? Is it really an impossible thing to do?

The only thing we can do is to pray and ask God to bless and save all countries.

The incident of London

23 July, 2005

What happened in London was not only due fanaticism by some groups. It is actually an expected result especially when Britain aliened with the United States putting Britain as a result on the list of fanatics’ potential targets along with the United States and other countries.

As I see it, it’s the gap that exists between the developed countries and the third world countries that enhances violence and hatred. It’s definitely the feeling of injustice, poverty, unemployment, very low standard of living that the third world countries suffer from that contribute to the hatred toward the superpower countries. On the top of all that, the foreign policy of the superpower country toward many counties and the constant interfering with their political issues make the situation worse. Add to that the pointless and useless role that the UN plays.

I guess every party must review his agenda to avoid coming disasters that the whole world is not in need of.

The broken CD of democracy and freedom will not work on the third world countries any more. What I recommend is to stop setting fire on by funding financially and politically the opponent parties in each country especially in the Arab World. Millions of dollars are poured directly to the opponents’ pockets yearly just to inflame the matter with their governments so that the arena is empty for the superpower country to plan in quite how it is going to invest these counties’ natural resources to the full!

Well I guess as human beings we must work hard to enforce equality and fight corruption if not on the ground, at least by voicing out opinions. I guess it’s the least thing we can go currently!!

Baghdad, the City of Sadness..Who is the responsible?!

18 July, 2005

Who sees what happens in Iraq wonders where the international community‘s role has gone. Who sees what happens in Iraq feels that we are not living on Earth but on another planet where the language of silence is dominating.

The whole world watches with cold blood the barbaric killing of hundreds of innocent people daily. No one bothers doing something, anything. Don’t these people deserve to live in peace and security? Or these Arabs or Muslims are second class human beings? Where is the UN from what is happening in Iraq? Where is the US soldiers who came from overseas claiming that their goal is to enforce democracy and peace? What kind of security and peace are these people talking about? Or may be the definition of democracy and freedom was replaced by a new version of definitions? Yes, why not. Actually every thing is possible nowadays.

My point is that the whole world must cooperate to stop this tragedy. If the superpower countries who initiated this war based on faked information and unjustified proofs can’t do anything to stop the sequences that resulted, they have better care about their own business and stop poking their nose in other countries’ interior issues.

What makes me crazy that no one bothered questioning the faked information that these superpower countries used! Where is the UN? The credibility of the UN diminished greatly after its inability to function in the best interest of the world countries. It is basically a tool in the superpower’ hands in which the things that go with their interest are approved and passed. It is really shameful to live in a world where immorality has the final word and where the strongest eats the weakest. Most of the world counties are controlled by these superpower countries if not politically, culturally, financially, or economically.

Well I wish if I had the choice to live in a different era. At least it would not be worst than our time where the dream of peace was vanished.

I got disappointed

Yesterday I was really disappointed by what has been written about Sharjah by a lady on this website. Actually i want to tell her (BhagdadRose i guess)that If you still do not know the city very well I hope not to draw conclusions so fast. I do agree with you that Dubai is totally different because the way Dubai is approaching is different. The government of Dubai focuses its efforts on making the city the capital of financial investments and tourism. That’s why you see the incredible numbers of amazing shopping malls, parks, Hotels, Bars, Night Clubs, International and Multinational Corporation, and the sophisticated services and infrastructure.

On the other hand, Sharjah is the house of Education and culture. Its government strives to build the image of the Islamic, conservative but cultured. In Sharjah, there are more than eleven museums and there are many educational institutions, Libraries, and numerous Child Centers scattered around the city that play a vital role in encouraging the kinds’ talents. You also have the Sharjah Women’s Club which is located near Sharjah Sea where you can enjoy different activities, lectures, sports, and you name it.

On the top of all that, Sharjah is the third largest city in UAE. Its authority goes beyond where you live. Under its authority lie several places on the western or the Northern coast where you can enjoy water-sports like scuba-diving.

What I mentioned above is really a fraction of what Sharjah is. Its governor is a wonderful, decent, cultivated, and educated man who admires education and culture a lot. So please try to be objective, and accurate regarding what you say about the country that opens its arms and heart for you. There are hundred of thousands who might read what you wrote, thus giving those people who have never been to UAE, or to Sharjah in particular, a very bad and negative idea.

This is a very very brief glance about Sharjah, the place in which I was born and raised. Finally, I hope that you enjoy your residence in the Love country, UAE. Hope to keep in touch

I Got what i was looking for :)

I am really so glade that I finally found a spot where I can say freely what goes in my mind. Actually, I have no body to open up with or to share my thought with. Sometimes I find writing the only way that I can remove what is on my chest.

Well, I should first apologize for any grammatical or structural errors that I might have in any of my writings since I am not fluent in English :), but of course I‘d love to strengthen my English Communication skills at least to get a good job.

Any way I came across this site by chance and I hope to develop some friendships with people from different cultures, different nationalities so that we can exchange knowledge, ideas, and thoughts. with each other. On the top of all that, I would like to exchange information about cultural habits and customs that every one has.

About me, I am Arab who was born in UAE. Although, I came from a conservative background, I consider myself liberal and moderate at the same time. I don’t know but I try to balance between my cultural values and my own values that I have learnt from life so far. By the way, I am Muslim. But of course I do respect all religions and all religious values. I am against fanaticism and terror and value the human being rights in living the way he/she wants to live, the religion he/she wants to believe in…..etc. I am really sorry and upset for the image the Muslims have in the west, the way they are perceived, and how they are treated in that countries. All what most westerns know about Islam is that a religion that encourages killing, terror, and hatred, which is not true at all. I hope ,as an Muslim and Arab on this site, that I would give you a positive idea about who real Arabs are.

Not only Westerns suffer from terror and violence (September 11, the events of London), but also many Arab countries do. Look at what is happening in Iraq and the daily car bombs. Look at Lebanon (assassinations of politicians and journalist, and innocent citizens).

I guess the whole global suffers from people who believe in the language of violence.!!