Baghdad, the City of Sadness..Who is the responsible?!

18 July, 2005

Who sees what happens in Iraq wonders where the international community‘s role has gone. Who sees what happens in Iraq feels that we are not living on Earth but on another planet where the language of silence is dominating.

The whole world watches with cold blood the barbaric killing of hundreds of innocent people daily. No one bothers doing something, anything. Don’t these people deserve to live in peace and security? Or these Arabs or Muslims are second class human beings? Where is the UN from what is happening in Iraq? Where is the US soldiers who came from overseas claiming that their goal is to enforce democracy and peace? What kind of security and peace are these people talking about? Or may be the definition of democracy and freedom was replaced by a new version of definitions? Yes, why not. Actually every thing is possible nowadays.

My point is that the whole world must cooperate to stop this tragedy. If the superpower countries who initiated this war based on faked information and unjustified proofs can’t do anything to stop the sequences that resulted, they have better care about their own business and stop poking their nose in other countries’ interior issues.

What makes me crazy that no one bothered questioning the faked information that these superpower countries used! Where is the UN? The credibility of the UN diminished greatly after its inability to function in the best interest of the world countries. It is basically a tool in the superpower’ hands in which the things that go with their interest are approved and passed. It is really shameful to live in a world where immorality has the final word and where the strongest eats the weakest. Most of the world counties are controlled by these superpower countries if not politically, culturally, financially, or economically.

Well I wish if I had the choice to live in a different era. At least it would not be worst than our time where the dream of peace was vanished.


I totally agree with you. Im 24yrs old student in the United States citizen living in California. I believe that this is the end. I wish I could say that theres a solution to this but its not...the only one is God. I NEVER supported the war.. I always thought it was bullshit, and the sad part is that it still is. I feel that Obama is going to ake it worse due to the people ignorance. I fear for all but most of all I fear for The United States. I can feel something is going to happen, whether it be a large attach or an tsumani. U.S been so naive, selfish, unjust, that we probably have it coming. Im sad cause I know people I know will die or I may die, or my children but at the same time I cry for the people who live in these areas of war. Sometimes I cry to God in sorrow for the people who are suffering from starvation, homelessness, war attacks, murders, raps, and oppression. Sometimes I wish I was over there struggling with the people, least I be there, at least I be with them in sorrow. I just wanted to let you know I care, I feel, I wish justice on those who commited these things, even if that mean Im suffering. At times I catch myself battling with my family and friends about my view and I begin to feel sad from it because they jut dont know...they don't pay attention, they dont look at the outside world, they just focus on themselves..being selfish.