I got disappointed

18 July, 2005

Yesterday I was really disappointed by what has been written about Sharjah by a lady on this website. Actually i want to tell her (BhagdadRose i guess)that If you still do not know the city very well I hope not to draw conclusions so fast. I do agree with you that Dubai is totally different because the way Dubai is approaching is different. The government of Dubai focuses its efforts on making the city the capital of financial investments and tourism. That’s why you see the incredible numbers of amazing shopping malls, parks, Hotels, Bars, Night Clubs, International and Multinational Corporation, and the sophisticated services and infrastructure.

On the other hand, Sharjah is the house of Education and culture. Its government strives to build the image of the Islamic, conservative but cultured. In Sharjah, there are more than eleven museums and there are many educational institutions, Libraries, and numerous Child Centers scattered around the city that play a vital role in encouraging the kinds’ talents. You also have the Sharjah Women’s Club which is located near Sharjah Sea where you can enjoy different activities, lectures, sports, and you name it.

On the top of all that, Sharjah is the third largest city in UAE. Its authority goes beyond where you live. Under its authority lie several places on the western or the Northern coast where you can enjoy water-sports like scuba-diving.

What I mentioned above is really a fraction of what Sharjah is. Its governor is a wonderful, decent, cultivated, and educated man who admires education and culture a lot. So please try to be objective, and accurate regarding what you say about the country that opens its arms and heart for you. There are hundred of thousands who might read what you wrote, thus giving those people who have never been to UAE, or to Sharjah in particular, a very bad and negative idea.

This is a very very brief glance about Sharjah, the place in which I was born and raised. Finally, I hope that you enjoy your residence in the Love country, UAE. Hope to keep in touch