28 March, 2009

I’m very depressed as usual. I am thinking of finding a good psychiatrist in town before its too late. I have been suffering from severe sadness for years & I wish if I could put an end to this nightmare

Hehe Tomorrow I’m going on a blind date !!! LOL

10 March, 2009

Following the tremendous failure encountered last week meeting a “horrible 3ares” (yuk i dont want to remember), i decided to go wild!!!

Khalasssssssss I totally gave up on the idea of finding a perfect match or Mr. Right :( so I made up my mind & concluded that waiting for ever is not an option at all.

I’m having a blind date tomorrooooooooooooooooow whohoooooooo…well I don’t know if I can call it a DATE but my friend has been deseperately trying to arrange a couple outings with the friend of her boy friend lol sounds complicated huh?4 of us will hang out & lets see what will happen

If by any chance the situation ended up like the cartoon above I would be still fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...hope so lol .By the way shall I buy a souvenir or wut :P? and if yes, what shall i buy?

Anyways, today I’ll go shopping & then definitely will go to the saloon to get my nails done :D

I’ll try to ENJOY! Will keep me updated!


Happy International Women’s Day!

09 March, 2009

8th March

For every woman out there, I say Happy International Women’s Day!
Continue what you have started & if u haven’t started yet START NOW
Continue your love, contribution, progress, persistence, & most importantly stand up for your rights

With Love,
Arab Lady