28 March, 2009

I’m very depressed as usual. I am thinking of finding a good psychiatrist in town before its too late. I have been suffering from severe sadness for years & I wish if I could put an end to this nightmare


Digital Nomad said...

Assalaamu'Alaykum, sweet stuff :) Been a long time since I commented here, but I always read you. I'm very sorry to read that you're depressed, to such a point. I hope and pray that you find a good doctor who can help you through this. May Allah make it easy for you, ameen!

You're going to be happier than ever in no time, inshaAllah...keep your chin up, stay strong, and surround yourself with good, caring people.


Arab Lady said...

awwwwwwwwwww thanks really (*_*)
long time no hear from u! thx 4 passing by

Hey I too passed by and I say this...
I used to be depressed to till I found that there's no point in being so.

I just do what I can..
I never stop trying...
or I never stop trying to try..even if that means going overboard.

That way, I kinda isolated the outcome from my happiness and made it irrelevant to my depression-free state. Hey try watching some Seinfeld or some.

Be well...

Dr.Invisible said...

I was so sad when I read ur new post, coz I was waiting for the blind date details but it seems that it did not go well.

Don't indulge urself in sadness and anger.

Hope ur better soon isa

Arab Lady said...

I’m sorry guys to disappoint u
:( :(
Dunnno but seems the pressure/dissatisfaction/boredom are getting on my nerve

we cancelled the date : )
I believe things happen in life
for a good reason

really thxxxxxxxxxx...today i feel better i'm loving the rainy weather its so romantic :(

The nightmare can't be that bad!

Arab Lady said...

then its wut :(

UmmBlog said...

It's a matter of Heart..

Seek and Ye Shall find..

Daniela said...
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