23 November, 2007

Is ISLAM applicable for every time & place??

Yesterday came to my mind some questions ..those questions were always part of my brain thinking activity! I have been taught since ages that Islam is a religion that is applicable for all places, conditions & times.

But Is It?

IT IS applicable when embracers comply by its direction & teaching. But do Muslims abide by Quran & Islam. The question is definitely NO.

Otherwise you won’t see such messy societies nowadays. This lead us to the question which is how come we are still enforcing Islamic Rules & Regulations in our daily , social & Judicial Life?

If women work nowadays & support their families, why we are still inheriting half what a man gets?

If the father is indifference & irresponsible, why the divorced women can’t get her kids’ custody?

If the woman is educated & successful more than her brothers & male family members, why still the man has religious influence over her?

If the woman is educated & mature, why she still needs her father’s permission to get married?

In my opinion Islam has given religious power to the man aiming to protect women, but unfortunately that led to server abuse & injustice to various segments including women.

In Islam the
y claim that it’s a religion that gives Freedom of Choice. However, they call for killing those who convert into another religion. Explain?!

Zillions of questions that I could find reasonable applicable convincing justifications for…Where is the way to paradise? Is there a paradise in the first place! Probably there is but in our dreams.

Till When Ya Arabs

Very sad situation…..

Ridicules Judicial court system

Christian lady in prison because her dad converted into Islam 40 years ago for a short time??!!!

Rapped Lady in prison because she was in unjustified “Kholwa” with another guy in a public Place???!! Have a look at this

Long List of taboo

No religious freedom


Social injustic

Oppressing women

Male dominated society

Torture in prisons

Political corruption

Shallow media


Fatyeen bel 7eeet…its sucks to see how we are going backward while others are advancing

Till when? This is the question….

10 November, 2007

One of my friends got engaged & I can’t hide that I do have a mixture of feelings. Happy for her & depressed at the same time as I know that she will leave Dubai for good.

Life is moving..
people are leaving,
places are changing & I’m Still at this point. Wondering at where I will end up & with whom..propably alone…

Wish you all the luck 7ayati..Happy for you & I cant wait till I see you in the white dress

Memories here & there…at Mall of the Emirates with the Alphredo Pasta or at Madinate Jumeira …what about our favorite spot at Coffee bean at Marina Walk…
Its Life

I’m really sad & emotional at this point..Will need a cup of coffee to wake up from the call…

09 November, 2007

Question Going in mind….

Sometimes I wonder where women can find comfort in life. She is either having enough from her work, her family, or her husband or even her culture or all together at the same time!

Each one thinks that his/her concepts are RIGHT & MUST be FOLLOWED..something expected esp from families or MEN…!They use their religion & social power to enforce their beliefs & way of life, which I personally find ridiculous.

If you were born to a Christian family, they do expect you to embrace their values blindly same as Muslim Families.

If you are coming from a poor background, you are not expected to improve your social class & you are not allowed to dream & have ambition.

If you r coming from illiterate or conservative environment, you are not allowed to think outside the box, pursue high education, or swim against their flow.

I’m just wondering why Muslims believe they own their women. Have they bought them from the fish market or what! When will the balance of power be adjusted?

When will women ALL WOMEN get the chance to CHOOSE what to be, who to be, where to be without bearing the expensive consequences of their non-conformance actions

When will the triangle of Religion, Tradition & Sex be dissolved?

Many questions but the answers remain unknown.

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