30 March, 2007

God Resigns in the Summit Meeting

The new play, “God Resigns in the Summit Meeting”, by Dr. Nawal Al Saadawi initiated a new war between the poor writer and the religious leaders & authorities in Egypt.

In fact I guess Nawal’s imagination went way too far this time with her brave creative & critical way of writing. To Islamists, Dr. Nawal has crossed all the red, blue and purple lines by describing God & his messengers and drawing a kind of conversation between them in the play.
According to an article published in the Gulf New, Saadawi Says "My book contains nothing offensive to religion. This confiscation is a violation of the reader's right to choose and judge the worth of a book for themselves. These people want to stifle our imagination. If my ideas are questioned and suspected, they should be debated, not suppressed. A work of art should be judged by the critics, not religious clerics or government bureaucrats."
God Resigns in the Summit Meeting looks into current socio-economic and religious issues in Egypt, according to Saadawi.

"I feel worried about the future of Egypt whose young people are denied a real chance to be educated and exercise their minds. Confiscation provides a breeding ground for extremism," she said.

I’m dying to read the play. I e-mailed Mugrudy’s Bookstore to check if they do have the book. I’m not sure if I will find it in Dubai but I’ll hopefully manage to bring it from either Jordan or Lebanon. In Egypt, they got rid of 3000 copies! 7araaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! I’m a big fan of her writings but she touched an issue that is considered sensitive & taboo. I guess creativity & religion contradicts as it does contradict with liberalism.

Who doesnt know Nawal Al Saadawi? Nawal El Saadawi is a novelist, a psychiatrist, and a writer who is well known both in the Arab countries and in many other parts of the world. Her novels and her books on the situation of women have had a deep effect on successive generations of young women over the last 4 decades

I have read some of her novels like 'Women at Point Zero','Women in the Kingkom of Oil','The Death of the Last Man on Earth'and some non-fiction books like 'Woman is the Origin' &'Memories from the Women's Prison' .

I really admire this women & her way ऑफ़ thinking।I'm really sorry that she is not appreciated by her country!You might not agree with her totally but one cant deny that she is fighting for social equality, women empowerment, justice, and education।

By the way, she's really lucky to have a supporting husband!

29 March, 2007

Make Poverty History

Have you ever thought about how far you have contributed to your community, to humanity’s progress? Are you another hopeless creature who is just consuming oxygen and Mother Nature’s resources?

Can you list any 10 activities or accomplishments you have done so far for the environment or humanity?
Hmm you can’t list any! Same here! Do feel ashamed like me? Believe me it’s never too late.

Make a difference today, wipe a tear, replace it with a smile, and join forces to make poverty history.

Please visit the organization’s website and have a look at what they do in Emirates:

Be the Change You Want to See in the World- Mahatma Gandhi

Have you even read something inspiring like this! This statement charges me with loads of energy and strength. It’s my Motto from now onwards!

God Bless

Wife Beating- Only a rod will help!

12 March, 2007

Missing U

11 March, 2007

i miss u baba i really miss u ...i want u back in my life....i always ask God why u! i love u more than anything in life...really thank u ...although u cant do much to prtotect my little dream but i'm so proud to have a father like u...u were always there for me...missing our discussions in the balcony ...missing ur talks about me in every social gathering...missing ur unlimited support ....do u remember when we used to go for a ride by the beach...do u still remember my fav ice cream ...do u remember when we used to go shopping together...thanks 4 dropping me off to school everyday...i'm sorry 4 not showing my love to u ...have i ever said i love u dad...dont ever leave me alone...i dunno wut to do in life without u ...i love u 7abeby ...life has no meaning without ur blessings

i dedicate this song to u ...i know u love Om Kolthom as much as i love her..do u remember when we used to fight in the car ..u wanted to listen to her while i wanted to listen to Radio Sawa...and then we decide to switch the radio off and start i laughing...

wish if u were reading my lines

love u

04 March, 2007

Rhonada Britten
I have 3 options:
A) Delete my online diary & go back to documentaing my thoughts using the traditional way.
B) Start a new blog without telling who the hell i'm.
C) Keep this blog but turn off the comments thing.
till now i didnt decide..
At the moment i'm reading Rhonada's book ' Change your life in 30 days' & here are some statements that caught my attention & made me really think about what they might mean to me....
  • ' When we make things up about the way people feel or think, it only confirms our low self-worth.'
  • 'Invest in the life you have to get the life you want.'
  • ' How you process information creates your perceptions & perceptions creates your world.'
  • ' Dont focus on whether or not you achieved your ultimate goal. Acknowledgments are about the journey to becoming more true to yourself, not the end result.'
  • ' In order to gain confidence you must take the risk you dont want to take'.
  • ' Our fears of failure keeps us from doing the things we yearn to do'.
I'm still thinking about each & every sentence i've read so far..am i gonna change my life in 30 days? this is the question!

Honor Killing Again

02 March, 2007

When the civilized spirit vanishes, human beings become animals
They kill, they forget ethics, and they crown themselves as judges

A new victim in the name of culture, in the name of honor, in the name of manhood
Rest in peace
Yesterday was your turn
Tomorrow is hers

****For English speaking readers, the story is all about a Jordanian nephew who killed his aunt after seeing a man jumping from her balcony (as he claims)

Well the victim was virgin! Give me a reasonable explanation you people who ask me to be rational!

Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women. ~Nicole Hollander