29 March, 2007

Make Poverty History

Have you ever thought about how far you have contributed to your community, to humanity’s progress? Are you another hopeless creature who is just consuming oxygen and Mother Nature’s resources?

Can you list any 10 activities or accomplishments you have done so far for the environment or humanity?
Hmm you can’t list any! Same here! Do feel ashamed like me? Believe me it’s never too late.

Make a difference today, wipe a tear, replace it with a smile, and join forces to make poverty history.

Please visit the organization’s website and have a look at what they do in Emirates:

Be the Change You Want to See in the World- Mahatma Gandhi

Have you even read something inspiring like this! This statement charges me with loads of energy and strength. It’s my Motto from now onwards!

God Bless


catwalq said...

I was trying to leave a comment for the previous post with the ranting Imam.
WHAT? I must say that in the past ten years, Islam has changed. I am Nigerian, non-Muslim but come from a traditionally Muslim family and have lived among and with Muslims.
It is FORBIDDEN for a man to raise his hand to a woman. It is only a weakling, coward and degenerate human being who hits a person of unequal physical strength.