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Hi....,> This is with reference your add aon expatriates website .We are pleased to introduce ourselves that we are a General Trading Company based at Khartoum the Capital City of Sudan and our main business activities are to Import, export of Auto Battery Scrap,Petroleum coke,steel scrap,Charcoal, Sesame Seed, and Textile goods. >

We have our export business around Middle East and Asian Countries and having our own companies in Sudan and Turkey. > We are looking a beautiful,well educated and smart girl as personal secretary fro our CEO who can work at his home based office in Dubai and Khartoum,Sudan.>

The Secretary has to co-ordinate with our World wide and local customers,the secretary has to schedules and coordinates appointments and meetings, arranges travel, manages databases and activity logs, prepares and produces correspondence, maintains paper and electronic files, and researches and recommends solutions to a variety of procedural problems.>

The secretary has to travel with CEO to Sudan,Qatar and UK on business trips because we have our own offices on said stations.> Secretary Must be Fluent in written & spoken English.well experienced computer literate.> She has to attend the business dinner / Lunch meetings.The accommodation will be provided in the CEO apartment

If you think that you are willing to accept this challenging job and can handle the things smoothly and can be trust worthy to our CEO and can establish a frankly and friendly relationship with the CEO then please send your your CV and full length photo.>

If you have any question you can write to me any time.> >
With Regards> >
MASIS> (Company Secretary)> >


05 February, 2008

Fashit kholi2

U never know where your happiness is
U meet people & get impressed by what they have reached or done
U never know if they are happy or not..even if they say there are, is it real happiness?
I’m really upset
I’m just wondering when the smashing opportunity is coming..shall I wait till it comes or shall I hunt for it….

I can do better & I need to work very hard on my self to improve ….i feel myself paralyzed…I’m not ambitious anymore…I’m not working hard anymore…

I neeeeeeeeeed a push ……great drastic revolutionary PUSH
I neeeeeeeeeeeed a futuristic opportunity to rise