31 December, 2007

So very depressed
Yesterday was a tough day & honestly I have been reviewing How 2007 was…
Apparently it was very promising & glittering but FAKE
PERFECT decisions but in really were bad ones in the long run
I was chitchatting with my friend while driving & I really summarized what 2007 was to me:

TOTAL emotional failure, as usual nothing new!!!
Masters plans collapsed just yesterday
Professionally wise, it was…..

Anyways wishing everybody a blessed new year full of love & success

Best Regards
Arab Lady

21 December, 2007

Few days ago I went with sister to have a walk by the beach…the weather was amazing
She asked me one question what do you want….

Without hesitation I answered I want to be myself, I want to have a simple life. I really miss being myself. I fed up from acting. I fed up from hiding the true me. I’m sick of acting in front of them, lying, hiding the truth..etc.

It’s a double standard society that made me have two different lives.

I told her how I’m sick of being double standard. Through out the previous years I learnt to talk, act, walk, live, breathe, & think the way CLUTURE, SOCIETY, & RELIGION think it’s the RIGHT WAY.

I feel like screaming very loud telling them its not my fault that God chose us to be FEMALES. Its not our fault he gave us the burden of virginity.

I’m tired of swimming against the flow. Where am i going?
PS: Thanks for all those who send their feedback on my posts. I read all your e-mail even if i dont get the chance to reply back.
With Love,
Arab Lady

19 December, 2007

13 December, 2007

Today was a weird morning….throughout the one & half hours that took me to reach my office…I was day dreaming :(

I was seeing my self in white..imagining how my wedding would look like & how I would style my hair , who to invite..etc

I can’t imagine myself a married lady..honestly..but got some feeling that probably I’ll wear an engagement ring soon..its a bit difficult to accept the idea! What about my career? After lets say 9 hours at work & 3-4 hours being stuck in traffic then what remaining is absolutely for getting rest!

What about college? Who will cook? What about my single girl friends? Will I be able to hang out with them again? What type of life style will I have? What about the tight jeans? Will he interfere with what I wear & what I do? What about MAMA? How can I leave her!! I barely see her for straight 3 minutes every day but still…I sense her warmth

Digesting the idea of being the woman of one man is very difficult. I want to be SINGLE L but at the same time I really need somebody special in my life. What would be the solution then?!!!

No really the idea of getting married scares the hell out of me. I’m afraid of commitment & marriage is both religious & cultural eternal commitment.

What I understand right now is
I’m still young
It might be too early 4 commitment
I want to be free

I want to be SINGLE

10 December, 2007

Sometimes you get stuck in the middle.

You are afraid to go for Option B because you might regret doing so. You are afraid to lose the privileges & positives you are enjoying now. You are afraid of the unknown & its consequences. You are afraid of the new challenges.

At the same time the existing option is not tolerable. Its creativity killer.

I’m stuck & no one is willing to lead me to the right path. Why it’s scary to take decisions. What is the right decision? Why its impossible to be satisfied with what you have?

01 December, 2007

Is it a good idea to date a man in his 40s?

Lesson Learnt :Life is very interesting in all aspects.

Is it a good idea to date a man who is 20 yrs older than you?

Lately I discovered than it’s not a very good idea to think about dating a man in 40s! I might be wrong but they tend to be sex & desire driven.

They have spent two decades working day & night & they reached a stage in which they are ready to settle with a sex machine. So you better be extremely beautiful, tricky, manipulative, & sexy in order to pass their “Physical Examination”. Yesterday I passed his Physical Test with a C Grade. So I immediately recommended that he would look for another “OBJECT” that would “PASS HIS PHYSICAL EXAMS” with A+ Grade.

His response was that I’m so tough, defendant, hot blooded, with a fighting attitude & with no sense of humor!!

Every day I discover that they treat us as objects…..

Few days ago, mom had some visitors & among them was a woman mom hasn’t seen for about 10 yrs. Actually she was khataba who was interested to see me/evaluate me to see whether I would pass her exams too!!

She wanted a 20 years girl who would sit at home, a house made in other word. Of course I don’t meet both criteria. I can’t tolerate the idea of married women sitting at home!! Unbelievable!! In my opinion they are the most useless “living creatures” on EARTH. I really feel sorry for them. No identity, no independence, total financial reliance on the man, time wasted on gossip, cooking & cleaning….etc

In short:

She is ridicules… I will never be a house maid….
Men are ridicules….. i will never be an object….

Life with such people is a horrible place to live in. Isn't ?

I believe it’s much better to be homosexual nowadays. At least you will maintain your self respect.

TO HELL with marriage

Arab Lady

Very quit tonight probably becoz of what happened. Who cares? I will never regret things I have done. Probably I have lost a chance as usual but who cares again…tomorrow I have a battle to win so I better be prepared, very convincing, & firm.

I’m not perfect & I don’t have to explain myself to every & each person….they need to accept the way I’m …

I feel like listening to a sad song….probably some thing by Hussain EL jasmi
ya sneeen 3omri ah ya sneeen 3omri kifaya 7izn ya snini http://ozq8.com/song-12117.ram all ma3ah la t7akiya w latisma3a…

I don’t feel like sleeping either

23 November, 2007

Is ISLAM applicable for every time & place??

Yesterday came to my mind some questions ..those questions were always part of my brain thinking activity! I have been taught since ages that Islam is a religion that is applicable for all places, conditions & times.

But Is It?

IT IS applicable when embracers comply by its direction & teaching. But do Muslims abide by Quran & Islam. The question is definitely NO.

Otherwise you won’t see such messy societies nowadays. This lead us to the question which is how come we are still enforcing Islamic Rules & Regulations in our daily , social & Judicial Life?

If women work nowadays & support their families, why we are still inheriting half what a man gets?

If the father is indifference & irresponsible, why the divorced women can’t get her kids’ custody?

If the woman is educated & successful more than her brothers & male family members, why still the man has religious influence over her?

If the woman is educated & mature, why she still needs her father’s permission to get married?

In my opinion Islam has given religious power to the man aiming to protect women, but unfortunately that led to server abuse & injustice to various segments including women.

In Islam the
y claim that it’s a religion that gives Freedom of Choice. However, they call for killing those who convert into another religion. Explain?!

Zillions of questions that I could find reasonable applicable convincing justifications for…Where is the way to paradise? Is there a paradise in the first place! Probably there is but in our dreams.

Till When Ya Arabs

Very sad situation…..

Ridicules Judicial court system

Christian lady in prison because her dad converted into Islam 40 years ago for a short time??!!!

Rapped Lady in prison because she was in unjustified “Kholwa” with another guy in a public Place???!! Have a look at this

Long List of taboo

No religious freedom


Social injustic

Oppressing women

Male dominated society

Torture in prisons

Political corruption

Shallow media


Fatyeen bel 7eeet…its sucks to see how we are going backward while others are advancing

Till when? This is the question….

10 November, 2007

One of my friends got engaged & I can’t hide that I do have a mixture of feelings. Happy for her & depressed at the same time as I know that she will leave Dubai for good.

Life is moving..
people are leaving,
places are changing & I’m Still at this point. Wondering at where I will end up & with whom..propably alone…

Wish you all the luck 7ayati..Happy for you & I cant wait till I see you in the white dress

Memories here & there…at Mall of the Emirates with the Alphredo Pasta or at Madinate Jumeira …what about our favorite spot at Coffee bean at Marina Walk…
Its Life

I’m really sad & emotional at this point..Will need a cup of coffee to wake up from the call…

09 November, 2007

Question Going in mind….

Sometimes I wonder where women can find comfort in life. She is either having enough from her work, her family, or her husband or even her culture or all together at the same time!

Each one thinks that his/her concepts are RIGHT & MUST be FOLLOWED..something expected esp from families or MEN…!They use their religion & social power to enforce their beliefs & way of life, which I personally find ridiculous.

If you were born to a Christian family, they do expect you to embrace their values blindly same as Muslim Families.

If you are coming from a poor background, you are not expected to improve your social class & you are not allowed to dream & have ambition.

If you r coming from illiterate or conservative environment, you are not allowed to think outside the box, pursue high education, or swim against their flow.

I’m just wondering why Muslims believe they own their women. Have they bought them from the fish market or what! When will the balance of power be adjusted?

When will women ALL WOMEN get the chance to CHOOSE what to be, who to be, where to be without bearing the expensive consequences of their non-conformance actions

When will the triangle of Religion, Tradition & Sex be dissolved?

Many questions but the answers remain unknown.

Arab Lady is Back to Blogging

02 October, 2007

i need to jot down my worries ...its almost 4:30 AM & i couldnt sleep...is it really worth it...either stuck in the past or thinking too much about what life is hiding for me...the present moments fly by so fast without living it..many plans...sometime i wish if can see myself from a different prespective...what does God think of me? I miss my sister & dad...what's happiness? are we happy creatures?

wish if i have wings to fly...my thoughts are not consistent & i need to go to bed....

20 July, 2007

Blab blah – Fashit Khooli2 PART TWO

Its about 4:30 AM & I couldn’t go back to bed…Ahlan ahla bel sleep disorders
I’m struggling to set a budget for my department but they are a hopeless case( dan min teen w dan min 3ajeeeeeeeeeeen)
Too much work….ads…flyers…Articles to write & publish…lame advertising agencies…problems …problems…plans & I NEED 10 ppl to help me out!!!!!!!

On the other side I discovered that when it comes to men, I’m:
·So innocent
·Stupid in drawing conclusions
Nothing compared to my friends who ARE WELL EXPERIENCED IN SUCH ISSUES
· Very emotional
· Very passive
· What a man says to me he says it to ALL WOMEN HE KNOWS, SEES, TALKS TO, MEETS…………ETC

My emotional immune system is very

01 June, 2007

Blab Blaaaaaaaaaaaah……..Fashit Kholi2

I need a drastic change
I wish f I could live next to my work
I'm fed up with traffic
I'm fed up with my bosses
Arabs don’t know how to work in a professional way
Girls at work r crappy
Last night I discovered that my friends are fake
Last night I discovered that I feel jealous!
Just wondering why I like the wrong men all the time. Either married with kids or from a different religion
I need to quit smoking
I need to stop making accidents
I need to stop eating junk food
I need to spend time with my parents
I need to socialize more
I need to see Dr. Sultana for consultation
I don’t know if I have to call Hazem
I fed up with my double standard life
I like my nail extension
I need to relax
I like the new look of my hair
I wish if rama could visit dubai this July
I need to enjoy life
I want to go shopping again & again
i’m wondering why ppl can’t guess where I’m from.
I’m wondering why ppl have heart attack when they know where I’m from
I need to save money
I need to cut some expenses
May be I have to call Danya
I will not pay the bill again!
I miss my sister
“F” u r discusting. I hate you…aslan I hate every thing feek…ur accent, ur hair…the way u talk walk…ur laugh …I hate EVERYTHING EVERYTHING feeeeeeeeeeeeek..its enough that u r bakheeeel!
Today I prepared sweets for my male collegues at work…Sayed makes fun of me coz I don’t know cook…:S.
I need to date somebody
I wondering what life hides for me
I need to plan well for my life

Enough for today..khalas

What's Your Number?

IF you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month you are number 1.

If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month then you are number 2.

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My Num is 3!

Number 3 You are hard hearted and selfish most of the time. You always tend to have lots of problems within your family in the early stages but you will be able to cope with everything. You seem to have your way in everything.And from birth you would always have to work hard to achieve anything you want.You always make a point to set examples on others, especially the younger ones. Generally you are not a cool person. It's not easy dealing with you.A tough player you are! But once you are comfortable with someone, itwillbe a lasting friendship. You always earn respect from others. You seemtohave lots of worries and problems but they won't be for long. You will have brilliant kids! You love money a bit too much so temptation will push you to try endlessly. You will look after y! our family and help friends, soyouwill spend a life time just being generous and kind (except for men born on the 21st). You love your freedom, creative and ambitious, a person who brings beauty, hope & joy to this world!!! Your best match 6 and 9. Good match 1, 3, and 5.

Tell me wut ur num is & i'll give u what it means! Thanks North Star!

17 April, 2007

I feel like yelling

Ana arfaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I wana cigarettes NOW

13 April, 2007

Arab Lady’s new label is Khataba!

For English Speaking Readers Khataba: is the woman who matches between DEMAND (potential grooms) & SUPPLY (potential brides) !It’s a practice deeply rooted in our conservative culture & work for those who are against dating & wanna Mama look for his soul mate!

Ok ok many of you gave me different labels since I started blogging: “Anti-Men”, “Anti-Muslims”, “Sick”, & “Bad Preventative of Arabs”….etc

These days, me & my friend are working as Khataba! Ya Ya imagine:)
My friend is depressed, her mother is depressed, her whole family is damn depressed..guess why? My friend’s sister is 26 and still single. The girl is really cute, educated, conservative, and traditional.. every body loves her & she is a working woman…etc BUT SHE IS STILL SINGLE. Is it shameful for her, for her family..(
wasmit 3ar in other words!)?

The mother is really tired of her daughter’s situation & very concerned about her future especially that the girl is getting older. Some guys who were about to propose held their horses back when knew her age! Although they were in their thirties but a 25 or 26 year old girl is too old for them!! (Ra7mitak ya Allah 3al hal Sick-minded men). May God give us strength to tolerate such men. Amen!

I tried to nominate the girl to my relative’s cousin. I’m even spreading the word everywhere! But guess what? HIS MOM wants a tall girl! Excuse me! who the hell are you to categorize people based on their height? Who are you to pick you son’s future partner? Can’t he do that job himself?

My friend keeps calling to follow up. She is so stressed coz she can sense how uncomfortable her sister is but she doesn’t show that she is even thinking about the issue (
3am tkaber ya3ni) The girl wanna please her mother at any cost by getting married!

I understand the mother’s concerns…she wanna see her daughter in white..she wanna see her happy at her husband’s house having a supporting back and kids…etc
But my questions are:
Are we all supposed to get married? What if we stayed singles, so what? Is it the end of the world? If they perceive me as a “SPINSTER”, is it my fault? Is marriage the path to finding the “supporting back”? Why girls are obsessed with marriage? Why FAMILY, NEIGHBORS, BROTHERS, RELATIVES give SINGLE GIRLS that pity look when they start getting older & years pass by while the girl remains SINGLE! Does marriage guarantee happiness? Is it the ultimate goal in an Arab girl’s life ? Why they put SINGLE girls under great psychological pressure so we end up making the WRONG decisions?

A very close person to my heart got married years ago to a completely incompatible guy just for the sake of escaping her reality, rumors , gossip, looks full of sarcasm..etc.

They say “We are guests at our parents’ house”! It’s true. It is true not because it’s a fact but because they make it a fact! Every body is waiting for us to leave to the golden nest!

If there is no nest
No groom
No supporting back
Then mourn your reality & prepare your self for your new name SPINSTER

With Love,
Your Future Arab Cute

07 April, 2007

The Forbidden Love: When A Muslim Girl Falls In Love With A Christian Guy
We grow up in conditions that we can’t change. Sometimes, we are not supposed to change them. We ask ourselves questions with lost answers. Actually we know the answer, but the truth hurts.

Last night my friend asked me why we, as Muslim girls, cant get married to non-Muslim guys. “Its not fair”, “why men cant do it while we cant”, “are we animals”, love doesn’t know boundaries & religions”, “had shi bishi3” ( its sucks in Arabic)..etc!

Her rants really shocked me not because of the subject itself but becoz I know she is going to another adventurous relationship that will lead to nothing but pain & suffering. I was like for God’s sake mish na2isna!

A male friend of her started expressing his love& that if things were different he would allow himself to fall in love with her! To him she is idealism that leads to perfection! “loved his expression by the way!” The guy is Christian, Lebanese but of Armenian descent.

“He sings brilliantly, his voice is awesome, I like the way he talks, walks, he is adventurous, romantic, all in all I LIKE HIM”!!!!

They have been friends since ages and she never ever expected him to confess his special feelings. But it sounds friendship by time might turn into love! She just likes him but I’m afraid she will start falling. I keep asking her WHY DO U ATTRACT THE WRONG GUYS!

Personally, I don’t mind getting married to a Shii’ or even Christian! But if you choose to have a babe, then what religion is he going to embrace? If both parents aren’t highly educated &open-minded, the kid will be confused, torn into two pieces & lost between two religions, Islam & Christianity. Bearing in mind that Islam doesn’t allow women to marry a non-Muslim person, the whole issue seems impossible. Sometimes we get lost in life’s complexities. She told me about her Sunni friend that has been in love with a Shii guy for about five years. Her parents keep refusing the guy! It’s the worst torture that could happen to someone. The disastrous part is that Women can’t get married without their father’s permission, or any one in his place, otherwise the whole marriage will not be recognized.

If the situation was different, I would tell that girl to go ahead and marry that guy or run away with him! My friend was like would you do so? I was like YES OF COURSE..! but the situation is not different anyways...

أسماء أمهاتنا شرف لنا

01 April, 2007

Two days ago I argued with my sister about the theory of holding the mothers’ name. She desperately tried to convince me its 7aram, kufr, blab blah… So to 7ayati my sister& to every one else,
I post this old article written by Dr. Nawal Al Saadawi! Isn’t amazing! By the way, unfortunately Nawal’s latest theater play is not available at the largest bookstore in Dubai :S Help! :(

Enjoy the article!

أسماء أمهاتنا شرف لنا
بقلم د. نوال السعداوى
القاهرة 8 ابريل 2006
لماذا أثارت رغبة الكاتبة والشاعرة د. منى حلمى فى أن تحمل اسم امها مع اسم أبيها كل هذا الغضب ؟
والغريب أن غضب النساء كان أكبر من غضب الرجال
أو ربما ليس غريبا
نحن نعرف أن المسجون لسنين طويلة يخا ف الخروج من باب السجن حين يفتح .
لهذا السبب تخا ف أغلب النساء الحرية , تعودن الخضوع لسلطة الرجا ل خوفا من الطلاق أو النشوز أو فقدان ظل الأما ن فى كنف الرجل ( ظل رجل ولا ظل حيطة )
وأغلب الامهات يعاملن بناتهن بقسوة أكثر من الآباء
وهذا أمر ناتج عن القهر الطويل والعبودية الضاربة فى التاريخ منذ آلاف السنين .
سمعت آراء بعض الأساتذة العلماء فى صحيح الدين ومنهم الأستاذ جمال البنا الذى أكد على شاشة التلفزيون أن أسم الأم شرف فى الاسلام ومن المفروض أن يحمل الأطفال اسم الأم والأب معا لأنهما يشتركان معا فى انتاج الطفل بل ان دور الأم أكبر
وهناك من فقهاء الاسلام من نسب الى أمه , أبن تميمة مثلا

وفى أيامنا هذه يحمل رؤساء حكومات أسماء أمهاتهم مثل :
زاباتيرو رئيس وزراء أسبانيا
هنية رئيس وزراء فلسطين
السنيورة رئيس وزراء لبنان
وهناك رجا ل عظماء فى التاريخ نسبوا لامهاتهم منهم شكسبير ونيوتن وأينشتاين وبيكاسو وباخ
وفى التاريخ القديم حمل النبى عيسى ( المسيح ) اسم أمه مريم وكان يفخر بها وهى المرأة الوحيدة التى ذكرها القرآن باسمها مريم احتراما لشخصيتها , فالأسم جزء من شخصية الانسان , بدون اسم لا يوجد الشخص ,
تجريد الانسان من اسمه هو اهانة كبيرة , لذلك حين تدخل السجن تفقد اسمك وتتحول الى رقم .
بعض القيادات النسائية ( حاملات النظريات الاشتراكية ) مطوا شفاهم وشمخوا بأنوفهم وقالوا ما أهمية اسم الأم هناك قضايا أكثر أهمية مثل الفقر والأمية
و منهن من هى فى المجلس القومى للمرأة حاضرة على الدوام مع السيدة الأولى فى مؤتمرات مكافحة الفقر .
أما القيادات المتأسلمات فقد رددن آية " وادعوهم لآبائهم " دون فهم لمعناها وأسباب نزولها ودون ذكر لبقية الآية على غرار " ولا تقربوا الصلاة "
أما الزعيمة التى كانت شيوعية ثم أصبحت رأسمالية نيوليبرالية فقد قالت هذه فكرة مستوردة من الغرب وتدعو الى الاباحية .
وقا ل رجل يحتل وظيفة دينية أن من يحمل اسم أمه هو ابن زنا لأن اسم الأب هو الذى يعطى الشرف للأطفال
واندهشنا كيف يعاقب الطفل البرىء ويطلق عليه ابن زنا دون أن يزنى بل أبوه هو الزانى , لكن الرجل لا يعاقب بل الطفل , وسألنا أين الضمير يا شيخ ؟
وقلنا أن المجتمع الذى يعاقب الأطفا ل ليس عنده ضمير
فى بلادنا آلاف الأطفال محرومون من الشرف والحقوق الانسانية بسبب قانون النسب الأبوى القاصر على اسم الأب وحده , بسبب رغبة الأب فى توريث أبنائه من زوجته وحرمان أبنائه الاخرين رغم أنهم أبناؤه أيضا وهو الذى أنجبهم
قانون النسب الأبوى قائم على الظلم الاقتصادى والاجتماعى والأخلاقى للأطفال الأبرياء
وقلنا أن المجتمع الذى يتغنى ليل نهار بأغانى الأم يجب أن يكون اسم الأم فيه مشرفا وليس عارا
لماذا يشعر الولد بالعار حين يقولون له انت ابن أمك
والسؤال :
متى تحول اسم الأم من شرف الى عا ر فى التاريخ ؟
فى مصر القديمة كان اسم الأم مشرفا وهو الأساس
لأن الأمومة كانت الحقيقة والأبوة لم تكن معروفة فى الحضارات القديمة
وكانت المرأة ترمز الى الالهه الأم والأطفال ينسبون للأم
مع تقدم العلم واكتشاف دور الرجل فى عملية الاخصاب بدأت الأبوة تعرف
مع نشوء النظام العبودى وانقسام المجتمع الى أسياد وعبيد بدأت القوة هى التى تحكم وليس العدل وسيطر الرجال بالقوة على النساء واختفت الالهه الأم من التاريخ وظهر الاله الأب , وأصبح النسب الأبوى وحده هو القانون , وفقد النسب الأمومى قيمته , وتحول اسم الأم من شرف الى عا ر مع هبوط قيمة المرأة والصا ق تهمة الخطيئة الأولى بحواء الآثمة
تحولت المرأة من رمز الاله الى رمز الشيطان وانفصل الجسد عن الروح أو العقل
وأصبح الرجل يرمز الى العقل والروح المقدسة والمرأة ترمز الى الجسد المدنس
وبدأت الثنائيات والازدواجية فى الأخلاق والقوانين ومنها قانون الزواج الذى يجعل الرجل يملك المرأة وهى لا تملكه وله حق الطلاق وتعدد الزوجات والعلاقات خارج الزواج وحق الشرف والنسب وغيرها
أدت السلطة المطلقة فى الدولة والعائلة و الازدواجية فى القيم والمقاييس الى فساد الأخلاق اذ تمتع الرجا ل بفوضى جنسية أدت الى انتشار ظاهرة الأطفا ل غير الشرعيين يعاقبهم المجتمع وهم أطفا ل أبرياء ولا يعاقب آبائهم بل يتفاخر الرجا ل بغزواتهم الجنسية أكثر من غزواتهم العسكرية
هذا هو المجتمع الطبقى الأبوى الذى يحكم عالمنا شرقا وغربا , والذى يسعى فيه الرجا ل الى امتلاك الساطة والمال والنساء
وقد آن الأوان لكشف فساد هذا النظام الذى يؤدى الى الحرب والقتل من أجل النهب والسرقة , والى الدكتاتورية تحت اسم الحرية , والى الشرف المزيف تحت اسم الأخلاق
علينا أن نحمل أسماء أمهاتنا مع اسم الأب لأنه شرف لنا أن نعترف بفضل الأم علينا الأم التى تضحى بحياتها من أجلنا
لقد جئنا الى الحياة من داخل رحم الأم
لعبت الأم دورا أكبر من الأب فى مجيئنا الى الدنيا
فكيف يكون اسمها عارا
انها تستحق الشرف مثل الأب بل أكثر
ليست هذه قضية ثانوية بل هى قضية جوهرية تتعلق بالعدالة و الحرية والاخلاق والسياسة والاقتصاد والفلسفة والقانون والدين والعلم والفن
انها تمس حياتنا العامة والخاصة
هذه القضية ليست خاصة بالنساء فقط بل انها قضية مجتمع يسعى لاحياء ضميره الضائع منذ نشوء العبودية
منذ أصبحت القوة هى التى تحكم وليس العدل
بل انها قضية العالم الطبقى الأبوى كله الذى تسوده قوة السلاح والما ل وتراق فيه دماء الأبرياء من أجل سرقتهم ونهب مواردهم والتجارة بالجنس وأجساد النساء العارية من أجل ترويج البضائع .
سنحمل أسماء أمهاتنا من الآن فهذا هو حقنا وحقهن ومن تتنازل من حقها لا تستحق أن تكون انسانة . علينا أن نضرب النموذج لغيرنا من النساء

30 March, 2007

God Resigns in the Summit Meeting

The new play, “God Resigns in the Summit Meeting”, by Dr. Nawal Al Saadawi initiated a new war between the poor writer and the religious leaders & authorities in Egypt.

In fact I guess Nawal’s imagination went way too far this time with her brave creative & critical way of writing. To Islamists, Dr. Nawal has crossed all the red, blue and purple lines by describing God & his messengers and drawing a kind of conversation between them in the play.
According to an article published in the Gulf New, Saadawi Says "My book contains nothing offensive to religion. This confiscation is a violation of the reader's right to choose and judge the worth of a book for themselves. These people want to stifle our imagination. If my ideas are questioned and suspected, they should be debated, not suppressed. A work of art should be judged by the critics, not religious clerics or government bureaucrats."
God Resigns in the Summit Meeting looks into current socio-economic and religious issues in Egypt, according to Saadawi.

"I feel worried about the future of Egypt whose young people are denied a real chance to be educated and exercise their minds. Confiscation provides a breeding ground for extremism," she said.

I’m dying to read the play. I e-mailed Mugrudy’s Bookstore to check if they do have the book. I’m not sure if I will find it in Dubai but I’ll hopefully manage to bring it from either Jordan or Lebanon. In Egypt, they got rid of 3000 copies! 7araaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! I’m a big fan of her writings but she touched an issue that is considered sensitive & taboo. I guess creativity & religion contradicts as it does contradict with liberalism.

Who doesnt know Nawal Al Saadawi? Nawal El Saadawi is a novelist, a psychiatrist, and a writer who is well known both in the Arab countries and in many other parts of the world. Her novels and her books on the situation of women have had a deep effect on successive generations of young women over the last 4 decades

I have read some of her novels like 'Women at Point Zero','Women in the Kingkom of Oil','The Death of the Last Man on Earth'and some non-fiction books like 'Woman is the Origin' &'Memories from the Women's Prison' .

I really admire this women & her way ऑफ़ thinking।I'm really sorry that she is not appreciated by her country!You might not agree with her totally but one cant deny that she is fighting for social equality, women empowerment, justice, and education।

By the way, she's really lucky to have a supporting husband!

29 March, 2007

Make Poverty History

Have you ever thought about how far you have contributed to your community, to humanity’s progress? Are you another hopeless creature who is just consuming oxygen and Mother Nature’s resources?

Can you list any 10 activities or accomplishments you have done so far for the environment or humanity?
Hmm you can’t list any! Same here! Do feel ashamed like me? Believe me it’s never too late.

Make a difference today, wipe a tear, replace it with a smile, and join forces to make poverty history.

Please visit the organization’s website and have a look at what they do in Emirates:

Be the Change You Want to See in the World- Mahatma Gandhi

Have you even read something inspiring like this! This statement charges me with loads of energy and strength. It’s my Motto from now onwards!

God Bless

Wife Beating- Only a rod will help!

12 March, 2007

Missing U

11 March, 2007

i miss u baba i really miss u ...i want u back in my life....i always ask God why u! i love u more than anything in life...really thank u ...although u cant do much to prtotect my little dream but i'm so proud to have a father like u...u were always there for me...missing our discussions in the balcony ...missing ur talks about me in every social gathering...missing ur unlimited support ....do u remember when we used to go for a ride by the beach...do u still remember my fav ice cream ...do u remember when we used to go shopping together...thanks 4 dropping me off to school everyday...i'm sorry 4 not showing my love to u ...have i ever said i love u dad...dont ever leave me alone...i dunno wut to do in life without u ...i love u 7abeby ...life has no meaning without ur blessings

i dedicate this song to u ...i know u love Om Kolthom as much as i love her..do u remember when we used to fight in the car ..u wanted to listen to her while i wanted to listen to Radio Sawa...and then we decide to switch the radio off and start i laughing...

wish if u were reading my lines

love u

04 March, 2007

Rhonada Britten
I have 3 options:
A) Delete my online diary & go back to documentaing my thoughts using the traditional way.
B) Start a new blog without telling who the hell i'm.
C) Keep this blog but turn off the comments thing.
till now i didnt decide..
At the moment i'm reading Rhonada's book ' Change your life in 30 days' & here are some statements that caught my attention & made me really think about what they might mean to me....
  • ' When we make things up about the way people feel or think, it only confirms our low self-worth.'
  • 'Invest in the life you have to get the life you want.'
  • ' How you process information creates your perceptions & perceptions creates your world.'
  • ' Dont focus on whether or not you achieved your ultimate goal. Acknowledgments are about the journey to becoming more true to yourself, not the end result.'
  • ' In order to gain confidence you must take the risk you dont want to take'.
  • ' Our fears of failure keeps us from doing the things we yearn to do'.
I'm still thinking about each & every sentence i've read so far..am i gonna change my life in 30 days? this is the question!

Honor Killing Again

02 March, 2007

When the civilized spirit vanishes, human beings become animals
They kill, they forget ethics, and they crown themselves as judges

A new victim in the name of culture, in the name of honor, in the name of manhood
Rest in peace
Yesterday was your turn
Tomorrow is hers

****For English speaking readers, the story is all about a Jordanian nephew who killed his aunt after seeing a man jumping from her balcony (as he claims)

Well the victim was virgin! Give me a reasonable explanation you people who ask me to be rational!

Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women. ~Nicole Hollander

In Deep Shit

25 February, 2007

It sounds that I want to live in my own world with my own rules & it won’t work that way…my dreams of having a perfect Job & an excellent Salary ..etc were just dreams and I do have to live as a normal person who accepts what life gives her without seeking more …yesterday I received an e-mail seeking ass holes to work with them in the event management & entertainment arena…the financial benefits made me give the issue a second thought! Why not! 2 or 3 yrs and then that’s it! Plz Allah Strength my Faith in You!! My boss asked my to stay till next week so I can train the new candidate who will take my place…I dunno if I made the right choice by leaving my job! What I know that this year will be a tough one!

23 February, 2007

Time passes and my belief about Arab women oppression increases. yesterday my colleague at work asked me if I have a boy friend. I said no all of them are jerks and game players…she said yup agree & that’s what I figured out the first day I stepped into the country..so you are still virgin??

Well to be honest with you I haven’t been asked such a question before!

I just started to explain to her our culture! After that conversation she thanked God for not being a Muslim nor an Arab!

Well, actually I told her the truth and nothing other than Truth! I just explained that in our culture females are not allowed to date, have boyfriends, or even to have sex b4 marriage. I also told her about horror killing in the Arab World and how virginity is important to a female in order to get married & how women are treated like items.

I just gave her an idea about men being superior to us and any female should surrender her personal freedom in order to adhere to society rules! She felt sorry for us! And I truly feel sorry for myself living in sick cultures & feel sorry for other women who r living in harsh situation & keep their mouths shut!

The other day I saw an Arab lady in the washing room, with tight clothes, FULL HEAVY MAKE UP, and with 10 liters of perfume poured on her body. But guess what? She was wearing a headscarf !!! a head scarf!! What the hell?

Are you deceiving yourself? Take it off babe or ur papy wont allow u to do so!!

For Arabic Speaking human beings, kindly entertain urselves by reading this awesome article!

Enjoy! Thanks God for not being Saudi


16 February, 2007

I’ll go nuts & banana ppl

It’s humiliating to reach to such a stage!

Read what the idiot is suggesting! To Hell with virginity!


Thanks to Local Expat

Watch this video about Honor Killing. Isn't interesting to know about what people think about Islam!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P2rgUx87Yg&eurl ( A MUST SEE)

if interested to watch more videos

To know more about her, have a look at her website: http://www.maryamnamazie.com/

If any body is interested in founding an association/group for marketing grads in UAE, E-mail me please.


I can’t understand one thing about Arab Men. Actually I don’t understand anything about them.

Why they are game players! Why they cheat? Why they play around with the woman’s feelings? Why they torture us just to have fun?

Do you remember the story of my friend & the married man?
His wife kept calling my friend yesterday! She wants divorce? Imagine she has two kids and pregnant! She can’t tolerate his childish disrespectful behaviors any more!

I agree with her. If I were her, I would go for divorce what so ever! The poor woman is pregnant; me & my friend are really concerned about her and the baby!

Her bustard husband is sick! I’m sure he is sick! To have relations with zillions of girls while you are a father of two amazing sons, husband & Muslim is shameful.
I really can’t digest what kind of horrible men you are!

Let’s pray for the women! May God fill your heart with peace! Even if I don’t know you, I really support you. The kids will suffer but at least it was their dad’s decision to disrespect the marriage bond.

Yesterday I felt that I’m so cheap. I have been deceived. I have been fooled. I was just a name on Mr. Casanova’s LONG list. I duno if he was testing me to verify whether I’m qualified or not. My friend tried to explain that men in our culture never respect the woman they date! They never think seriously of her. WHY!!! What a mentality! What about the girls who don’t believe in the traditional marriage!

I’m really tired! Tired of people, tired of the way they think! Men don’t respect the uncovered women, men don’t don’t respect women they date, men don’t , men do , men men men…

I cleaned the list of contacts saved on my mobile on the valentine’s day. I promised to stop thinking about wrong people I met in my life. I really wana forget the bad experience I have been through. My depressing friend doesn’t help me to do so. She is pulling me down but I’m trying my best not to sink. She will go to a physiologist tomorrow so I might join to give support. She is obsessed with getting engaged! Any 3areees around! Let it me know!

Quik hi to:

Summer, UAE Allias( don’t tell me you deleted your blog, I forgot to ask u about it!), Abed Hamdan, 3anooda, Feras, Abu Faris & Madamto! (stop eating man!), Sabra, Arab Women (Yalla Start Blogging!), Jumana, CLAAAAAAAAAAy (where in sharjah by the way!!), dinoooooooooooo & her Cow (mafi Hi to Hamoda taba3ik!! Ana my blog is anti-men), Habebti Digital Niqabi, Arima, Dubai Guy, D, Hanaaaaaaaaaan (tawli bali3 3al 3alam sitna ;) ), Karrrrrrrrima ( I don’t advice u to move to dubai karima), Faisal, Mohamad (how Is the new job)…Sha’raaaaaaaa 7abibty, Moe, Nash, Hajaj, Danah and every body!

Mmmm taba3an Mr. Khaled Nazal, Adel, & Mr. Quider (ya khayee batel tlatish fina!, at any rate, I dunno taltishak mit el 3asal 3a albi dunno why!)

I say Hi to North Star taba3an( thanks 4 ur sweet e-mails), John Orford, Gregory Delhaye (are u going to offer me a job ;) ), My anonymous readers who send me E-mails..

I am so excited, I will go to dubai Airport this afternoon to welcome a friend coming from Qatar ( I haven’t seen her for 6 years!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I feel I wanna talk talk & talk..i do have things to say about my work, boss, blab blah…

Yalla to be continued…

Yalla have a wonderful day..
Love you,

Arab Lady

26 January, 2007

I woke up this morning trying to be positive and optimistic but its sounds its really difficult in this culture

I started my day with an article” besid el nifs”….about a Jordanian man who shot his daughter to death! She escaped for two weeks so he suspected that she was involved in sexual affairs dragging her family name through the mud!

But the girl was virgin!!!!!!!!!!!! Virgin...i hate this worl "VIRGIN"

Where is our right to live?
Did the police or the man himself ask why she escaped? What the hell she was living in ? Where is the law to protect us from being slaughtered by brothers, fathers, and family members?
Let’s assume that she was a whore, so what? It’s her life.


Who is responsible for such a mentality? Muslims….i already started to hate Muslims but not Islam..No wonder why all the world hate Arabs & Muslims!!!

I dunno when its my turn to be shot in head by my brother… I know its soon but I should escape before that day comes…

To all Women: we can’t change their culture so lets escape before the slaughter day…
Take care coz you will never know when your brother or father will shoot you to death..

With Love,
Frightened Arab Lady