Missing U

11 March, 2007

i miss u baba i really miss u ...i want u back in my life....i always ask God why u! i love u more than anything in life...really thank u ...although u cant do much to prtotect my little dream but i'm so proud to have a father like u...u were always there for me...missing our discussions in the balcony ...missing ur talks about me in every social gathering...missing ur unlimited support ....do u remember when we used to go for a ride by the beach...do u still remember my fav ice cream ...do u remember when we used to go shopping together...thanks 4 dropping me off to school everyday...i'm sorry 4 not showing my love to u ...have i ever said i love u dad...dont ever leave me alone...i dunno wut to do in life without u ...i love u 7abeby ...life has no meaning without ur blessings

i dedicate this song to u ...i know u love Om Kolthom as much as i love her..do u remember when we used to fight in the car ..u wanted to listen to her while i wanted to listen to Radio Sawa...and then we decide to switch the radio off and start i laughing...

wish if u were reading my lines

love u


Cata said...

beautiful words and feelings.