12 September, 2010

My blog's 5th Anniversary

Five years have passed so fast. I remember how often I used to blog releasing all the negative energy & thoughts I had, condemning what used to suffocate me from religions, cultural constraints….

I remember how writing used to set me free…I had the courage to write what I couldn’t say ….When I go back to my old posts back, I really laugh! I even cant recall what exactly used to trigger all the sadness I had….

5 years passed, probably im more mature now… Less rebellious, with more to understanding of the cultural burden we inherited from our "beloved" ancestors…I discovered that deep inside I'm the most traditional female you could ever meet yet I have a "rational modern twist" ….I'm against  dating yet against arranged marriage...Against prostitution & bitching yet against covering women from head to toe

Most importantly, i'm so very thankful to God who let me appreciate family values & relationships before its too late..

This spot will always have a special place in my heart ….its the private zone documenting intimate moments with myself

31 August, 2010

She thinks I would steal her boyfriend!!!

One of the reasons I don’t believe in true friendship between girls is the unbearable rages of jealousy among chicks.

Lately, I had enough from my friend's intolerable jealousy. She trurly thinks I would steal him from her!!! She keeps teasing me as if I care how often he calls her up, shows up, 7abiby said this & that…things getting so discusting esp when she describes in detail heir sexual relation & how happy they are when being together!!

She never misses a chance to TEASE ME DELIBERATELY & ON PURPOSE !! It makes me feel sick!
She used to CRY & FIGHT with her boyfriend when he mentions my name! last time she has gone crazy when he brought me a gift when came back from his vacation. I remember her crying saying why the hell he bring us the same gifts! i told her taaaaaaaaaake it I REALLY DONT WANT IT. . She refuses to exchange numbers with him! She even has gone too far by telling him that I got engaged & I'm about to get married SOON!!!

I wish if I could scream in her face & TELL HER I would never feel jealous of her & that I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SICK MENTALITY & UR BOYFRIEND. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

Not only bad luck with the opposite sex but also with the SAME sex :(

قاضي سعودي: تعيين لمى السليمان نائبة لرئيس "التجارة" جارح للمشاعر - Culture & Society - ArabianBusiness.com

05 February, 2010

قاضي سعودي: تعيين لمى السليمان نائبة لرئيس "التجارة" جارح للمشاعر - Culture & Society - ArabianBusiness.com

01 January, 2010

New Year Resolution List

Keep my job & focus on my career
Pay my loan & Keep my car
Save some money & cut down on unnecessary expenses
Stay healthy. Stay fit. Cut out the junk food.stop the emotional eating habit
Be positive, optimistic, happy, self confident, fresh
Read more
Socialize more
Learn new stuff
Forget the past & its memories
Exercise twice a week
Beat depression & boredom
Maintain & achieve the above-mentioned!!!

Here is what I was about to post yesterday before reading a very inspiring article…..

Was 2009 any good?

I have been reviewing the old posts written in Decembers 06 07 08 …i was searching for either a sparkle of optimism or happiness….unfortunately I couldn’t find any…

I was searching for any old resolution list so I can copy & past it signifying no remarkable achievements when it comes to my poor list!!….yes poor list…I lost the spirit which adores challenges …..

For me 2009 was one of the painful years ever….

Many cheated on me
Many deceived me
Many betrayed my trust
Many used my honesty
Many were mean to me

2009 was a year full of financial & emotional disappointments…I can remember the tears more than the laughs….career wise, its still the worst year ever….am I still suffering from mood swings? Yes I'm

I was brave enough to buy an astrology book for 2010 for Maguy Farah. I had some hope to boast my motivation for the new year but seems the starts & planets have a different plan! After reading the book I determined to stay at home predicting a stormy year!

……………………………I decided to drop the negative attitude thus i didn’t continue what I intended to write......

Here is what I had in mind after reading the article:

we can make our destinations…we can change…we can influence…we can make our happiness….

I wont fall a prisoner for my past …my pain
I can come over all the obstacles & start once again
Reading a good piece of article can always enlighten your vision & take u to a wider perspective that yours ….I'm planing to write all wut i didnt like in 2009 in a sheet of paper and then burn it!!!!!I'll try how it feeeeels to get rid of any sad memories...Why dont you try it too!?

anyways Hope 2010 would bring with it happiness, health, & peace & most importantly LOVE
Happy New Year