31 August, 2010

She thinks I would steal her boyfriend!!!

One of the reasons I don’t believe in true friendship between girls is the unbearable rages of jealousy among chicks.

Lately, I had enough from my friend's intolerable jealousy. She trurly thinks I would steal him from her!!! She keeps teasing me as if I care how often he calls her up, shows up, 7abiby said this & that…things getting so discusting esp when she describes in detail heir sexual relation & how happy they are when being together!!

She never misses a chance to TEASE ME DELIBERATELY & ON PURPOSE !! It makes me feel sick!
She used to CRY & FIGHT with her boyfriend when he mentions my name! last time she has gone crazy when he brought me a gift when came back from his vacation. I remember her crying saying why the hell he bring us the same gifts! i told her taaaaaaaaaake it I REALLY DONT WANT IT. . She refuses to exchange numbers with him! She even has gone too far by telling him that I got engaged & I'm about to get married SOON!!!

I wish if I could scream in her face & TELL HER I would never feel jealous of her & that I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SICK MENTALITY & UR BOYFRIEND. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

Not only bad luck with the opposite sex but also with the SAME sex :(


يا سلااااااااام على المغامرات!

but u know what; male-male relationships r often worse (how is thAt helping! :P)

such is life I guess

Stained said...


Such things happen...can't do much about it which sucks...chin up and blog more often... :)

Anonymous said...

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johnorford said...

Welcome back! Love that anger :pp

Arab Lady said...

thx all :S

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

dun wish to scream on her face what you feel about her but maybe talking as a grown up lady would make her mouth shut.. she's obsessed, isn't she? be happy gurl.. ;)

23experiment said...

Amen girlfriend
It gets tough managing the catfights and the good times (girls nites out)
I guess with every relationship, it is better to find a line that one should tread on, so that no one get hurt ( or maybe less often at least)
anything for peace in this world :)

It is very difficult to control jealousy. I remember on earth the first sin was this when one brother kill his own brother....

Anonymous said...

Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.