26 December, 2006

Hi guys …sounds this blog will turn into a chatting room…anyways life is good,

work is not bad,,,so far haven’t met any hot clients :((

On Sunday I ate “Tabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekh” !!!

Yes tabeekh! Tabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekh ..yummy yummm…Finally my sister in law cooked something eatable! Oh waiting for my brother to come so I can kick her out of my house! I am so frustrated coz she is useless! Wheneverr I wanna check on Sandy and Keri…there is no water nor food!! Oh gosh! Although she is staying all day home, she doesn’t bother having a look to c if there is food 4 the cats!!

Let me guys take the opportunity to apologize to Sandy and Keri for not being caring enough!! Love u my little angelsssssssssssssssssss….Feras I’ll post their pic some day just to show u adi they r cute a7la min ur skiiiiny scary cat!

Ok…Yesterday I reached home at 7:30...too early! No traffic since it was Chrismas..oh by the way Merry Christmas to you guys…so I was in bed by 8:00 pm! : ) ….ppl were calling me from everywhere lebanon ..Jordan and I didn’t bother to pick up the phone! Don’t they know that I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep early! I should buy an alarm so I can switch off my mobile whenever I wana go to bed…

Missing my parents …so sad that things didn’t work with dad’s operation….that operation was the last hope….i miss him …miss looking into his hazel eyes….miss his talks about me and my future…miss his unlimited support against mom!

Anyways I got to go now otherwise I will start crying…..thx 4 ur sweet e-mails & 4 passing by….sorry 4 not being able to comment on ur blogs but I check them regularly…Happy New Year in advance ….by the way have u asked ur self wut things u accomplished in 2006 and things u wanna do and achieve in the coming year? Are u satisfied with the human being u r ?? I asked my self such questions and more so I might share the answers with u b4 the new year….

Yalla enjoy ur day ..byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Note: plz overlook any grammatical or spelling mistake!

20 December, 2006

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!

I missed all like hell…wala zaman 3al blogging….ok ok now I am working 7 days a week so obviously I have NO TIME to scratch my head!

My boss wants me to be a consultant, copywriter, spokesperson…………blab blah…all at once! My life is hectic so I might consider buying a mat to sleep in da office….isn’t much better!

It was my pleasure knowing u guys….whenever u come to UAE or Dubai just e-mail so we can meet up over a cup of coffee ok deal????????????????

I miss my parents :S… I miss my mom’s cooking ….i don’t know how long I can tolerate the junk food & sandwiches… I want cooked foooooooooooooooooooood!
Tabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikh ..ha ha!! : ( (((

Yalla I get to go back to work….thanks 4 the ppl who asked about me ….take care all ok …mwaaaaaaaaaaaah

24 November, 2006

Tomorrow is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

To all the female bloggers….please write some thing or post any facts about violence in the region…we wont let the occasion pass without any attention! Spread the word…do something!!

Stop violence against women

I’m not shocked coz I know we are in the Arab World where the Freedom of expression & liberty don’t exist & will never exist.

Months ago, I came across a blog of an egyption blogger. Very controversial views & rebellious to the core against all social & some religious norms. He had that stored anger against culture & anything related to Islam. I just felt sorry for him and for the society that produces frustrated generations without recognized rights nor freedom of speech.
They are oppressed religiously & physiologically. I’m not defending his personal opinions but I am with the freedom of speech!

Just today I knew that the guy was arrested long time ago for his views…..when we say we wanna migrate they ask us why!

What’s the value of life if others will impose their religious beliefs & lifestyles on each other? You can’t criticize the religion, the government, the ruler, the culture, the society…u can’t complain nor voice ur opinions…

The phenomenon of detaining bloggers known for controversial views is so common nowadays! Blocking their blogs is of course the easiest way!
Censorship, red lines, taboos, list of do & don’t!

I was about to post something about women in Saudi Arabia….I’m not sure if I will do so. They try to scare youth so they don’t dare to open their mouth. I have many topics on mind to blog about but I don’t want the blog to be blocked! Its bugs me to feel restrained from expressing my ideas on my blog! May be I need some courage to go a step further.

Although I disagree with some of your views. Go man you have all my support. They are talking about modern & free societies in time they don’t have an idea what freedom of expression is!

Do what you can to make a difference. Support him!

Sign the petition

& here is the link of the website dedicated to the campaign to free Kareem

No one deserves to be insulted or abused physically or physiologically due to his /her beliefs & views. Arabs please wake up!

18 November, 2006

Buon Giorno,
My mood is super, amazing & I’m HAPPY these days! Socially active and have lots of love & heart breaking stories that I chit chatted with my friends during the pervious days but guess wut no more sharing details with you guys! Oh sooooooooooo excited too. My parents will travel and some body will start celebrating ………………yuppy I’M GONNA BUY SHISHAAAAAAAAA….fun will start soon **EVIL SMILE**

Anyways going back to your comments sorry 4 the delay. All in all, most of you got my point about the wrongness/rightness issue.
For some reason, I figured out the following with regards to some Arab bloggers:
-Shallow-minded, introvert, & Childish (wonder wut kind of education they have or wut kind of friends they r hanging out with)
-Got no point behind blogging so they have no clue what civilized conversation is all about.
-Start criticizing the arguer and insulting him/her simply because he/she has a different point of view. As a result, they forget what the point was & use their long sharp tongue & shiitty kind of communication to defend their image. Self insecure!

BTW firas I was about to change me mind but I think I would be mistaken if I did …I would be insulting my intelligence if I though of replying to your “SARCASTIC COMMENT”:
“PS to Arablady, take it easy,now looking at your avatar I see that you've taken my advice and you are all covered up, good for you”.

My post wasn’t a response to the Arab Girl’s post. Her post just triggered some questions that would be dicussied sooner or later…I was talking about the trap we all tend to fall in: categorizing human beings according to our beliefs assuming we r RIGHT. GO back to wut D,
Shaykhspeara Sha'ira & Hannan have said about the right/wrong thing issue…they just rephrased or expressed my view but in a different way…
I guess it was a big mistake referring to her post in the first place. Agree with you but allow me to comment on the following:
““Not to wrong all girls, there is girls that were raised in environment that they found all people around them; their moms, their sisters,etc are comfortable wearing Bikini and that's why they wear it... but when a girl comes from Saudi Arabia to the U.S. and wear bikini here and then when the plane lands in Jeddah, she puts on the scarf and 3abyaa.. that's what is called slutty girl”””.
To me she is not a slutty girl! Don’t u people say in Rome do what Romans do!!& do we have to stick to wut ur culture/environment even if it goes against our personal values, individualism, & reasoning. Life is all about experiencing new things. Sounds you agree with me that its a matter of lifestyle too. at the same you r telling me if a person was born in a certain environment, she/he must stick to it & never change! So if my parents have their own religious & politics beliefs, I must follow blindly wut my brain was stuffed with. Then where have the role of external factors gone like media, friends, schools, university, traveling, …..etc.
Assume that your father is a communist, liberal, or fanatic should you believe in his convictions just because his is your father and knows better than you! they give us the basics & then its our duty to continue our life journey & build up our own system of values & beliefs..
Anyways, that girl might be a slut in ur opinion but I c her a VICTIM… victim of the unfair culture that allows the man to do wutever he wants but lists wut a woman should & should not do…they create generations with double standard views, values, & behaviors! We cover in front of the so called “society” but in reality we have our own secret life! Is this what the society wants!

no I wont tell anymore!

Nash & Dubai_Stud I dunno guys but I would be more than happy to have some identical copies of u 2 distribute…Arab women r in need of similar men…life would be much easier!

I hate them too ( ok come on don’t believe me, well I do..their actions make me do hate them!) but lets be honest with ourselves we both need each other! They r giving women kind of hard time….forget that male blogger but we cant deny that zillions of ppl think in a similar way…believe me I concluded that Education has nothing to do with the mentalities…I know a professor teaching at my university…he has PhD from the states but his wife doesn’t have a high school diploma…listen some men don’t prefer the educated girl coz they know she will make his life like hell ; ) …they want a robot not a women who thinks or has a strong personality… some of them want her without history, never talked to a male other than her father & bro, covered from head 2 toe….etc u know the story & the rest of the list..of course I’m not saying all of them but the majority! You get frustrated when u know that he lived most or part of his life abroad or probably educated at prestigious universities abroad! He still thinks the same way our ancestors used to c the world..they prefer the YOUNG woman will excellent cooking skills over those who have uni degrees…I dunno wut’s wrong with them…

digital nomad & Dina hala ladies…THX 4 the support & thx 4 dropping by….ana mraw2a kteer dina no body on earth can spoil my mood J & Dingital I love you too! Rejected..hmm sounds u have a story! Any ways welcome to my spot & plz tell me who doest judge us based on our nationalities & passports! Cheer up ..dont let anything/anybody make u feel down….
Omernos said...you are nobody to tell me what I have to do…go let your friend stop being sarcastic about Islam & Hejab, as if its really funny!

thanks 4 coming by & ppl start judging each other coz they have nothing worthwhile to do in life! 3alam fadya!

Hannan, people in our culture judge the book by its cover esp when it comes 2 women. I have been harassed several times IN PUBLIC PLACES by men with beard & short Kandoraaaaaa! The last time was long time ago when I went grocery shopping & was that man trying to give me his num :S going back & forth repeaaaaaating his num over & over again!
Wuts the hell! Wanna tell u a secret THEY freak me out whenever I c I man with beard & short kandora! They never lower their gaze & spend 10 hours staring @ u!! Drama Diva & Advents Halla & thx 4 sharing ur opinion

واحد من هالعالم
Get a life …don’t tell me that u r being sarcastic too!

Check out the following if interested..THX Abu JOuD!

again this blog represents my personal opinions that might be wrong or right. I never claim that they are right either.
Have a great weekend...


After a frustrating tour to check out some blogs I ended up being called a dumb!!!

I read an interesting post
http://www.rebelliousarabgirl.net/?p=418 on Arab Girl’s blog.

Ok I tend to be trigging some “Dumb arguments” lately. Frankly speaking, if anybody would say this to me in real life I would smash his/her face!!

Simply I can’t tolerate disrespect & black-headedness. No one ever dares to talk to me in such a tone. Ok I’m dump but proud of my triviality which I consider it open-mindedness!

My fault & crime in life are that I don’t like to categorize human beings. I don’t like to judge who is a bitch, bastard, slut, who is gonna end up in hell or heaven simply because its none of my business!!

Girls in bikini are sluts and bitches! Oh they show their asses to the world! Who the hell am I to judge people or give them names? It’s her body, not mine! If she wants to reveal her body to the world then it’s her PERSONAL decision.

Each person has his/her own lifestyle. I ‘m neither defending nor promoting such actions but I don’t have any authority to tell her “oh, babe. Its wrong!”

Why the hell people think they know what’s wrong & right!!??

How many nationalities, cultures, and religions do we have??
So if any person on Earth is not abiding by Islam teachings or the Arab traditions, he/she is WRONG!! Is it the kind of Islam you are calling for?

If each person thinks that he is RIGHT while other DIFFERENT people are WRONG…then it’s a real disaster! Divided world with hatred being the median of communication…Peace Peace lets live with each other peacefully with neither generalization nor stereotyping!!!!!!!

Moreover, for a reason I really don’t know, I felt that the internet is male-dominated too. That’s driving me crazy. I thought I would escape my reality to find some open window to breathe and meet some ppl having a similar mentality of mine. Obviously, I’m mistaken!

The other day I checked out 7aree2a’s blog http://hareega.blogspot.com/and read a good post about prostitution so thought of checking the comments section (I wish if I did not).

And here we go I just read one of the most ………… (u fill in the blanks) comment from a Jordanian blogger ( male of course)……

Firas said:
لهذا نقول أن المرأة و هي فتنة مكانها البيت الذي هو مملكتها و يعطيها كامل حقوقها
إزا مات زوجها الذي بالغالب هة ابن عمها، فان شيخ فاضل و جليل يتزوجها و يستر
عليهاأرجعوا نساءنا غلى المطابخ و البيت و اذا لا سمح الله خرجت من البيت
فعليها بالبرقع من فوق لتحت

Translation into English

That’s why we say a woman being the source of bewitchment must stay at home which is her kingdom that gives her all her rights. In case the husband, most probably her cousin, passes away or dies, a decent Imam/ sheik will marry her to provide shelter for her.

Let women go back to kitchen and houses and in case a woman goes out side her house, God forbid, she must be covered & veiled from head to toe!!!


The disaster is that by living in an Arab country I know I can’t sue him!! Do I have the right to commit suicide!! Gosh I can’t imagine the life of a woman full of sick ppl having such a mentality around her!!

Now I’m really sick of this shit!

Women are the source of prostitution
Women fool men
Women triggers men’s sexual desire and lead them to committing sins
Women are the source of every disaster in this world …they probably behind:

Earthquakes in Asia and the Far East
Hurricanes in the States
The Israeli-Arab conflict in the Middle East
Poverty in the Third World Countries
Starvation in Africa
Unemployment & crimes everywhere
All kind of pollution
The War on Lebanon & Iraq


ALL the social, political, ethical, humanitarian, moral, educational, cultural, and environmental problems/crisis on Earth!!!

Since we r the Satan on Earth, why don’ they come up with some biological weapons to wipe US WOMEN off THE UNIVERSE! Isn’t better! So both of us would REST IN PEACE!!! Our existence bothers them like hell!!

Ya Allah please please please give me some patience and support to survive in these societies….pour your blessings on me to bear the fault of being a female!!!

Ya Sneeen 3Omry

Officially you mean nothing to me…..
I won’t mourn your death either…
I’ll put my ethics and feelings under the cheapest shoes I have….

Bye Bye Ethics…Bye Bys morals, manners, &values….

The old person is DEAD NOW…..the one you see now is a real bitch & I’m happy with her….

28 October, 2006

Tonight is one of my worst nights…I cant sleep …I’m nervous…..i feel that my friend is choosing the wrong path….i’m worried about her ….she is falling in love with a married man!! He is local….i warned her many times to stay far away from him before falling in love..but its too late…He wants to marry her and meet her family!! Never thought that she would lose her mind!!

I don’t know what’s happened to her! ITs obviously brainwashing!
She is going nuts! She is just wasting other PERECT FAB opportunities ..she preferred the married man…ana I gave up really…

Heba “he is mahdoum, be3aed, “religious”, tayoub…..blab blah!”

So Wut! AFTER ALL he is married and has kids?

I sent her mgs after we talked tonight:

Me: @ 1:07 AM
“M shocked u r ….yrs thinking abt a mn who sold his wife “no matter how bad she is” n his family..love isn’t everything..look 4 a man who will be urs only mish sharing him wiz another woman..law kan (if he was) poor u wouldn’t think about him but u got impressed..dont u feel that u r sel3a (commodity) he wants 2 buy just coz Islam lets him marry 4”

2nd SMS @ 1:21 AM
“Nakadti 3alay 3anjad.can’t sleep! Tell him I wana meet him.u mean a lot 2 me this is ur future..i want to ask about his reputation & history bedi etaman 3aliki”

So she replied:
“Hiba 7ayati sure I ‘ll let u meet him he is in ksa now has a business trip…ma t5afi 3alay (don’t worry about me) hiba he is good u will c ennu (that) his is good wil tell u kil shi(will tell u everything)”

Better be a good man otherwise u will face some troubles with me!!!

I feel sorry for his poor wife? Believe it or not his wife called my friend to know whether or not my friend has a relation with her husband! The wife was like I fed up ,”,it’s the 1000th time …plz don’t get married ..all men are game players, disloyal….ect”.

I can feel that my friend is feeling guilty esp after she saw his two adorable kids and talked to his poor wife, but she is addicted to him!!! She just can’t quit talking to him!
The bastard has sent her VERY expensive gifts by DHL on EID!!

We are just stupid, never learn from others experience with men…

I just tried my best to explain how unethical what they are doing is? Just imagine that your husband is cheating on you? How would u feel? She knows the answer very well but I feel sorry for us? Too emotional, we accept to be toys played by them, how could I reach such a stage!! Its really disgusting!!

Being very rich and a big shot in the country, he thinks that he could buy or mess around with any woman and most importantly humiliate his wife and hurt her feelings!?!

What drives me crazy that the guy shows how religious he is!! He even tried to convince my friend to wear Hejab! He even sent Abayaz from Dubai to Lebanon!! And the crazy gets more and more impressed!

I really wish her all best …she is still young and deserves the best…I don’t want her to continue the play!! It’s a closed circle that has neither an ending nor a starting point…I’m thinking of talking to the guy or maybe talking to his family!! I just want him to leave her alone so she can continue her life with some peace of mind!!

90% of the married men in Dubai have secret affairs! No respect to the human being who said “yes I do agree to be his wife”, no respect to his family! Imagine that his wife is the one cheating on him!! What would happen? She would be bringing dishonor to him but his childish, irresponsible, unethical, disrespectful and sinful behaviors bring pride!!

If you are cheating on your wife and all of the sudden you discovered she is doing the same, what would you do? 100% of Arab men would say I would divorce her? Why should wifes forgive while cheating husbands get away with it??

I guess the problem lies in US females……I keep on hearing the same lame excuses
Women tend to forgive and let things pass peacefully coz
we get scared of getting divorced
we wanna protect the family! What the hell is this? He didn’t give a damn to his family then why should we care about “ the family”?

Wish if I could meet the man who could change my perception towards men in UAE & in our societies!

Believe it or not:
Before I get married I will let him sign a contract to secure my rights in case he thinks of messing around….don’t u see how Hollywood stars sign contracts b4 marriage stating the consequences of divorce!!

I will do the same!!
If Islam allows him to marry another three women
If culture forgives his sins……..
If his manhood allows him to cheat on me ………

Then lets the contract and the law protect my rights!!

I’m dying to meeeeeeeeeeeeet him!! Wana c who the hell he is….

For everybody who contributed to the last post thx, but sorry I am not concentrating I dunno who said wut …I’m confused nowadays …..couldn’t even reply to each and every one …but most of u had wonderful comments like Digital, Dina, Rebellious Arab Lady, to mention a few……

Ah guy zI will start a temp job in Nov inshalaaa….yalla I will try to get some sleeeeeeep….


21 October, 2006

I am really pissed off, I just came across a post advising men to back off when it come to enforcing women to cover up…the post was great but reading the word “our women” insulted my feminism!

” OUR”, “OUR”…..”OUR”!

“Am I a commodity, a peace of furniture, or does he own me!?

The reason why I like Dr. Nawal AL Saadawi is that she calls for women’s right to give the baby his mother’s family name!

Yes, why not!!!

And yes I wish if men could back off when it comes to veiling! I believe it’s the woman’s sole decision. Who are they to decide on our behalf! I would never enforce my daughter to cover up just because:

I might be ashamed of her in public when going out uncovered …I don’t want her to judge ppl based on a piece of cotton/silk or wutever on the head!
Or just because I am might be worried about her being sexually harassed.
Plus It’s not an accurate measurable indication of Iman/faith!!! It might be, but I do see girls who fast, pray, and read Quraun but are uncovered! And their behaviors are much better than those who are covered by force!

I really feel insulted to cover up just because I might sexually arouse a man in the street! It’s my body. MY…MY Why shall I spend my whole life in the shadow? Why shall I feel that I’m a Satan on Earth!! I fed up…is it really difficult for them to control their animalistic desires! Well, I guess it’s their problem then!….they should lower their gaze if they are scared of committing a sin by looking at a woman…..

In short, if a woman wants to cover herself from head to toe then she must be the one who is making such a decision neither her dad nor husband!

I had no intention to blog esp that I had a hectic night yesterday. It was beautifully ended by a car accident near the busiest roundabout in the city!!
Guess what, for the first time ever in my life…. i went to the police station! I was on my nerves the whole one & a half hours …my blood was boiling from madness at the idiot who I hit…. Don’t worry nothing major.....just the police officer couldn't judge whose fault it was! At the police station, I met a Syrian girl who hit a little kidoo but THX God the kidoo is not hurt….oppps I started blablabing,,,well I will tell u the details later!

Unfortunately, we have to farewell the visitor of October. So on the joyous occasion of the Eid, I extend my best wishes to you and the people you love. Wish you many treasured moments of happiness and peace.

Happy Eid, Love you all

17 October, 2006

I figure out that I’m desperately missing something in my life…I spent a few years looking for that thing…is it love, my relation with God or my dissolved soul…..

I have changed a lot ….i’m not the same person anymore, religiously, mentally, emotionally, and you name it. I am sick of people who think my life is perfect. Why I’m not able to see what they see…..

Last night I just called Mirvat in Lebanon, hearing her voice released some of what has been accumulating but still…I don’t feel like going out this week..everybody is like yalla go buy new stuff for the Eid..but I keep on saying No NOoooo..not in da mood! They are like everybody bought except you, but guess what, so what, who cares! I never think about trivial things!

My friend Dayna had some depression too due to a recent emotional shock…Mirvate broke up with her fiancé, and Sabreen complains about her husband…I am sick of hearing about men being great bastards!!! Enough Enough…..Still wondering if decent men are still there somewhere in this world…..Is it really that difficult to find your Mr. Right…..

With regards to the job hunting…I really somehow gave up ….how does it feel to know that you are hired because you are a female….being a good looking female your sole responsibly at work is to attract and bring in new business and clients…where the hell shall I bring them from …it isn’t their problem...sacrifice, compromise, act as a bitch ….its your problem then why do we pay you?!

Whenever a man hears that you need a job, he will definitely be more than happy to find a job 4 u at his company or recommend you to another friend BUT you

Should be his girl friend for awhile until he finds another catch oh ya “ a friend”, accept his invitations to lunch & dinner, answer his calls whenever he wants to call….! What the hell is this!

Dealing with some shitty people makes me suspicious, skeptical, and run away whenever the job has anything to do with sales or business development…….!

I remember when I was somehow in love, I used to see life from a bright optimistic perspective…you wake up every morning with a smile on your face, sing all the time, the traffic is not annoying any more…etc but unfortunately he was a bustard like the others….probably I’m missing some true love….missing the old simple days…the kid who was in me….missing many things indeed…..

PS: I would like to thank a pretty lady who knows herself. THANK YOU HON but I’m still stubborn and wanna manage this particular issue without bothering or getting help from others ;)……….

Received it by e-mail, its awesome, and would like to share it with u guys

10 October, 2006

Kindly Skip reading this

Well yes I am back…ah back to the place I belong to, back to my nest, to me babe(my car ya3ni), and to the people I can communicate with!...well after being away for about two weeks I discovered that I’m desperately in love with this country …so the new deal will be as follows:

- No whining about the roasting weather.. So no Yay I am sweating…oh Damn it my makeup has been washed out! Shit the eye liner’s gone!
- No whining about the shitty traffic between Sharjah & Dubai.
- No whining about the number of Indians or the westerners in Dubai …So no more of uffz where have the Arabs disappeared?


I was supposed to come fresh, energetic, and full of life to resume my journey in this life (that was the goal of the whole trip in fact)
BUT lately things seem to be going against my will or my plans…my brother’s BITCH…oppps man no gossip in Ramadan! Ok I mean his wife mashala ruined my vacation and started her drama while I was there… so all of the sudden I packed my stuff at 2 am and called my sister to book the first flight heading to Dubai…within 24 hours I was hommmeeeeeee laying in bed…….

Guys ur wishes didn’t work out :( “apart from the one for coming back safe and sound & YES Thank God I’m here…a whole piece…” But 3an jad I missed u ALL…

Lessons learnt from this “Man70sa” Trip:
I saw in my own eyes how the life of the WORKING CLASS is
Now realized what poverty means…no more complaining about the brand of my car!
I saw how people from lower educational levels communicate, live, think, and behave.

(hmmm I dunno I might post something about the trip but definitely wont be pleasing nor positive!)


The job hunting process is frustrating….how does it feel to be unemployed!
AH WELCOME TO THE JOBLESS CLUB as said by a friend! We serve free Coke every Saturday…! Just come over and let’s mourn our luck together!

Is it too much to work in the marketing field…Am I asking for something impossible! Is it a miracle to find a marketing related job in this country! It’s either sales or sales or sales…or ah admin work! And guess what I discovered that a secretarial certificate gets u a job immediately but a bachelor degree doesn’t! ((Ya Rab El Saber Bas!!!))
I proudly regret the four years I spent studying three different specializations! Why do they import foreign workforce from other Middle Eastern countries and Asia while WE, the graduate of this country are sitting at home…! I should have shortened my way and took a secretarial course and worked in any company…the End will eventually be getting married to the boss ( who is already married with kids)…as it happens in most of the Egyptian movies…which is not too bad!!

Sometimes I feel down…I keep on asking myself questions like: when am I going to start building my future & earning money! By the time I establish my foot on solid ground, get a decent job, and do my Masters which will definitely take two or three years..i will be in my thirties !!!

And when its time to look around for Mr. Right, he will be looking 4 for a much younger chick!!

07 September, 2006

Loooooooooooooong vacation

Good morning,
Tonight’s nightmare (when I say a nightmare then it’s a REAL FRIGHTENING
NIGHTMARE) made me think twice about death and the possibility of not coming back….believe me it’s the worst thing in life to die away from your family and to get buried in a country other than yours….the idea of traveling by a plan freaks me out…used to think that my life is long and I have the enough time to rethink about my relation with God and to c how far I’m satisfied with it…….i just wrote a list of friends I want my sister-in-law to contact in case anything happened to me ……I dunno why I would care about letting them now…after all the human being is skillful at forgetting….

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh UAE I love u!!!!!!!


Good morning to MD, Clayfuture, 3anooda, Arab woman, UAE alias, Ella, Summer, Abed, & Qwaider…

I say hi to the beautiful ladies: spirit, pearl, seraphic, and all seeing eyes,umaminah, digital nomad, Tamara, one day, rebellious Arab girl…
and to Yamani, nash, silent tear, and moe

Guys I will miss u all…..take care .........

As MD has said If I die then this blog will die with them….and I will say the same………….

Love u all and I apologize if I ever hurt somebody

01 September, 2006

I knew that the women would call. Her hysterical questions and remarks were just an indication that I passed the test!

Honey what is your weight, Mashala you look slim, ok what about your height darling
…mmm well no girl you must be taller than that (I might lie about my age :D but why would i shorten myself!) do you work, how old are you, what is your year of birth, what did you study, and the most interesting question:

Do you go out wearing this!! Do you wear veil?? *_* !!!
**Hint: I was wearing decent clothes so no bikini, no mini skirt even….etc

Habibty adi waznik…mashala yekhzi el 3eeen n7ifa…tayeb balahi adi tolik…la mish ma32oool akiiid atwal min heeek ( tayeb li bedi akzib wa 2ser 7ali ya rabi?) bteshti’3li shi khaltooo, tayeb adi 3omrik , ah mwaleed ay sana dakhilik…khalto sho darasti…and the shocking question: enti btetla3i bara labsa heek? Yali byesma3 befakir kont mshala7a shi!

To me being asked such questions bugs me like hell. My privacy is sacred and hate to be invaded by similar unacceptable behavior and ridiculous comments esp the last comment. To some people it might be ok but I’m just not used to it.

My mom went nuts and was like he doesn’t even have a proper degree so how come his mom would even think of any possible acceptance from our side!

Dear Mom,
I discovered that education has nothing to do with the mentality. High degrees might get us well paid jobs or give us some decent designations or recognition from others but will never mean intellect, will never guarantee the person is respectful, & will never guarantee that he is the perfect match for your daughter.I just told her a story I’ve heard on radio long time ago about a civil engineer who got married to a barber. She fought the whole world & stood up very bravely for her choice….for her decision….& for her man. Her relatives just went crazy as she brought dishonor to them!! After ten years of happy marriage & three adorable kids, the people who stepped in her way finally realized that they were mistaken. To her his love and respect meant a lot more than a piece of paper.

Well let’s stop judging people based on what cars they drive, how high their salaries are; what degrees they have…etc. Materialistic indications never assure happiness or harmony. After this interesting discussion, mom just listed the potential grooms who were eliminated due to “educational gaps or inconvenience”!!!

Ah mom I should have closed my mouth!! :S Anyway his mother’s question: “Do you go out dressing up like this” was more than enough to know that they were not my cup of tea!

I’m sure you have similar stories but the point is A DEGREE DOESN’T NECESSARILY MAKE A MAN A REAL MAN!

30 August, 2006

aha woow I hope u guys finished arguing coz I have some points to address….the party is over...I’m really sorry coz things went that way…never expected the discussion will turn like that ....Actually, I’ve been misunderstood big time…

Some ppl just let their imagination go far away imagining me being oppressed & tortured by religion, family, and culture!! Some ppl just put my family is da middle…but guess wut I have the most wonderful , supporting, caring, and loving parents on Earth…..

The rebellious energy and my openness haven’t come out of the blue but from my dear dad..
Who gave me the ability 2 chose & decide……. Who put his faith, trust, and confidence in his little daughter…Who encouraged her 2 have a strong personality, 2 be an independent entity, rebellious, stubborn, a girl who never accepts things as they are without being convinced….

I argue, argue, and argue with them YES
but eventually reach satisfying solutions ….I’m not living with a military gang! So plz put my family aside….i guess having some sort of conflict is something healthy and usual! Some friends just think I’m lucky 2 have such a family! I realize this when I look at some other conservative families whose daughters learnt nothing except being submissive spending their lives pleasing the society & letting years pass by to end up alone…..

Yes I dare to criticize & question
& have the willingness to continue keeping this spirit!

Some mistakenly supposed that it’s disrespectful to think about living alone while ur parents are still alive. It’s your right to believe in whatever you want but don’t close your eyes assuming that people with different point of views DON’T EXIST OR NOT ALLOWED TO EXIST.

Another thing, if you just paid attention to the following sentence:

Your identity is a mixture of things U CREATE fromUR RELIGION U FOLLOW ...UR ETHICS .........UR OWN PERSPECTIVES .............................................

I guess I said follow ur religion, if some bloggers had just read that word “UR Religion”, they would have saved their comments. My relation with God is mine; it’s between him and me. I love my national dress, eat national traditional food, enjoy listening 2 wut mom & dad tell about the old good days, adore the national music, love 2 smell my grandma’s sewn sweater…….BUT that doesn’t mean that I can’t try the Italian or Chinese food, wear jeans, or learn a foreign language....I’m no body 2 demean, degrade, disrespect, or offend other cultures and the same applies when it comes 2 our culture……

The reason behind this blog was 2 release my anger toward what is happening in our “feminine world”, to express my frustration to c some women suffering coz they are women…… Cultural practices and beliefs are not the HOLY QURAN ..our ancestors were human beings like u & me……its not a white page without black marks….

In some cultures they still burn the wife alive if the husband dies before here….. In some cultures they chase the wife for paying the dowry and some women commit suicide just 2 get ride of their miseries….. In some culture they still practice Honor killing…… u name the rest coz the list is long

Dina is a women in her mid-twenties living under immense oppression & unlimited supervision…not allowed to work…beaten up by her dad…not allowed 2 have friends…living under her step mother’s mercy…restriction…restriction …and restriction ....She rebels in her own way, she drinks, smokes, have sex with anybody whenever she has the chance …& guess what she is a lesbian…seeing similar example everywhere, in every house, in every society, in every country depresses me. I feel myself paralyzed coz I can’t help….i can’t change how SOME people look upon women, can’t change their mentalities….. Her fault is being a woman in the wrong place….. leading her life to hell… …seeing some women destroying their lives makes me imagine that they would have been brilliant personalities, achievers, or leaders if some body had believed in them!

I see women who are not allowed to
Study majors they like,
Choose their man,
Get married or even
I see women who are not allowed to survive in a male-dominated society.

Dear all
Excuse me if I talk on behave of them
I don’t blog 2 entertain others, not 2 insult anybody either….
I ‘m not a Mufti…& I don’t claim I know better than any one…but being young doesn’t mean I have 2 close my big mouth….

I do respect & admire your views. Didn’t intend 2 block ur stream of thoughts…but I still have all the rights to see things from my own perspective which might be wrong or right……love ur passion 4 Islam….i don’t have any problem learning from you though…

I see no reason for ur “ma3ma3a”…….
U could be the greatest LOVER
The greatest HUSBAD
The greatest BROTHER
The greatest DAD
AND eventually the most wonderful MAN ever….

But don’t assume the rest of men on earth are
Respectful to women
Protective to a reasonable extent
And followers of TRUE Islam that appreciates women

If that was the case, we wouldn’t c other dinaz everywhere…… Ur free 2 express ur opinion here …its my home…my kingdom…my nest…my outlet….the place where I share my concerns, others experience & my observations…..

Many thanks 2 MD, silent tear, uae alias, abed hamdan, summer, tamara, clayfuture, shady, hanan &
Mr. Qwaider ( damak 7ami kteeer ro2!)

Appreciate ur comments although some ppl were harsh, aggressive, and just came up with false assumptions….

Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err.
Mahatma Gandhi

Prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.
Author Unknown

We are free, truly free, when we don't need to rent our arms to anybody in order to be able to lift a piece of bread to our mouths.
Ricardo Flores Magon, speech, 31 May 1914

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.
Abraham Lincoln

Liberty is the possibility of doubting, of making a mistake,... of searching and experimenting,... of saying No to any authority - literary, artistic, philosophical, religious, social, and even political. Ignazio Silone, The God That Failed, 1950

Warm regards & my space is open 2 the whole world!

Love u all !!!

28 August, 2006

Shady’s comment on the post “Single Arab women living alone? Yup, WHY NOT?” triggered this post and reminded me of one of the zillion conversations I had with my sister about what is so called “Culture”.......

My poor sister was convincing me (as usual along with the rest of the royal family :D) with regard to how my rebellious mentality doesn’t work with “OUR CULTURE”…and how “OUR CULTURE” never accepts such ideas…..and that I don’t live in the west but “IN OUR CULTURE”….Etc

I asked her a question: could you please define the word

She was like it’s about our beliefs…..blab blah

I said let me define it for you

It’s about beliefs, thoughts, practices, traditions, and customs our ANCESTORS used to FOLLOW hundred years ago……

Our ANCESTORS are DEAD (sheb3oo moot)………and I don’t FOLLOW others beliefs (Why would I? Any reason? NO) ………not born to FOLLOW but hopefully to

I FOLLOW my OWN RULES I put for myself

Your identity is a mixture of things U CREATE from

UR ETHICS .........
UR OWN PERSPECTIVES .............................................

Do you notice the
U, I, Myself, Me ,UR

It's not THEY………

Someppl claim that they r LIBERAL while they keep on saying BUT…….

Yesterday I asked a bloger (Tamara)
about the difference between untraditional and liberal after reading her profile

Tamara Says…
About Me
I'm a simply complicated person...a best friend and worse enemy...love life but not afraid of death...to put me in simple words ...well you can't, TRADITIONAL TO THE CORE BUT THE MOST UNTRADITIONAL PERSON YOU HAVE MET...what can I say simply marvelous...with a twist ; )

So I went ahead and asked the lady …..i was telling myself why she didn’t use the word LIBERAL ..WHY UNTRADITIONAL!!!

ArabLady said...
my first time here and inshalla not the last but got a Q 4 u plz if u dont mindwut is da difference bwt untraditional & liberal....just had a look @ ur profile and the word "untraditional"caught my attention
3:38 AM

Tamara said...
Arab lady – welcome to my coroner and I'm glad you are planning to make many more visits : D Mi casa es su casa As for untraditional Vs Liberal, liberal usually refers to not abiding by social or religious guidelines, untraditional in my opinion and what I was referring to is that I'm not like every one else, I dare to question norms and traditions well every thing for that matter, not disrespect them just question and I only follow what I'm convinced in and follow only the true rule of Islam. And well my untraditionally shows in other aspects, if you follow my writings you will see manifestations of that ( this is called blog promotion ; ) )
4:09 AM

Tamara hope u r not bothered by what I posted.....hope I answered u shady!!

After all we are not supposed to be alike in this world! Are we?

Sorry but I liked to clarify this point…..hope its clear now…….

I don’t belong to anybody, anyplace…….i belong 2 myself…kinda weird, eh!


When dreams die out……happiness is gone

My dreams are falling apart
I have no clue from where to start or even how

I miss the old soul that used to inhabit my body ........
I miss the ambitious active girl with rosy dreams .......
The girl who wanna touch the sky.......

I discovered that dreams destroyed my life ........
I don’t want to dream anymore…..
I want my feet to be on the ground……my dreams destroyed me mentally and ruined my relationships with the people surrounding me

I lost the motives ........
I lost the desire .........
I lost the willingness .......
I lost my soul three years ago ..........

I want the old me….i wanna her to come back….plz come back !!

Maybe she is happier somewhere there leaving me alone grieving my deep wounds……

I can’t find happiness….what is happiness….i just wanna break the cuffs and fly away searching for my lost spirit......
The question is

is it going 2 come back.....

26 August, 2006

What happens if an insect falls in a cup of coffee

The British: will throw the cup into the street and leave the coffeeshop for good.

The American: will get the insect out and drink thecoffee.The Chinese: will eat the insect and drink the coffee.

The Israeli will:
1) Sell the coffee to the American and the insect to the Chinese.

2) Cry on all media channels that he feels insecure.

3) Accuse the Palestinians, Hizb Allah, Syria and Iran ofusing germ-weapons.

4) Keep on crying about anti-semitism and violations of human rights.

5) Ask the Palestinian President to stop planting insectsin the cups of coffee.

6) Re-occupy the West Bank, Gaza Strip.

7) Demolish houses, confiscate lands, cut water andelectrity from Palestinian houses and randomly shootPalestinians.

8) Ask the United States for urgent military support and a loan of one million dollars in order to buy a new cup of coffee.

9) Ask the United Nations to punish the coffee-shopowner by making him offer free coffee to him till the end of thecentury.

10) Last but not least, accuse the whole world to be standing still, not even sympathizing with the Israeli Nation.

25 August, 2006

Somehow true!!

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are optimistic and happy.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

23 August, 2006

Single Arab women living alone? Yup, WHY NOT?

Personally I see no harm in single women living alone in separate apartments even if they have families living in the same country……

To me living alone means:

And a separate identity away from dady’s and momy’s supervision and interference!!!

Life has no meaning when u r still living under ur family’s control even if u work and earn money….getting a sense of independence and being in charge of running your own house will enrich your life experience and will raise ur self esteem as a mature and independent woman who has equal rights and responsibility as men’s.

This idea is awkward in our conservative societies and impossible in most of the situations !!Both religion and culture are over-protective when it comes to anything related to women in a way that sickens me. So once you open your eyes u find a long list of taboo things waiting for u just becoz u r a woman!! Damn it!!!

To them, being a woman means that u must follow but not lead & must let others think, decide, and act for you coz they KNOW BETTER……..

Women are physically weak, mentally shallow-minded, and might get hurt becoz of men’s intentions so you must stay under your brother’s, husbands, or father’s control to PROTECT US!!!

I fed up of this crap and any woman must grab any chance to break the closed circle to free herself……

Why men can leave their family house and be independent while women can’t?

I’m waiting for an answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uffff…….i can’t wait for the day when I have my own apartment ALONE!!!!

19 August, 2006

Comments with regard to the last post

+wow…mmm ok first of all I m really happy that every one of u shared his/her
opinion, experience, or thought on this important topic…I guess I should allot more time 4 discussing the subject in my future posts….

Just to make things clear the type of dating that I talked about which I agree with meant to:

be serious not for fun

between adults and mature ppl who know what they are doing and know WHY they r dating

SO its customized to take both culture and religion into account….

I didn’t talk about dating in a night club

Or in a bar

Or a guy who threw his number when passing by a beautiful girl in a shopping mall!!!!!

+ I can list a zillion exp about marriages failed coz the couple knew nothing about each other !! and I can list a zillion exp about situations when the parents asked about the groom's reputation but ppl never know the other side of u ,,,their daughters were beaten and humiliated by the guy whose friends and relatives said he is decent!

In a nut shell thx 4 contributing and look forward to continuing this topic,,,unfortunately there will be no more posts…….i'll leave on vacation plus there is something worng with my laptop
:(((((((((((((...so good that i had the chance to write at least a reply 2 ur beautiful and interesting thoughts

Enjoy the summer…………

+ VERY Quick reply to:

adel: thx plz share with us ur dating stories
I need days just to reply to u man…first of all know that I respect ur opinion and appreciate your strong Iman and would like to get ur e-mail so I can write to u if u don’t mind..
…and feel free to comment on this blog .. some ppl might get convinced or have questions for u …anyhow why should u be surprised?
Having rebellious thought doesn’t mean that I don’t feel for my ppl any where in this world whether they are Arabs or not….

3anooda: give me a biiig hug ;)

Dozz: unfortunately I know ppl, most of the arab girls, who get married 4 "the heck of it" esp when the girl hits 25…sometime I don’t blame them as our culture never feel mercy 4 spinsters or divorced….ppl have creativity when it comes to torturing them mentally and emotionally!!!

Summer:no0thing is taboo in my dictionary but was busy with what is happening in Lebanon….so don’t be shocked to c more of this "taboo" topics esp about women's rights in this part of the world….welcome to the rebellious part of me ;)

babe_uae : dear I must say that u r so lucky (Mashallah) that u have met an open-minded local guy, so rarely 2 find such ppl, who doesn’t wait 4 his mamy and dady 2 choose his woman…usually wut local guys do is marrying at least 2 …1 local woman to save his social face in front of his ppl and rest (3) r of his choice!!!

The Rendezvous: Totally agree with u but like to know why things didn’t work with u so far ….would appreaciate if u could share with us some of ur stories and conclusions ;)
Haidar: Well said!

MISE mmm I donnu..i agree with u partially… its not religions that are double-standard but you men of course the majority not all of them..but with regard to religion we should either accept it as a system for our whole life or I duuno wut..but believe me religions never prohibit something for no reason!!

Al-Hajeji & 7ala thx 4 passing by
And I'm not emaratiiii but I live in UAE

15 August, 2006

Are you with or against dating?!?!

To me dating doesn’t necessarily mean making love…

Personally I do agree with dating especially if you are in the process of searching for “THE ONE”. I’m totally against the arranged or traditional marriage. Frankly it’s like buying watermelon its either red or green (metel el batikha ya 7amra ya ar3aa) most importantly I do have the right to pick & choose the man I like....the man I want not what my parents want!

I can’t imagine myself facing a man I don’t know for the rest of life. Oh God it would be the greatest punishment my mom would wish for me….at least I need a year or so to study his personality, mentality, and he must be a great supporter for THE ARAB WOMEN’S RIGHTS!!!! (which I will never find in SOME Arab men)

On the top of all that, it’s vital to know whether you and your soul mate share the same political, religious, social, and personal VALUES…you might say it’s ok & normal to have different opinions BUT I do say that it’s neither ok nor normal to have conflicts over CORE VALUES….unless he is tooooooooo understanding which I doubt finding such a trait in MANY Arab male…..

I agree that dating has many disadvantages especially when you start comparing between you ex- boy friend and you fiancé/ husband.

For example:

Ur ex-b/f used to call you babe, honey, hayati, 7abibty in every and each minute but ur fiancé doesn’t!!!

Ur ex-b/f used to open the door 4 u brfore u get in the car, kiss ur hand when u say bye, and pull the chair 4 u when u go to drink a cup of coffee but ur fiancé doesn’t!!!
(It’s so frustrating I know…very frustrating indeed)

I’m with dating but with limits meaning that:
-Both should be mature enough to have a serious commitment and long term relationship that will/might end up with marriage.

-No sex before marriage ( kisses r ok though…lol)
Believe me 95% of the Arab guys don’ think of getting married to girls they dated & 100% of the Arab guys don’t ever marry girls they had sex with….

I feel sorry for our societies who still disrespect the girl who dates accusing her of dragging her family name in the mud in time the guy can get away with whatever he does!

Is it fair!! I don’t think so……….

13 August, 2006

Do they really deserve wut they go thro ?????

I’m really so upset to see such pictures… (got them from http://moithinkingoutloud.blogspot.com/and though of spreading them so the whole world would c the Israeli civilization built on blood)
They killed childhood in millions of innocent angles…I dunno know what to say..i get mad whenever I read comments or posts about Arabs who feel sorry for victims from both sides!!! WHY BOTH SIDES!!!

Why do I have to feel sorry for Israelis? They kill our Arab kids with cold blood and committed war crimes against humanity and totally destroyed two countries!!! LET THEM BURN!!!

More than 250,000 immigrated outside Lebanon….!!! Regardless of those who lost their houses and wut they own…

Mirvate escaped from Lebanon to Jordan..last week I talked to her she is fine and is waiting 4 the war to end so she can go back to Lebanon…her house was destroyed!!! I’m proud of her as she says what has been destroyed is worthless versus what Hezballah sacrifices to resist the invaders……..

Lina’s house is destroyed as well…she is now in Canada but says they never felt sorry 4 their house as they see victims fall everyday……

Today I messaged Rama ….i was worried about her as haven’t heard of her for a week or so…7amdilaa she is fine too and left her house and moved to her Uncle’s house coz its safer there…

May God bless them all

I’m really in a shock…I’d like to tell the Arabs esp the Lebanese bloggers to save their sympathy 4 their people !!!! Palestinians have been slaughtered for 58 yrs and no body did anything !! I will never feel sorry for killers and Nazis……I want them to suffer every hour…every minute….every second…to feel the pain the Palestinians and Lebanese feel…to lose all their beloved ones to see how it hurts to c the ppl u love die!!!

I ask u God to save the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine….ya Allah Give them ur strength and support…..Bless them ALL….

Feelings of being useless and inactive to wut is happening around me kill me…I dunno wut to do…I hate politics as I stopped watching news…dont wana c any more pics …I dunno waanaa c dead bodies….i want this nightmare to end…….plz enough!!

12 August, 2006

05 August, 2006

Is there any tiny hope !!!

31 July, 2006

What Lebanese and Palestinians are waiting for is not humanitarian aids nor sympathy….what they are waiting for and expecting and demanding and requesting is honored situation to raise the heads of the Arabs Nations up but sounds that necks have been broken long time ago!!

Yup. The tongues of ALL Arab leaders have been eaten by mice. Add to this the blind eyes which can’t see the images of destruction & the massacre happening in Palestine and Lebanon.

So we end up having disabled leaders who can’t lead sheep even. Even sheep will not feel proud of being led by paralyzed leaders who will feed them to ……

Any ordinary angry citizen gave up and will never expect anything of his/ her governments that showed miserably that they

× Don’t represent their nations
× Don’t work for the best interest of the nations
× Have sadly let us down
× Have made us week states
× Have made our countries worship the superpower country that controls the whole world even its international institutions
× Drag us into shameless peace talks and convention that we are against in the first place

In a nutshell they are PARALYZED!!!!

The least things that can be done are:

× Stop exporting oil to countries that support the Nazis nation exerting its STATE TERROR
× Expel Israel’s ambassadors in Qatar, Egypt, and Jordan.
× Close Israel embassies in the countries mentioned above. No terrors in our countries!!! Kick them out!!! Kick them!
× Expel the US ambassadors in all the Arab countries and close their embassies.
× Withdraw the Arab countries representatives from the UN since its paralyzed and not able play the role it claims it plays***

***the reason behind establishing the UN is and will be COVERING the dirty work and the HIDDEN AGENDA of the Superpower countries!!!

If the following didn’t work, Arab countries should declare open war on Israel to extract the cancer deeply rooted in the Arab world……

21 July, 2006

I am frustrated
I am depressed
I want to leave this place
I want new life
I want to stay far away
I want to fly
I fed up I fed up I fed up
I need somebody special to support me
I am bored with every thing
I wanna quit my fucking job
I wana go back to school
I miss my old friends
I wana fly I wanna cry…I wanna shout ,,,I wana relocate
I hate Arabs
I am tired
I need a therapist
I hate them
I wan to fly I want to fly I want to fly
My heart is broken …my soul suffocates ….happiness is dead …….welcome to the kingdom of darkness

15 July, 2006

محمود درويش
ـ 1ـ
أيها المارون بين الكلمات العابره
احملوا اسماءكم، وانصرفوا
واسرقوا ما شئتم من زرقة البحر ورمل الذاكره
وخذوا ما شئتم من صور ، كي تعرفوا
انكم لن تعرفوا
كيف يبني حجر من ارضنا سقف السماء
أيها المارون بين الكلمات العابره
منكم السيف ـ ومنا دمنا
منكم الفولاذ والنار ـ ومنا لحمنا
منكم دبابة اخرى ـ ومنا حجر
منكم قنبلة الغاز ـ ومنا المطر
وعلينا ما عليكم من سماء وهواء
فخذوا حستكم من دمنا وانصرفوا
وادخلوا حفل عشاء راقص.. وانصرفوا
وعلينا ، نحن ، ان نحرس ورد الشهداء..
وعلينا ، نحن ، ان نحيا كما نحن نشاء!
ـ 3ـ
أيها المارون بين الكلمات العابرة
كالغبار المر ، مروا أينما شئتم ولكن
لا تمروا بيننا كالحشرات الطائرة
خلنا في ارضنا ما نعمل
ولنا قمح نربيه ونسقيه ندى اجسادنا
ولنا ما ليس يرضيكم هنا:
حجر .. او خجل
فخذوا الماضي، اذا شئتم، الى سوق التحف
واعيدوا الهيكل العظمى للهدهد، إن شئتم،
على صحن خزف.
فلنا ما ليس يرضيكم : لنا المستقبل
ولنا في ارضنا ما نعمل
أيها المارون بين الكلمات العابره
كدسوا اوهامكم في حفرة مهجورة ، وانصرفوا
واعيدوا عقرب الوقت الى شرعية العجل المقدس
أو الى توقيت موسيقى مسدس!
فلنا ما ليس يرضيكم هنا ، فانصرفوا
ولنا ما ليس فيكم، وطن ينزف شعبا ينزف
وطنا يصلح للنسيان او للذاكرة..
أيها المارون بين الكلمات العابره،
آن أن تنصرفوا
وتقيموا أينما شئتم ، ولكن لا تموتوا بيننا
فلنا في ارضنا ما نعمل
ولنا الماضي هنا
ولنا صوت الحياة الاول
ولنا الحاضر، والحاضر ، والمستقبل
ولنا الدنيا هنا... والآخرة
فاخرجوا من أرضنا
من برنا.. من بحرنا
من قمحنا.. من ملحنا.. من جرحنا
من كل شيء ، واخرجوا
من ذكريات الذاكره
أيها المارون بين الكلمات العابره
دخيل الله انصرفوو انصرفوووو

Yesterday I slept on the sofa in the living room so I could listen to AL Arabiya News until the I fell asleep…Today in the morning and while driving to work I decided to turn on to the most braised radio SAWA Radio….As usual its news are aimed at brainwashing the Arab Youth as if they are not brainwashed already!!!!

What stunned me ....not really but I mean what pissed me off two or three things:

-Bush is proud of the Jordanian, Saudi, and the Egyptian governments’ reactions toward Hezballah’s operations…! And he is looking forward to see what the Arab summit will end up saying as it will determine by what side Arab governments stand !!!

-The Israelis Bastards claim that Hamas is gone now as half of their leaders are in the prison while the other half is under the earth hiding!!!! “Wearing a tie and suit will not change the fact that they are targeted either by assassination or prison”, said an Israeli bastard in the military.

Now what drives me crazy is that Hezballah is accused of:

-Destroying Lebanon.
-Driving the country and the region into hell by making "uncalculated adventures".
-Serving the hidden Agenda of Syria and Iran!
-Establishing illegalized terrorist state inside a state!

Having some crowd Arabs who worship the super countries blindly believe THE MENTIONED ABOVE is not the problem because you can never expect something from our governments BUT
BUT to have Lebanese who back what Israel is doing is the most disgusting thing any human being can feel!!!!!

They want to repeat the same story of Iraqis who let the Americans occupy their lands in the name of freeing them!! Some Anti-Islamists Lebanese & anti-Syrians who want to get ride if Hezballah and Shiia want Israel to do them a favor by wiping Hezbollah out !!!!

HezbAllah you have been able to do what Arabs will never be able to do!!! The whole world let you down, the whole world gave their back to you…..ALLAH will never let you down…the fingernail of one of your fighters is worth those arabs who fuck their wives in the night and cry like women in the evening for the lose of Honor and land...

To the Arab ass kissers, HezbAllah will teach you what manhood is and what faith is
……..to my friend Mirvat in Burite…I love you and wish if I were with u …..keep your head you are lebanese!!!!

14 July, 2006

Masters of Torture and TERRoOoR!!!!

Against torture, not physically only !!

I was supposed to write something on torture long time ago and now it’s the time to do so …
Every once in a while I will be updating about the violation of the human rights in the occupied Palestine by the Israeli occupation….

According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights:
-The outcome of crimes committed by Israeli Occupation Forces since 25 June 2006:
10 Palestinians have been killed by IOF (3 have been extra-judicially executed and 6 have been killed by shelling).

-79 Palestinian civilians, including 21 children, have been wounded by the IOF gunfire.

-82 air-to-surface missiles and hundreds of artillery shells have been fired at Palestinian civilians and military targets in the Gaza Strip.

-Two buildings of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, the office of the Palestinian Prime Minister and a number of educational institutions have been destroyed.

-3 bridges linking Gaza City with the southern Gaza Strip and 3 roads in Khan Yunis and al-Nusairat have been destroyed.

-Hundreds of donums of agricultural land and 5 houses have been destroyed, and 6 other houses have been transformed into military sites.

-The electricity network of Rafah has been destroyed.

-At least 180 Palestinian civilians, including 8 ministers and more than 20 PLC members have been arrested in the West Bank, and 4 Palestinian civilians have been arrested in the Gaza Strip.

-Gaza International Airport in the southern Gaza Strip and parts of the northern Gaza Strip have been occupied by IOF.


Most of you probably know that yesterday the US ambassador in the UN blocked passing a resolution that condemned using violence against Palestinians in the Gaza strip !!!
According to AL Jazeera. Net, The US was the only country to vote against the draft resolution put forward by Qatar on behalf of Arab nations. Ten of the 15 Security Council nations voted in favour and four, Britain, Denmark, Slovakia and Peru, abstained.
The draft resolution accused Israel of a "disproportionate use of force" that endangered Palestinian civilians, and demanded Israel withdraws its troops from Gaza.

13 July, 2006

It’s really shameful what’s going on in Lebanon. So far the Israeli bastards fired rockets 10 bridges and the run ways of Bruit airport with 28 civilian causalities. The whole world is silent…. Where is the international community? where are the Arab leaders. Isn’t enough that Palestinians get killed every day with cold blood and the whole world is watching them.

Who is going to re-build the infrastructure destroyed?
What are we going to say to the young wives of the martyrs, or to the orphans who have no clue what’s happening around them?

Where are you Zayed? Where are you Abed Al Nasser

.our hearts cry every day for losing leaders like you TRUE LEADERS TRUE MEN... Your brothers in Lebanon and Palestine are slaughtered like chicken by the Israeli bustards…wish you were here…wish if current leaders have learnt anything from you…instead they don’t save efforts to free the Israeli detainee forgetting 10,000 Palestinians detainees including CHILDREN AND WOMEN in the Israeli Prisons !!!

Love you Hezb ALLah

Love you Hassan Nasro ALLah

May God Bless Hamass and Hezbo ALLah ….

GO Lebanese and Palestinians …GO GO Keep your heads up ! Teach Arabs the meaning of manhood while they are sitting on thechairs they worship!!

May Gob bless all the clean politicians who fight for the freedom and honor of their people and countries……

30 June, 2006

Cadbury chocolate bars in UAE safe, fit for consumptionposted on 28/06/2006
""Cadbury chocolate products in the UAE are free of any contamination and are fit for human consumption, a municipal official disclosed yesterday. 'Thorough and exhaustive lab investigations and tests and field surveys conducted by food safety control and inspection authorities have found that the Cadbury chocolate bars are safe, free of the alleged contamination and fit for human consumption," said Obeid bin Isa Ahmed, Assistant Secretary General of Municipalities. 'Cadbury products in the UAE markets have been subjected to tests in various food labs. The tests have not been confined to the contamination-suspected brands reported by the international media but to all brands,' he affirmed. Cadbury local agent said in a meeting that the brands under question were not imported into the UAE markets. Reports on Friday said that more than a million Cadbury products were recalled from the market in the United Kingdom over fears that they may be contaminated with salmonella. The contamination in the UK was traced to a leaking pipe in West Central England, which has already been repaired. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)""

Wondering wuts is safe to eat…every thing seems to be contaminated…not healthy….with artificial colours…..so wut should we eat!

To me foreign brands are untrustworthy now ? ….two months ago a contact lens solution was pulled out from the UAE market after proving that it might lead to blindness and severe consequences!!…..i used to use that brand…! Imagine .....