26 December, 2006

Hi guys …sounds this blog will turn into a chatting room…anyways life is good,

work is not bad,,,so far haven’t met any hot clients :((

On Sunday I ate “Tabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekh” !!!

Yes tabeekh! Tabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekh ..yummy yummm…Finally my sister in law cooked something eatable! Oh waiting for my brother to come so I can kick her out of my house! I am so frustrated coz she is useless! Wheneverr I wanna check on Sandy and Keri…there is no water nor food!! Oh gosh! Although she is staying all day home, she doesn’t bother having a look to c if there is food 4 the cats!!

Let me guys take the opportunity to apologize to Sandy and Keri for not being caring enough!! Love u my little angelsssssssssssssssssss….Feras I’ll post their pic some day just to show u adi they r cute a7la min ur skiiiiny scary cat!

Ok…Yesterday I reached home at 7:30...too early! No traffic since it was Chrismas..oh by the way Merry Christmas to you guys…so I was in bed by 8:00 pm! : ) ….ppl were calling me from everywhere lebanon ..Jordan and I didn’t bother to pick up the phone! Don’t they know that I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep early! I should buy an alarm so I can switch off my mobile whenever I wana go to bed…

Missing my parents …so sad that things didn’t work with dad’s operation….that operation was the last hope….i miss him …miss looking into his hazel eyes….miss his talks about me and my future…miss his unlimited support against mom!

Anyways I got to go now otherwise I will start crying…..thx 4 ur sweet e-mails & 4 passing by….sorry 4 not being able to comment on ur blogs but I check them regularly…Happy New Year in advance ….by the way have u asked ur self wut things u accomplished in 2006 and things u wanna do and achieve in the coming year? Are u satisfied with the human being u r ?? I asked my self such questions and more so I might share the answers with u b4 the new year….

Yalla enjoy ur day ..byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Note: plz overlook any grammatical or spelling mistake!


Salamto la abooki, there is always hope. May god help you and grant him good health.

I'm sure Sandy and Kerry will come and comment on your blog telling you it's OK :)

Jumana said...

It si nice to read you again..have a nice holiday...
I wish the best of health and luck for you and for your daddy.

take care

Summer said...

Good to read from you. hope your dad will recover well and soon.
take care

Sabra said...

Hey sis,

I'm glad to read your post but sad to know that your dad's operation didn't work out! Insaallah khair, may you achieve the best out of life and may you be surrounded with your loved ones for as long as you live.

Take Care & happy Eid plus New Year in advance :)

uae alias said...

I'm sorry for you father :(

yet glad coz there is alot going on in your life

Eid Mubarak :D

Stained said...

hope your father recovers soon....

you got two cats...so do I :)
cats are sooo adorable...

quite satisfied by what I have become this year...so I dont need to ask myself any question :)

Eid mubabrak... :D

Salamat abouki!

2006 has been extremely eventful beyond normality over here. Mostly spent in airports it seems now that I look back.

In 2007 I hope to visit Syria again as well as Pakistan and I hope I learn to treasure "the present" better. My motto continues to be "tozz" to every bad energy carrying person or thing who pollutes the air, soul and hearts of whomever they come in touch with.

I wish you a good and prosperous 2007, ameen :)

Feras othman said...


hiiiizzzzzzzz !!!

awal shi my i love my cat and i feed it very well mesh naseha b3den my snow white cat watch's tv and press the keyboard buttons too
and self educated she likes the woman rights blog of hiba !!! lool
she read it always lema3lomatek ;p

a7eeeeee its freezing hiba w 3ena talgggg :)
check my new post hibo
yallah see u !!##$#@$%^%$^&*&

ah !! looking forward to see your kittens lol are they also revolution cats and against men ;P

Feras othman said...

salmet your father dear
hiba we all wish him curenss and to comeback home to have a happy eid u all

guys plz do all of u ask god to yeshfee hiba father and ykhalehom la ba3ad ok
mafi shi b3eed 3n allah haboosh

do support him as he always supports you ok :)

Destitute Rebel said...

A happy new year and eid mubarak to you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Comrade Major-Commissar?
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D said...

Best wishes for you and your father... :)
And Eid Mubarak...Happy New Year in advance!

Tainted said...

Salamat to your Dad. It's great that you have a father that is so understanding, Alla ykhaleekom la ba3ad.
Always good to read your blog, update more often =)

tabeeeekh !!?!?!?! we never tried it ... i don't think we have such 6ab'7a here in Kuwait ...

(Tealover) said...

Arab Lady .. I hope your father will feel better soon inshallah .. its so good to have you back :) been a while since you've blogged anything ..

Eid mubarak for you , your family and beloved ones .. Allah bless :) may all your hopes for the upcoming year come true inshallah ..

Dubai Stud said...

As is the custom, seasons greetings to all!

"Are u satisfied with the human being u r ??"

Those who tread on the true path have subdued their ego and renounced their souls to the omnipotent. For them such questions have no meaning.

"Having seen through the mist of delusion, the enlightened gave up the pursuit of scholarly debate and took up the path of action."
Dubai Stud maximus

DG said...

Eid Mubarak to you & a Happy New Year Inshallah :-)

digital nomad said...

Eid Mubarak to you, lovely Arab Lady! Kull 3am wa anti bi khair, inshallah!

I am going to get around to emailing you this Monday, inshallah.

Hanan said...

Happy New Year to You too!
I don't work in DMC heck, I dont even live in Dubai hehehe!
Ajer oo 3afya to your dad, mayshoof shar. =)
Deera Chat Family tabeeekh is not a name of a meal LOL it's '6abee5 like in home made food LOL - I am right, right?-

UmmAminah said...

May the best days of 2006 be the worst days of 2007 for you (thnak you, Living Away)

Glad you've started your carreer. Sorry haven't been blogging for a long time; been getting on with common-place everyday life too much.

And Sorry about your father. My prayers to you and your family

arab,s.woman said...

hey dear , where r u .. since u work u get so busy ,, we miss you

Hi there, its been a while since I have visited your blog. I was so sad to read that your dad is not feeling well and had an operation. I hope things work out for him at the end, leave it in the hands of God and only whats writting will happen.
You take care and hopefully this year will bring you more smiles, more happiness and everything your kind heart desires.

arablondoner said...

Funky blog!
I really like you trying to get people to help those in need - like kareem:D
Good luck

izzi said...

LOL that was such an entertaining and sweet post...

Ella said...

as usual im late, 3asa ma shar ? inshalla everything is ok now ... and your ok !!

happy all the past celebrations.. keep busy kiss your furry cats hello and make sure their being fed :P

tc xxooo

Maqsood Qureshi said...

How come you're so popular eh? just punched you silly!
...What a hook!
And, don't write awful things about Indians, alright?

Anonymous said...
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Mise said...

Hey Arab Lady ... So sorry to hear about your dad....great to hear about the job :D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Hanan said...

Hey You! Cheer up babe! Wallah Happiness is overrated! =)

Anonymous said...
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noora said...

hello there..im commenting here cuz i cannot comment in the most recent posts..i always get to read yr blog and wonder why so much rage..it may suck cometimes..depending on the family and yr background..but im a female who is a "lochal" as they would refer to me..and it isnt that bad girl..just wondering what are u so deprived from that is causing so much rage?

ArabLady said...

if reading my blog bothers u ...do me a favor plz dont bother reading it ...i'm not deprived from anything but others are

noora said...

It doesnt bother me I actually read your blog all the time.. I was just wondering. My apologies.

ArabLady said...

ok fine! anyways u r welcome anytime :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


im unable to post this commet fow2 so i will here.. its about the post i read FOWG ;P

liked reading your thoughts... and i can say i know how you feel.... sometimes we might think we met the "ONE" and maybe even cry when they dont see us the way we see them but when the REAL right guy comes along you willl only cry tears of happiness and when you look back at the "sister" guy you will think... omg i cant believe i thought i liked him when i could of had someone way better..

life is full of tests and experiences... some are harder than others... sometiems we dont fully get over them but know that its all for the best and GOD knows what is best...

ba3doen liesh u hate me :( sho 3milt ana?

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