26 January, 2007

I woke up this morning trying to be positive and optimistic but its sounds its really difficult in this culture

I started my day with an article” besid el nifs”….about a Jordanian man who shot his daughter to death! She escaped for two weeks so he suspected that she was involved in sexual affairs dragging her family name through the mud!

But the girl was virgin!!!!!!!!!!!! Virgin...i hate this worl "VIRGIN"

Where is our right to live?
Did the police or the man himself ask why she escaped? What the hell she was living in ? Where is the law to protect us from being slaughtered by brothers, fathers, and family members?
Let’s assume that she was a whore, so what? It’s her life.


Who is responsible for such a mentality? Muslims….i already started to hate Muslims but not Islam..No wonder why all the world hate Arabs & Muslims!!!

I dunno when its my turn to be shot in head by my brother… I know its soon but I should escape before that day comes…

To all Women: we can’t change their culture so lets escape before the slaughter day…
Take care coz you will never know when your brother or father will shoot you to death..

With Love,
Frightened Arab Lady