28 October, 2006

Tonight is one of my worst nights…I cant sleep …I’m nervous…..i feel that my friend is choosing the wrong path….i’m worried about her ….she is falling in love with a married man!! He is local….i warned her many times to stay far away from him before falling in love..but its too late…He wants to marry her and meet her family!! Never thought that she would lose her mind!!

I don’t know what’s happened to her! ITs obviously brainwashing!
She is going nuts! She is just wasting other PERECT FAB opportunities ..she preferred the married man…ana I gave up really…

Heba “he is mahdoum, be3aed, “religious”, tayoub…..blab blah!”

So Wut! AFTER ALL he is married and has kids?

I sent her mgs after we talked tonight:

Me: @ 1:07 AM
“M shocked u r ….yrs thinking abt a mn who sold his wife “no matter how bad she is” n his family..love isn’t everything..look 4 a man who will be urs only mish sharing him wiz another woman..law kan (if he was) poor u wouldn’t think about him but u got impressed..dont u feel that u r sel3a (commodity) he wants 2 buy just coz Islam lets him marry 4”

2nd SMS @ 1:21 AM
“Nakadti 3alay 3anjad.can’t sleep! Tell him I wana meet him.u mean a lot 2 me this is ur future..i want to ask about his reputation & history bedi etaman 3aliki”

So she replied:
“Hiba 7ayati sure I ‘ll let u meet him he is in ksa now has a business trip…ma t5afi 3alay (don’t worry about me) hiba he is good u will c ennu (that) his is good wil tell u kil shi(will tell u everything)”

Better be a good man otherwise u will face some troubles with me!!!

I feel sorry for his poor wife? Believe it or not his wife called my friend to know whether or not my friend has a relation with her husband! The wife was like I fed up ,”,it’s the 1000th time …plz don’t get married ..all men are game players, disloyal….ect”.

I can feel that my friend is feeling guilty esp after she saw his two adorable kids and talked to his poor wife, but she is addicted to him!!! She just can’t quit talking to him!
The bastard has sent her VERY expensive gifts by DHL on EID!!

We are just stupid, never learn from others experience with men…

I just tried my best to explain how unethical what they are doing is? Just imagine that your husband is cheating on you? How would u feel? She knows the answer very well but I feel sorry for us? Too emotional, we accept to be toys played by them, how could I reach such a stage!! Its really disgusting!!

Being very rich and a big shot in the country, he thinks that he could buy or mess around with any woman and most importantly humiliate his wife and hurt her feelings!?!

What drives me crazy that the guy shows how religious he is!! He even tried to convince my friend to wear Hejab! He even sent Abayaz from Dubai to Lebanon!! And the crazy gets more and more impressed!

I really wish her all best …she is still young and deserves the best…I don’t want her to continue the play!! It’s a closed circle that has neither an ending nor a starting point…I’m thinking of talking to the guy or maybe talking to his family!! I just want him to leave her alone so she can continue her life with some peace of mind!!

90% of the married men in Dubai have secret affairs! No respect to the human being who said “yes I do agree to be his wife”, no respect to his family! Imagine that his wife is the one cheating on him!! What would happen? She would be bringing dishonor to him but his childish, irresponsible, unethical, disrespectful and sinful behaviors bring pride!!

If you are cheating on your wife and all of the sudden you discovered she is doing the same, what would you do? 100% of Arab men would say I would divorce her? Why should wifes forgive while cheating husbands get away with it??

I guess the problem lies in US females……I keep on hearing the same lame excuses
Women tend to forgive and let things pass peacefully coz
we get scared of getting divorced
we wanna protect the family! What the hell is this? He didn’t give a damn to his family then why should we care about “ the family”?

Wish if I could meet the man who could change my perception towards men in UAE & in our societies!

Believe it or not:
Before I get married I will let him sign a contract to secure my rights in case he thinks of messing around….don’t u see how Hollywood stars sign contracts b4 marriage stating the consequences of divorce!!

I will do the same!!
If Islam allows him to marry another three women
If culture forgives his sins……..
If his manhood allows him to cheat on me ………

Then lets the contract and the law protect my rights!!

I’m dying to meeeeeeeeeeeeet him!! Wana c who the hell he is….

For everybody who contributed to the last post thx, but sorry I am not concentrating I dunno who said wut …I’m confused nowadays …..couldn’t even reply to each and every one …but most of u had wonderful comments like Digital, Dina, Rebellious Arab Lady, to mention a few……

Ah guy zI will start a temp job in Nov inshalaaa….yalla I will try to get some sleeeeeeep….


21 October, 2006

I am really pissed off, I just came across a post advising men to back off when it come to enforcing women to cover up…the post was great but reading the word “our women” insulted my feminism!

” OUR”, “OUR”…..”OUR”!

“Am I a commodity, a peace of furniture, or does he own me!?

The reason why I like Dr. Nawal AL Saadawi is that she calls for women’s right to give the baby his mother’s family name!

Yes, why not!!!

And yes I wish if men could back off when it comes to veiling! I believe it’s the woman’s sole decision. Who are they to decide on our behalf! I would never enforce my daughter to cover up just because:

I might be ashamed of her in public when going out uncovered …I don’t want her to judge ppl based on a piece of cotton/silk or wutever on the head!
Or just because I am might be worried about her being sexually harassed.
Plus It’s not an accurate measurable indication of Iman/faith!!! It might be, but I do see girls who fast, pray, and read Quraun but are uncovered! And their behaviors are much better than those who are covered by force!

I really feel insulted to cover up just because I might sexually arouse a man in the street! It’s my body. MY…MY Why shall I spend my whole life in the shadow? Why shall I feel that I’m a Satan on Earth!! I fed up…is it really difficult for them to control their animalistic desires! Well, I guess it’s their problem then!….they should lower their gaze if they are scared of committing a sin by looking at a woman…..

In short, if a woman wants to cover herself from head to toe then she must be the one who is making such a decision neither her dad nor husband!

I had no intention to blog esp that I had a hectic night yesterday. It was beautifully ended by a car accident near the busiest roundabout in the city!!
Guess what, for the first time ever in my life…. i went to the police station! I was on my nerves the whole one & a half hours …my blood was boiling from madness at the idiot who I hit…. Don’t worry nothing major.....just the police officer couldn't judge whose fault it was! At the police station, I met a Syrian girl who hit a little kidoo but THX God the kidoo is not hurt….oppps I started blablabing,,,well I will tell u the details later!

Unfortunately, we have to farewell the visitor of October. So on the joyous occasion of the Eid, I extend my best wishes to you and the people you love. Wish you many treasured moments of happiness and peace.

Happy Eid, Love you all

17 October, 2006

I figure out that I’m desperately missing something in my life…I spent a few years looking for that thing…is it love, my relation with God or my dissolved soul…..

I have changed a lot ….i’m not the same person anymore, religiously, mentally, emotionally, and you name it. I am sick of people who think my life is perfect. Why I’m not able to see what they see…..

Last night I just called Mirvat in Lebanon, hearing her voice released some of what has been accumulating but still…I don’t feel like going out this week..everybody is like yalla go buy new stuff for the Eid..but I keep on saying No NOoooo..not in da mood! They are like everybody bought except you, but guess what, so what, who cares! I never think about trivial things!

My friend Dayna had some depression too due to a recent emotional shock…Mirvate broke up with her fiancé, and Sabreen complains about her husband…I am sick of hearing about men being great bastards!!! Enough Enough…..Still wondering if decent men are still there somewhere in this world…..Is it really that difficult to find your Mr. Right…..

With regards to the job hunting…I really somehow gave up ….how does it feel to know that you are hired because you are a female….being a good looking female your sole responsibly at work is to attract and bring in new business and clients…where the hell shall I bring them from …it isn’t their problem...sacrifice, compromise, act as a bitch ….its your problem then why do we pay you?!

Whenever a man hears that you need a job, he will definitely be more than happy to find a job 4 u at his company or recommend you to another friend BUT you

Should be his girl friend for awhile until he finds another catch oh ya “ a friend”, accept his invitations to lunch & dinner, answer his calls whenever he wants to call….! What the hell is this!

Dealing with some shitty people makes me suspicious, skeptical, and run away whenever the job has anything to do with sales or business development…….!

I remember when I was somehow in love, I used to see life from a bright optimistic perspective…you wake up every morning with a smile on your face, sing all the time, the traffic is not annoying any more…etc but unfortunately he was a bustard like the others….probably I’m missing some true love….missing the old simple days…the kid who was in me….missing many things indeed…..

PS: I would like to thank a pretty lady who knows herself. THANK YOU HON but I’m still stubborn and wanna manage this particular issue without bothering or getting help from others ;)……….

Received it by e-mail, its awesome, and would like to share it with u guys

10 October, 2006

Kindly Skip reading this

Well yes I am back…ah back to the place I belong to, back to my nest, to me babe(my car ya3ni), and to the people I can communicate with!...well after being away for about two weeks I discovered that I’m desperately in love with this country …so the new deal will be as follows:

- No whining about the roasting weather.. So no Yay I am sweating…oh Damn it my makeup has been washed out! Shit the eye liner’s gone!
- No whining about the shitty traffic between Sharjah & Dubai.
- No whining about the number of Indians or the westerners in Dubai …So no more of uffz where have the Arabs disappeared?


I was supposed to come fresh, energetic, and full of life to resume my journey in this life (that was the goal of the whole trip in fact)
BUT lately things seem to be going against my will or my plans…my brother’s BITCH…oppps man no gossip in Ramadan! Ok I mean his wife mashala ruined my vacation and started her drama while I was there… so all of the sudden I packed my stuff at 2 am and called my sister to book the first flight heading to Dubai…within 24 hours I was hommmeeeeeee laying in bed…….

Guys ur wishes didn’t work out :( “apart from the one for coming back safe and sound & YES Thank God I’m here…a whole piece…” But 3an jad I missed u ALL…

Lessons learnt from this “Man70sa” Trip:
I saw in my own eyes how the life of the WORKING CLASS is
Now realized what poverty means…no more complaining about the brand of my car!
I saw how people from lower educational levels communicate, live, think, and behave.

(hmmm I dunno I might post something about the trip but definitely wont be pleasing nor positive!)


The job hunting process is frustrating….how does it feel to be unemployed!
AH WELCOME TO THE JOBLESS CLUB as said by a friend! We serve free Coke every Saturday…! Just come over and let’s mourn our luck together!

Is it too much to work in the marketing field…Am I asking for something impossible! Is it a miracle to find a marketing related job in this country! It’s either sales or sales or sales…or ah admin work! And guess what I discovered that a secretarial certificate gets u a job immediately but a bachelor degree doesn’t! ((Ya Rab El Saber Bas!!!))
I proudly regret the four years I spent studying three different specializations! Why do they import foreign workforce from other Middle Eastern countries and Asia while WE, the graduate of this country are sitting at home…! I should have shortened my way and took a secretarial course and worked in any company…the End will eventually be getting married to the boss ( who is already married with kids)…as it happens in most of the Egyptian movies…which is not too bad!!

Sometimes I feel down…I keep on asking myself questions like: when am I going to start building my future & earning money! By the time I establish my foot on solid ground, get a decent job, and do my Masters which will definitely take two or three years..i will be in my thirties !!!

And when its time to look around for Mr. Right, he will be looking 4 for a much younger chick!!