17 October, 2006

I figure out that I’m desperately missing something in my life…I spent a few years looking for that thing…is it love, my relation with God or my dissolved soul…..

I have changed a lot ….i’m not the same person anymore, religiously, mentally, emotionally, and you name it. I am sick of people who think my life is perfect. Why I’m not able to see what they see…..

Last night I just called Mirvat in Lebanon, hearing her voice released some of what has been accumulating but still…I don’t feel like going out this week..everybody is like yalla go buy new stuff for the Eid..but I keep on saying No NOoooo..not in da mood! They are like everybody bought except you, but guess what, so what, who cares! I never think about trivial things!

My friend Dayna had some depression too due to a recent emotional shock…Mirvate broke up with her fiancé, and Sabreen complains about her husband…I am sick of hearing about men being great bastards!!! Enough Enough…..Still wondering if decent men are still there somewhere in this world…..Is it really that difficult to find your Mr. Right…..

With regards to the job hunting…I really somehow gave up ….how does it feel to know that you are hired because you are a female….being a good looking female your sole responsibly at work is to attract and bring in new business and clients…where the hell shall I bring them from …it isn’t their problem...sacrifice, compromise, act as a bitch ….its your problem then why do we pay you?!

Whenever a man hears that you need a job, he will definitely be more than happy to find a job 4 u at his company or recommend you to another friend BUT you

Should be his girl friend for awhile until he finds another catch oh ya “ a friend”, accept his invitations to lunch & dinner, answer his calls whenever he wants to call….! What the hell is this!

Dealing with some shitty people makes me suspicious, skeptical, and run away whenever the job has anything to do with sales or business development…….!

I remember when I was somehow in love, I used to see life from a bright optimistic perspective…you wake up every morning with a smile on your face, sing all the time, the traffic is not annoying any more…etc but unfortunately he was a bustard like the others….probably I’m missing some true love….missing the old simple days…the kid who was in me….missing many things indeed…..

PS: I would like to thank a pretty lady who knows herself. THANK YOU HON but I’m still stubborn and wanna manage this particular issue without bothering or getting help from others ;)……….

Received it by e-mail, its awesome, and would like to share it with u guys


adel said...

Very ture. I just love reading your blog!

TwinTopaz said...

ahem...hello AL..

Sabra said...

Am addicted to your blog. Keep on writing :-)

Summer said...

Dear YAL..good to read from you...
writing, talking to someone you trust, blogging or whatever method you use to get you out of your mood is good....just keep on doing what releases your stress..i do not want to call it depression, because this is a very over used word to explain the changing mood we are in..depression is a very serious illness i wish noone to get it, ever!
Anyway, this is only a phase you are going through and it will be over soon. I will pray for you and for things to be better..i will pray for you to find a good job that you do not have to be anything to the boss but a good contributing employee, and i will pray for you to find Mr. Right, whenever you are ready and time is good...i am a great believer in prayers because i know for sure that they work! Good luck and hope to read more from you...be happy and hang on!

digital nomad said...

Hey, sweetheart, hang in there. Everyone goes through these slumps, believe me. There were entire years when I did not feel like indulging in nice clothes, even for Eid...but the last couple of years, I don't know, I almost feel like a kid again! I wish you a happy return to those more optimistic times too!

Ella said...

ahleeen ! yo yo !
welcome back your sexiness ! lool - u stole the words right out of my mouth honestly ... " WHERE R U MR.RIGHT ? "
- somewhere! -

i cant believe its eid in a few days, just like how ur not bothered for new clothes, im not bothered to go to london. apparently london is the place to be youm eid. I say - DONT BOTHER!

why is it that all women think men are bastards?? its like every man i meet manages to graduate and become a pro at doing what he does. being a bastard! Times have changed i guess.. no more mr nice guy! :(

AmitL said...

Nice post...I guess introspection is a phase we continually go through in life,wondering about everything from whether our existence on Earth is justified,to whether true happiness is anywhere round the corner.Personally,I guess it's this introspection which gives us motivation to look forward to life.Am I right?

uae alias said...

Job hunting& Spouse hunting those were till a recent time manly duties, but now in the age of equality between men and women women have to suffer.
I sent me cv to everywhere and I let it on Allah, this is Na9eeb as well as MR.Right... Don't bother searching it's a na9eeb thingy... Im not hunting anything nor anybody... myself on this Mr.Right issue I wish he never show up coz marriage sucks ask me I'm surrounded by fu*ked up mariages everywhere that are still survivng but doing nothing more than that.

clayfuture said...

That's the hard truth. Girls get jobs more easily if they show a little bit more charm than necessary. It works most of the time. And the people who hire them, have other things in mind. It's cheap, but that's life. It will never change.

What you have to do is work around it. To do that, you have to become as manipulative as your peers! That's office politics. I've seen it with my own eyes. My ex-boss's secretary was all nice and sweet when she was hired. In a couple of months she was controlling him - had him on a leash in fact. Of course, there is the rare occassion when you get a boss whoz a real professional. Hope you get a good job soon and professional colleagues to work with! Don't give up just yet.. think of this as a test and you will breeze through it! My brother waited for a year to get the job he was looking for!

@ella.. what do you mean there are no more nice guys! I'm still around! :P

Summer said...

i left you a message on my cbox..hope you got it and hope that you are feeling better. By the way, something might be wrong with my browser and my connection, but every time i open up your blog things get screwed up..i think it is the video that has to run on your blog..are you ever going to get rid of it? :)

ArabLady said...

Adel & Sabra: THX guys …ok so I will add ur names to the list of silent readers ;)

Arab Woman …ought to speak sa7,,,where are u !

Twin!! Where have u been! Long time no hear from you..asked MD about u! hope u r doing ok….KEEP IN TOUCH **angry face**

Summer: ya3ni i was lucky to have two mothers but would be happy to have a third one Kaman but unfortunately a virtual one…yeslamo ya ammar…. & kermal 3yonik will get rid of the clip

ArabLady said...

Digital: well honey it’s the ambition that drives to……..anyways don’t worry…patience patience ..patience …ya3ni things might get better when I hit the thirties!! Lol have u ever met a crazy girl who thinks about getting older like me! Glade to c u again

Amitl: I think u r right ! thx 4 coming by & sharing ur thoughts

Alias "Im not hunting anything nor anybody"...well then the whole world will advance except u and me.….we will just sit at home and blog :S
wish if I could learn from girls how they hunt for so and so …well honey believe me it’s the only technique that works out nowadays…….fucked up relations and marriages are around me too….so we r in da same boat…..cheer up ;)

Clay: just heard from a friend that the female sales ladies he used to supervise were getting more money than wut he used to make!!….of course u get the pic how and why...etc i was really surprised coz it’s a well known company :S….my sister’s friend used to work for them but she decided to quit coz she was not able to tolerate their shiity politics…!

I really thank God day and night since I don’t have to worry about my financial standing but wut about those who came from their countries to work here and have no body to stand by their side! Honestly I don’t blame them if a girl sells her self for money!

By the way we should give up on men,,,,a man is simply a hopeless case esp in Dubai

Ellaaaaaaa: go go to London..have fun ....buy new stuff...life is short ...(look whos talking!)..ya dear time has changed and its so rare to find mr. nice guy..khalas they dont exist anymore ;) that's why focus on ur self, study, work , travel, and enjoy life ..be independent and make ur dreams a reality...ya reet ya3ni if u blog aktaaaar :)

adel said...

hey can you do me a favor and make your blog firefox friendly?

ArabLady said...

well wut do u mean :S

in other words wut shall i do 2 make it "firefox freindly"?

Mise said...

Hey Arablady...I'm sure most women would say that they've met a man who was a b*****d at some stage. Maybe they've met more than one. But there are just as many nice guys out there too...they're just a bit harder to find because they're snapped up quickly.

As far as the job is concerned, labour laws in the Middle East, often biased in favour of employers, have created a very restrictive jobs' market. As a result, managers and owners have far too much power over their employees. This is why you get the abuse you've experienced. My first employer in the UAE didn't pay me for 4 months, and although I got a court judgement in my favour, I never got the money. However, my current employer has been great.

I suppose for jobs and men, you've just got to try a few before you get the one you want.

Jumana said...

I missed you guys...so I thought I can steal 5 min. and drop by :)

your writtings are straight from the heart...

I really really wish a very happy days ahead..


digital nomad said...

Nope you are not crazy at allll! You can't even believe how much I am looking forward to 30! All my friends are freaking out about 30, and I am saying, why?! Its going to be a heck of a lot better, inshallah. I mean, can it get any worse? I don't think so!

So, hmmmm, Arab Lady, Alias, and I are the ones here looking forward to aging, and have given up on decent, normal relationships, men, and marriage. I don't feel so weird anymore! LOL

Sex and Dubai said...

Arab Lady - we address pretty much the same relationship woes you bemoan in our blog. Men in Dubai just SUCK big time. Anyway, there is always hope at the end of the day. Or maybe we should turn the tables on the male species. I think women should marry younger teenagers and mould them into the men we want them to be!!!!!!!

Sex and Dubai said...

Arab Lady - we address pretty much the same relationship woes you bemoan in our blog. Men in Dubai just SUCK big time. Anyway, there is always hope at the end of the day. Or maybe we should turn the tables on the male species. I think women should marry younger teenagers and mould them into the men we want them to be!!!!!!!

ArabLady said...

“in the Middle East, often biased in favour of employers”

Couldn’t agree more…I have a friend who is fucked up with his Local employer coz he resigned and worked for a competitor…! He might be banned from entering the country ! I have no clue why employers have fun getting their employees some hard time!!

hope u r doing well..missing u …thx 4 coming by I really appreciate it

plz add Ella and S&D ;)


“I think women should marry younger teenagers and mould them into the men we want them to be!!!!!!!”

Yukyyyyyyyyy! Hey stop it …I am fasting what the hell is this! Alabti nefsi :S
Teenager! I ask my stupid friends about how they could fall in love with a guy who is in his twenties…still a kidooooooo

Frankly I like the mature man! meaning 30 + ;)Thx S&D 4 dropping by…..

Ella said...

ArabLady, i just bought my ticket for london... im gonna paint london red this week!!! Cant be bothered to spend it on clothes, but i heard its suna to buy new clothes for eid ... like u should have at least one pair of something on u thats new.
I dont really have time to blog constantly to be honest.. i feel like my blog is a pointless waste of internet space sometimes LOL ! im too busy running around trying to keep tabs and stuff... oh well .. u tc.. ooo 3edch mbarak !! =) tc babe!

Ella said...

clay ur nice, but u aint nice enough :P

ya hala arab lady, first time on your blog. What can I say. If it makes you feel any better, men in Dubai are not teh only bums in the world. Plenty to go around.

Good news is, you just have to find one man that is not a bum. One would think with 3 billion men in the world it would be easier ey?

Yalla, min shoof.

moe said...

I felt .
An Arab woman's eyes are attractive.

clayfuture said...

@ella.. ah, so what you want is a "yes" man! Then he'll be just nice enough! :P

ArabLady said...

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira: merci 4 dropping by and ya hala fekiii :)

Moe: Hiiiiii yaaa true ...

Ella I do undertsnad ..ya its better to concentrate on ur studies ..yalla Good luck n glade that u will be going to London ;) Happy Eid and yalla enjoy

Clay He will be a rabbit!!!!

(Tealover) said...

Arab Lady ..
I loved reading this post or "rant" I am not quiet sure what it is .. but it felt coming right from heart .. your lines can show pessimism in your thoughts ((although you are not the type , as I can tell from your previous posts)) .. you should never give up on your job hunt .. it could take a while , but you'll eventually find the job that suits you..

as for what love can do to us or what it could prevent .. I can agree with you .. but men can't be all bastards .. there should be decent men out there .. As long as there are decent women left ..

Do we really loose the child in us after a while .. or is it a strategy that we use to hide the child after being "disciplined " by our fate ?

ArabLady said...

Dear Tealover
When u feel happy u might dance, scream, sing and so forth
So whenever I feel upset, angry, or pissed off, I just write, write, and write…I know that I might leave an impression that I am somehow depressed or frustrated but unfortunately u r reading a blog whose postes r wriiten when Arab Lady is in a certain mood : ) …I know that I am not sharing the happy moments with u guys …but as u c I am not writing on a daily basis…n don’t bother to write about something positive !! lol

After all I am writing for myself and not for pleasing others ….


Thx 4 coming by and yeah about men..ah I know there are some decent men but WHERE…where shall WE meet the “decent guy” u r talking about? He might be from another nationality, religion, race, or in another country…now u will tell me wait for ur fate or it’s the Naseeb ……..but believe me its hard to c a healthy marriage nowadays so single women are in a heaven compared to what I c from the mentality of the Arab men !!! I dunno where u live but in this country the situation is different…it’s a multinational atmosphere which is more into a westernized style..so u either a liberal hunting for men at a bar..or a straightforward woman who has nothing to do with dating..in both cases u will be either called a bitch or close-minded…so end up wondering wut to be in order to please the man here!!

But I already made up my mind…I’LL BE MYSELF!!

Thx again 4 sharing ur opinion

Anonymous said...

NO Ladies, there are ALOT of Mr. Nice guys out there, but you don't WANT to see them. For you they (we) are just LOOSERS not even worth a look.

The only time you cry out for one (Mr. Nice Guy) is when you finally are fed up with the JERKS you ADORE so much. The irony of this all is that after the cry out ... back to the next jerk in line.

Mr. Nice Guy in Dubai (one of them)