10 October, 2006

Kindly Skip reading this

Well yes I am back…ah back to the place I belong to, back to my nest, to me babe(my car ya3ni), and to the people I can communicate with!...well after being away for about two weeks I discovered that I’m desperately in love with this country …so the new deal will be as follows:

- No whining about the roasting weather.. So no Yay I am sweating…oh Damn it my makeup has been washed out! Shit the eye liner’s gone!
- No whining about the shitty traffic between Sharjah & Dubai.
- No whining about the number of Indians or the westerners in Dubai …So no more of uffz where have the Arabs disappeared?


I was supposed to come fresh, energetic, and full of life to resume my journey in this life (that was the goal of the whole trip in fact)
BUT lately things seem to be going against my will or my plans…my brother’s BITCH…oppps man no gossip in Ramadan! Ok I mean his wife mashala ruined my vacation and started her drama while I was there… so all of the sudden I packed my stuff at 2 am and called my sister to book the first flight heading to Dubai…within 24 hours I was hommmeeeeeee laying in bed…….

Guys ur wishes didn’t work out :( “apart from the one for coming back safe and sound & YES Thank God I’m here…a whole piece…” But 3an jad I missed u ALL…

Lessons learnt from this “Man70sa” Trip:
I saw in my own eyes how the life of the WORKING CLASS is
Now realized what poverty means…no more complaining about the brand of my car!
I saw how people from lower educational levels communicate, live, think, and behave.

(hmmm I dunno I might post something about the trip but definitely wont be pleasing nor positive!)


The job hunting process is frustrating….how does it feel to be unemployed!
AH WELCOME TO THE JOBLESS CLUB as said by a friend! We serve free Coke every Saturday…! Just come over and let’s mourn our luck together!

Is it too much to work in the marketing field…Am I asking for something impossible! Is it a miracle to find a marketing related job in this country! It’s either sales or sales or sales…or ah admin work! And guess what I discovered that a secretarial certificate gets u a job immediately but a bachelor degree doesn’t! ((Ya Rab El Saber Bas!!!))
I proudly regret the four years I spent studying three different specializations! Why do they import foreign workforce from other Middle Eastern countries and Asia while WE, the graduate of this country are sitting at home…! I should have shortened my way and took a secretarial course and worked in any company…the End will eventually be getting married to the boss ( who is already married with kids)…as it happens in most of the Egyptian movies…which is not too bad!!

Sometimes I feel down…I keep on asking myself questions like: when am I going to start building my future & earning money! By the time I establish my foot on solid ground, get a decent job, and do my Masters which will definitely take two or three years..i will be in my thirties !!!

And when its time to look around for Mr. Right, he will be looking 4 for a much younger chick!!


Summer said...

Well well...el 7amdulillah 3ala essalameh!! glad you are back in one piece...where were you to have this bad of a time vacationing?? usually when one vacations, should never go and visit family..othrewise it wont be called a vacation..yalla, good to have you back..you have a lot to catch up on..take care and waiting to read from you..and oh, if you need wasta getting a job in Dubai, yalla..let me know, maybe i can hook you up with an interview!! :)

All Seeing Eye said...

Arablady, Thx for passing by my blog, sorry for half engliush half french, i feel more comfortable writing in French. but promise, i'll do my best for future texts in english.
I like so much ur texts.

best regards,
Middle Eastern working in UAE :-)

Nash said...

Sorry to hear about your ruined vacation. Well, on the bright side you learned how other people appreciate to live with whatever little they have.

As for the job hunting, my suggestion, take any job, even secreterial, while you continue hunting for the job you are aiming for.

Good Luck, and happy Ramadhan...

3anooda said...

finally a post. good to have u back. u have been missed.

i agree with nash. take any job because through that u will be making contacts and finding out the inside info in the market.

good luck and keep us posted.

Mise said...

Welcome back! Definitely take a job in a related field ....the worst thing on your CV is that you've sat at home blogging for a year ;-p .... but seriously, just going out to work everyday, whatever the job, give you confidence and lets you meet people outside of your usual circle. And it sure sounds as if you need that!

Thanks for your good wishes for my exam.

uae alias said...

HAHAHA! :D What I like about you the most is how you reshape tragedy into fun... and girl I'm with you in the lazy asses club, I didn't find a job yet either lolz :D

Gardenia said...

welcome back ArabLady we missed you...good guess :)

Gardenia said...

I really wish you the best Arablady..by the way you write I feel that u have a good heart..and thats why Alla will be with you help you and guide you thru this life..you never know WHEN...but be sure that good things are waiting for you somewhere on the way...

take care

digital nomad said...

Welcome back, young lady! You have been missed sooooo badly--I kept checking your page every day, hoping for an update!! And finally, look who cruised on in? :)
I know a vacation isn't a time when you want to actually learn things--but that's ok; at least it became more interesting, yes? And you have such a cool list of things you now appreciate about the UAE!
Good luck finding a job, sweetheart! I am job-hunting too, so please keep me in your prayers.
Lots of Love...

Abed. Hamdan said...

Hey !

7amdellah 3al salame...

btw, I missed Kuwait !! and I've never missed before ! I never liked it !!

but after four yrs in Irbid/Jordan, I realized how lucky i was (7amdollah)...

so , ur trip doesn't seem to be interesting, but hey hey, at least it was a change, isn't it ??

welcome back :D

clayfuture said...

Looks like everyone is job hunting!

Welcome back AL. Missed you lots! and your "scandalous" posts! haha.. So your vacation didn't go so well. At least you got away for a little while. It should have been a wee bit refreshing!

Anyways, glad you're back! See you around hon!

UmmAminah said...


This site specialises in finding jobs for westerners in your country. And they all come back really rich! My cousin just bought 2 houses in Malta after 5 yrs in Dubai, and we Maltese usually spend 30 years paying the bank for our house...

I guess somewhere there's the idea that a Dubai born lady will only work for a few weeks, then get married and dadicate her life to shopping, visiting female relatives, and performing miracles in the kitchen, so that it doesn't pay off to employ her?

Anonymous said...

First time ever on blogger, im not sure how it works..but some how i found ma self in your page..

im a local female working as a corporate Marketing Manager in a Semi-gov....im looking for a young national in the field of marketing to work with me.... and i can see an interesting person behind your posts... in your next post, tell me if u want to give this a shot.



moe said...


Autumn is here in Japan.
Its' got a bit cooler in the mornings and evenings.

I care about you very much.
I fond your comment.
I was very happy.
I was so excited.

AmitL said...

Welcome back...and,good luck in the search for the right job.

clayfuture said...

Wow.. lucky girl! You've already got people looking to hire you! aha! blogging DOES bring good fortune! ;)

ArabLady said...

Summer: kifik…not seeing my brother for about 7 yrs urged me to grab the first chance to c him and his kidooo….about hooking me up with an interview…having an interview is not the deal here it wut usually comes AFTER the interview…I just had two this weeks..

Anyhow thanks for sympathizing with me : (( by the way I will take ur advice into consideration…….

All seeing u: sorrrrrrrrry no offense intended ya Middle Eastern Lady ;)

Nash: don’t worry man…its life 1 sweet day & bitter 359 days ….with regard to accepting anyjob well I tried but didn’t work out…I just don’t want to waste 6 months here and 1 yr there..just wanna be patient and find the right opportunity….THX 4 ur wish and happy Ramadan to u too….

3anoooooda: I’m gonna call u hmmm either Em Sa3eed or Em 3alayi…so yalla pick one out …honestly I go 4 Em 3alayi…by the way u should have took me with u to Morocco : (..yalla nect time

Mise: I pull back my wishes! Have anybody said how mean u r ! well guess what..in Tuesdays’ Interview, the guy asked me about the address of my blog!! I was SO embarrassed imagine him reading my “Scandalous Post”!!! he was like do u share it with friends only!?

Allias: 7abebti lets found the lazy ass association ! FIX ur mood. Believe me no boy deserves…Missed Falsaftek
Gardenyaaaa: how is Faris……plz do me a favor and try ur best to kick that teacher out of da school…and of course good bloggers are never forgotten!

ArabLady said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Summer said...

Hiba??? you should delete your email address from this blog..NOW! and one question, why do you have to tell the interviewer that you have a blog??

ArabLady said...

Summer! Why!? Where is the problem :S 3an jad ra3abtini

About ur question…well in the interviews they ask me about what I do in my free time, my hobbies stuff like that …so I do mention that i ahve like an online diary

Summer said...

i did not mean to scare you off like that..why would you want to have your email address for everyone to see? for example, now i can email you and bug you with my spam emails!! but it is up to you..you can leave it here for all to see! i think you should not mention your blog in interviews..just tell them that you do crochet, needlepoint, aerobics or even online investment!! :)

ArabLady said...

Ok Khalas Summer...dont worry

i'm gonna post the same comment but deleted the e-mail address

Digital: honey u have been missed u…walla all of u ..i missied my virtual world…well dear being out of the capsulate made me appreciate many things in my life…I will keep I in my mom’s prayers to be on the safe side :: ))

Mr. Abed …”Cheef La3aaaad” la7za wait I’ve learnt another word…hmmm “Led-jay”!!

How Is Edoun! 4 yrs ! ya rabi cant believe my ears! Still surviving! Sounds u r studying at Yarmouk Uni…Merci 4 ur wishes

UmmAminah: Sorry for what happened with u…send a big kiss to ur daughter..well men suck what shall we do!!
I guess ur cousin was living on water and bread for the past five years..or u know wut…recruiters get impressed when seeing blue eyes and yellowish hair …its like Waw u r western..so they automatically assume that waw he is genius …decent life is pretty expensive and the middle class ppl will vanish SOON…its either u r an investor or an investor…….honey thx 4 trying to help…….

Hey …wuts up….thx 4 ur sweeeeet words….hmmm plz why don’t u blog in English ...interested to c more than picture..would be nice to share with us things about ur culture :D

Amitil: thx and yes I need ur wish…….thx 4 coming by :D

Clay: Lucky Girl! No No hon luck divorced me long time ago and also plz TOUCH THE WOOD ;)
Man still vacationing in Al Ain : )…missed u :D

3anooda said...


moe said...
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Hanan said...

I don't think finding a job is all that difficult in here. It's finding a GOOD job that is difficult,if not impossible.
I just started my 2nd job. My first was such an emotional drag.
Good Luck!

Ella said...

wb .. good luck job hunting. at least nothing major and soo bad happened over ur holiday ...


Abed. Hamdan said...

Im studying at techno msh yarmouk..

oh, Eidoun, LOOL! this is close..

Im enjoying my time 3ala fikra, university life wl 3ozobeyye great ;)

Blog blog,

we're waiting you :)

clayfuture said...

tick.. tock.. tick.. tock..

Time's running out! Get your act together woman!!! ;)