19 August, 2006

Comments with regard to the last post

+wow…mmm ok first of all I m really happy that every one of u shared his/her
opinion, experience, or thought on this important topic…I guess I should allot more time 4 discussing the subject in my future posts….

Just to make things clear the type of dating that I talked about which I agree with meant to:

be serious not for fun

between adults and mature ppl who know what they are doing and know WHY they r dating

SO its customized to take both culture and religion into account….

I didn’t talk about dating in a night club

Or in a bar

Or a guy who threw his number when passing by a beautiful girl in a shopping mall!!!!!

+ I can list a zillion exp about marriages failed coz the couple knew nothing about each other !! and I can list a zillion exp about situations when the parents asked about the groom's reputation but ppl never know the other side of u ,,,their daughters were beaten and humiliated by the guy whose friends and relatives said he is decent!

In a nut shell thx 4 contributing and look forward to continuing this topic,,,unfortunately there will be no more posts…….i'll leave on vacation plus there is something worng with my laptop
:(((((((((((((...so good that i had the chance to write at least a reply 2 ur beautiful and interesting thoughts

Enjoy the summer…………

+ VERY Quick reply to:

adel: thx plz share with us ur dating stories
I need days just to reply to u man…first of all know that I respect ur opinion and appreciate your strong Iman and would like to get ur e-mail so I can write to u if u don’t mind..
…and feel free to comment on this blog .. some ppl might get convinced or have questions for u …anyhow why should u be surprised?
Having rebellious thought doesn’t mean that I don’t feel for my ppl any where in this world whether they are Arabs or not….

3anooda: give me a biiig hug ;)

Dozz: unfortunately I know ppl, most of the arab girls, who get married 4 "the heck of it" esp when the girl hits 25…sometime I don’t blame them as our culture never feel mercy 4 spinsters or divorced….ppl have creativity when it comes to torturing them mentally and emotionally!!!

Summer:no0thing is taboo in my dictionary but was busy with what is happening in Lebanon….so don’t be shocked to c more of this "taboo" topics esp about women's rights in this part of the world….welcome to the rebellious part of me ;)

babe_uae : dear I must say that u r so lucky (Mashallah) that u have met an open-minded local guy, so rarely 2 find such ppl, who doesn’t wait 4 his mamy and dady 2 choose his woman…usually wut local guys do is marrying at least 2 …1 local woman to save his social face in front of his ppl and rest (3) r of his choice!!!

The Rendezvous: Totally agree with u but like to know why things didn’t work with u so far ….would appreaciate if u could share with us some of ur stories and conclusions ;)
Haidar: Well said!

MISE mmm I donnu..i agree with u partially… its not religions that are double-standard but you men of course the majority not all of them..but with regard to religion we should either accept it as a system for our whole life or I duuno wut..but believe me religions never prohibit something for no reason!!

Al-Hajeji & 7ala thx 4 passing by
And I'm not emaratiiii but I live in UAE


3anooda said...

silentear and arablady

Please include me in ur discusions as I would really be interested in knowing and understanding more. im not religious per say yet i am multazima.

my email is moody_1@hotmail.com

Summer said...

Thanks for replying back.i was checking your blog for a word from you for a while now and finally you are back...good subject and still waiting for more controvesial subject from you.

Anonymous said...

"I’m with dating but with limits meaning that:
-Both should be mature enough to have a serious commitment and long term relationship that will/might end up with marriage.

-No sex before marriage ( kisses r ok though…lol)"

Sister, you still haven't given me the name of the scholar who allows this.

I need to know quite quickly because I would like to get very stoned this weekend and a fatwa which makes it halal would be cool.

Do you think $500 cash will be enough to pay him/her?

ArabLady said...

3nooood…….i will
Summer thx darling …will everything depends on the mood

ArabLady said...

Mr. Anonymous listen

The one who wrote the post is called Arab Lady who is neither a sheikh nor Imam….
This blog reflects my personal opinion and thoughts …if u need a fatwa u know where to go or who to approach

Anonymous said...

Oh, OK. So you know it's haram but you say it's OK anyway.

Anonymous said...

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