14 July, 2006

Masters of Torture and TERRoOoR!!!!

Against torture, not physically only !!

I was supposed to write something on torture long time ago and now it’s the time to do so …
Every once in a while I will be updating about the violation of the human rights in the occupied Palestine by the Israeli occupation….

According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights:
-The outcome of crimes committed by Israeli Occupation Forces since 25 June 2006:
10 Palestinians have been killed by IOF (3 have been extra-judicially executed and 6 have been killed by shelling).

-79 Palestinian civilians, including 21 children, have been wounded by the IOF gunfire.

-82 air-to-surface missiles and hundreds of artillery shells have been fired at Palestinian civilians and military targets in the Gaza Strip.

-Two buildings of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, the office of the Palestinian Prime Minister and a number of educational institutions have been destroyed.

-3 bridges linking Gaza City with the southern Gaza Strip and 3 roads in Khan Yunis and al-Nusairat have been destroyed.

-Hundreds of donums of agricultural land and 5 houses have been destroyed, and 6 other houses have been transformed into military sites.

-The electricity network of Rafah has been destroyed.

-At least 180 Palestinian civilians, including 8 ministers and more than 20 PLC members have been arrested in the West Bank, and 4 Palestinian civilians have been arrested in the Gaza Strip.

-Gaza International Airport in the southern Gaza Strip and parts of the northern Gaza Strip have been occupied by IOF.


Most of you probably know that yesterday the US ambassador in the UN blocked passing a resolution that condemned using violence against Palestinians in the Gaza strip !!!
According to AL Jazeera. Net, The US was the only country to vote against the draft resolution put forward by Qatar on behalf of Arab nations. Ten of the 15 Security Council nations voted in favour and four, Britain, Denmark, Slovakia and Peru, abstained.
The draft resolution accused Israel of a "disproportionate use of force" that endangered Palestinian civilians, and demanded Israel withdraws its troops from Gaza.