21 July, 2006

I am frustrated
I am depressed
I want to leave this place
I want new life
I want to stay far away
I want to fly
I fed up I fed up I fed up
I need somebody special to support me
I am bored with every thing
I wanna quit my fucking job
I wana go back to school
I miss my old friends
I wana fly I wanna cry…I wanna shout ,,,I wana relocate
I hate Arabs
I am tired
I need a therapist
I hate them
I wan to fly I want to fly I want to fly
My heart is broken …my soul suffocates ….happiness is dead …….welcome to the kingdom of darkness


MD said...


among 10 miseries, there's always 1 happiness and it can overtake it all. been there hun...and always remember, ur happiness is ur own responsiblity.

if i count the shit in my life, i'll dwell on those even more. so just say al7mdilla that u're still better off than a lot of others in war-torn countries and poor nations. i know it's so cliche, but sometimes cliches say it all.

Mise said...

I came back to ask you how the job was going ...but I can see that it's not the only thing on your mind...listen to this ...it always makes me smile..


...just paste the url into your browser and I'll take you to the download link...

Abed. Hamdan said...

Never Lose hope !! keep praying :)

kilamxx said...

Assalamualaikum ArabLady,
The verses might sound depressing initially but one can detect a hopeful and passionate individual underneath. Don't let momentary problems overcome your zeal for life.
Above all, please keep writing the way you've been doing on your blog - with passion. I really enjoy your blog.

Ghassan said...

I totally understand, would you take me along?

uae alias said...

Have you been feeling sick of what's going on lately in Palestine, Iraq and now Lebanon? Do you feel like shouting? saying no? having a say on what is happening in Lebanon?
Yes! We are going to protest in the Cornish of AbuDahbi on THU, 27 of JUL, 2006 after AL Asr Prayer.
Make sure to bring your own signs, flags, posters, brochures, etc...
Make sure to let as many of your friends aware of this event, the more the better.
هل سئمت مما يحدث مؤخراً في العراق وفلسطين والآن لبنان؟ هل تريد أن تصرخ؟ أن تقول لا، أن يكون لك كلمة وصوت مسموع عن ما يحدث في لبنان؟
نعم ! سنتظاهر في كورنيش أبوظبي، يوم الخميس الموافق ال 27 من يوليو 2006 بعد صلاة العصر.
تأكد من إحضار أي من الأعلام أو اللافتات التي قد تود استخدامها، ومن إعلام أكبر عدد من معارفك اللذين قد يودون الاشتراك في المظاهرة.

Fizza said...

Landed here through blogs and blogs ... anyways, hang in there ...

MD said...

Hey hun,

I've changed the address of my blog to:


John said...

Why don't the Arab nations come and support Lebanon and Hezbollah against the tiny nation of Israel?

Why are Arab's so weak?

Answer: Islam is a religion of weakness for the feeble-minded and emotionally weak.

MD said...

john: all arabs are not muslims. get ur facts right before taking a stab at any religion or culture.

moe said...

I like you blog.
What worries you?

You should have something to eat first.
Full of energy.

ArabLady said...

Dear MD
There is a huge difference bwt having a miserable life and having miseries in ur life…hope u got it

****Big hugggggggg****

I decided to quit me job and I did…..it just showed me the real business life in dubai …I am really shocked to c that all my rosy dreams were just ROSY DREAMS……

To the rest
Thx, thx, and thx!!!!

******A bunch of ROSES***** to all of u

Dear John
Kindly go and read about real Islam after that we can discus ur mistaken beliefs about it…wut u c now in Arab countries has nothing to do with Islam

I love Munich said...

NEVER lose hope ... once you lost hope, you lost it all!!