26 August, 2006

What happens if an insect falls in a cup of coffee

The British: will throw the cup into the street and leave the coffeeshop for good.

The American: will get the insect out and drink thecoffee.The Chinese: will eat the insect and drink the coffee.

The Israeli will:
1) Sell the coffee to the American and the insect to the Chinese.

2) Cry on all media channels that he feels insecure.

3) Accuse the Palestinians, Hizb Allah, Syria and Iran ofusing germ-weapons.

4) Keep on crying about anti-semitism and violations of human rights.

5) Ask the Palestinian President to stop planting insectsin the cups of coffee.

6) Re-occupy the West Bank, Gaza Strip.

7) Demolish houses, confiscate lands, cut water andelectrity from Palestinian houses and randomly shootPalestinians.

8) Ask the United States for urgent military support and a loan of one million dollars in order to buy a new cup of coffee.

9) Ask the United Nations to punish the coffee-shopowner by making him offer free coffee to him till the end of thecentury.

10) Last but not least, accuse the whole world to be standing still, not even sympathizing with the Israeli Nation.


Loudsilence said...

I like this one..it is true

clayfuture said...

Ha! This is hilarious!! good post!

PeaceMan said...


GAZA (Reuters) - Militants in the Gaza Strip released two kidnapped journalists from the American Fox News Channel on Sunday after the men appeared on a videotape saying they had converted to Islam, Fox said.

Fox said correspondent Steve Centanni, a 60-year-old American, and New Zealand-born cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, were in a hotel in the Palestinian coastal strip. They hugged colleagues inside the hotel lobby before running up the stairs to a higher floor, Fox News footage showed.

"Our heroes are home," Fox anchorman Shepard Smith said in a live broadcast from New York.

The two reporters were seized on August 14 by a previously unknown group called the Holy Jihad Brigades.

In a videotape released earlier, Centanni and Wiig were shown separately sitting cross-legged, reading statements announcing that they had converted to Islam. At times in the video they were wearing long Muslim robes.

"I changed my name to Khaled. I have embraced Islam and say the word Allah," Centanni said.

Wiig called on leaders of the West to stop "hiding behind the 'I don't negotiate with terrorists' myth". Continued...

Diana Joy said...

Stay open minded:) I like it when a woman can speak for herself! And not just say the words people want to hear!!!
Thanks for dropping by:)
Diana Joy

Abed. Hamdan said...

True one ;D

ArabLady said...

guys i'm happy that u liked the post

thx 4 coming by

Sadly funny :( :)

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