13 August, 2006

Do they really deserve wut they go thro ?????

I’m really so upset to see such pictures… (got them from http://moithinkingoutloud.blogspot.com/and though of spreading them so the whole world would c the Israeli civilization built on blood)
They killed childhood in millions of innocent angles…I dunno know what to say..i get mad whenever I read comments or posts about Arabs who feel sorry for victims from both sides!!! WHY BOTH SIDES!!!

Why do I have to feel sorry for Israelis? They kill our Arab kids with cold blood and committed war crimes against humanity and totally destroyed two countries!!! LET THEM BURN!!!

More than 250,000 immigrated outside Lebanon….!!! Regardless of those who lost their houses and wut they own…

Mirvate escaped from Lebanon to Jordan..last week I talked to her she is fine and is waiting 4 the war to end so she can go back to Lebanon…her house was destroyed!!! I’m proud of her as she says what has been destroyed is worthless versus what Hezballah sacrifices to resist the invaders……..

Lina’s house is destroyed as well…she is now in Canada but says they never felt sorry 4 their house as they see victims fall everyday……

Today I messaged Rama ….i was worried about her as haven’t heard of her for a week or so…7amdilaa she is fine too and left her house and moved to her Uncle’s house coz its safer there…

May God bless them all

I’m really in a shock…I’d like to tell the Arabs esp the Lebanese bloggers to save their sympathy 4 their people !!!! Palestinians have been slaughtered for 58 yrs and no body did anything !! I will never feel sorry for killers and Nazis……I want them to suffer every hour…every minute….every second…to feel the pain the Palestinians and Lebanese feel…to lose all their beloved ones to see how it hurts to c the ppl u love die!!!

I ask u God to save the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine….ya Allah Give them ur strength and support…..Bless them ALL….

Feelings of being useless and inactive to wut is happening around me kill me…I dunno wut to do…I hate politics as I stopped watching news…dont wana c any more pics …I dunno waanaa c dead bodies….i want this nightmare to end…….plz enough!!


clayfuture said...

Those are really heart breaking pictures in your post! Its reporters and photographers like these who risk their lives to bring the real story to the world. Not what CNN or FOX news want the world to see.

We are all slaves of the media. We have pro-israel, pro-USA, pro-arab, pro-whatever channels littered throughout that it's a different picture everywhere, unless it serves a common cause!

America gave a silent nod of approval for israel to continue the bloodshed and UK wagged its hairless tail in approval as well, as usual! The muslims could not do anything.. no wait.. the muslims don't want to do anything about it! Going against the superpower would mean all sorts of blockades, embargoes, sanctions and all that shit. Bahrain cannot risk that, Neither can Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Saudi... The other muslim countries already have their own problems with USA to deal with than to shoulder another huge one!

Politically and diplomatically, these issues cannot be solved as Israel cannot and does not listen to reason when it comes to muslims. A day will come when either we will wipe out israel, or THEY (israel and its many friends) will wipe us out!

Allah bless us all and give the weak and the oppressed the strength and determination to carry on under the constant threat of danger and death and conquer against all odds.

paddy said...


As an Irishman, all I can say is that I sympathise totally with the Lebanon. What we endured is nothing compared to what the Palestinians and now the Lebanese have had to go through.

But I also feel bound to say that you have to channel that anger. It will demolish you just as surely as an Israeli-guided missile - poisoning the lives of you and - even worse - your future generations. You have to learn from the past, not re-live it every day. You have to be stronger than the military hardware that was thrown at you.

I know this is impossible right now, when thousands of people are (hopefully) about to go back and find their homes in rubble. There will be anger, despair, bitterness and a desire for revenge.

But please, please for the sake of your children and their children, channel that energy into something constructive. Think further than Israel. There is so much to do physically (re-building the Lebanon) and politically (solidifying the democratic process) that you cannot waste 1 gram of energy on Israel.

Lebanon is a country of almost unique diversity. Show us what this means in real terms, not in the terms of confrontation with Israel.

ArabLady said...

I know that u r right Paddy

But what do u expect of a human being who sees how the world was unfair to wut is happening in the Middle East…is it the desire 4 blood and destruction that drive Israel!!?….let them return the occupied territories….free the detainees…and allow the refugees go back to their land….and most importantly recognize our right to live as they want to live in dignity….

Other than that we would be dreaming if we though that we would live in peace in this region…..WE NEED PERMANENT SOLUTION


clayfuture said...

Reality check: as long as israel is in this region there will never be a permanent solution that all parties are in agreement with. Any and every solution that comes up will be in favour of israel. Temporary agreements are made and broken, but there can never be a permanent solution.

As long america is there to support israel, there is nothing and no one that can stop them from getting what they want. We can certainly rule out the United Nations. They have proven themselves time and time again that they are totally helpless and weak and have no voice when the super powers roar!

uae alias said...

I started to avoid watching news,and stopped sending those articles to the newspapers and tried not look through those photos do you know why? because what anger can do to person with no effect like me is like a giant living in a skinny body--> it will kill it.
I'm very upset with people who are in power, and who still do nothing but talking... All the Arab leaders are having more far asses everyday as they do nothing but talk and eat! No one of them even went to Europe (were there is a great compassion for Lebanon) as a diplomatic move to get support against Israel. There was plenty of what they could've done (other than fighting back which they won't do) but they didn't, till when are we going to raise money to build for Israel to demolish?to cure for is Israel to kill? I'm just so tiered of thinking and talking and getting angry I understand now better how suicidal bombers think.

clayfuture said...

I agree with you on the arab leaders doing nothing to stop the bloodshed. Like I said, no one wants to hurt their interests and good relations with USA is in their interest.

I don't agree with you on the suicide bombers issue. It is haram. Yes, some people might do it out of desperation, but there are so many of them who are just young teenagers, who are gullible and brainwashed into thinking this is jihad. Killing yourself is haram and will not grant you an entry ticket into heaven. God forgive these poor souls who were misled.

ArabLady said...

Dear clayfuture,

I don't agree with you on the suicide bombers issue

Did somebody talk about suicide bombers? Did i?
But plz could u explain what do u mean by “suicide bombers”?

If you mean those who bomb themselves in crowded places in Iraq, I do agree with u….although sometimes I doubt if they are human beings themselves…and wut kind of brainwashing they had to do crazy, unethical, and unjustified massacres….

But if u mean the militant resistance in palestine,,,,then it’s a different story?

I know there is no permanent solution 4 the middles east crisis……it either to be wiped out by Israel or to wipe it out ……..

And I go 4 the first probability since we already have corrupt governments worshiping the US…so what remains is brainwashing the public…which is in the process…..

After getting rid of Hamas & Hezbaalah….the whole Arab World will be submissive to our leaders’ God….estagfarallah ….May God forgive me 4

silentear said...


These are difficult times for the Umma. However, I agree with what “paddy” had to say in relation to the subject, as above.

As Muslims we must be most careful in ensuring hatred does not consume us and alter our thoughts and actions against that which the Prophet pbuh taught.

The Prophet pbuh teaches us:
“Anger comes from the devil, the devil was created of fire, and fire is extinguished only with water; so when one of you becomes angry, he should perform ablution.” [Abu Daud; Book 41, No. 4766].

When there is legitimate reason for an expression of anger Islam teaches us of the methods in which we must explore those feelings.

We must ensure that we act in the correct manner; refraining from the use of wrongful/sinful actions and words. We must evaluate whether the anger in ones heart will do more harm than good within shariah.

"Those who patiently preserve will truly receive a reward without measure" (Qur'an 39:10)

In regards to the weakness of this Ummah, I’d like to relate the following:

During a discussion with his Companions about the weakness of his Ummah one of the companions, (Radhi Allahu Anhum), asked: O Messenger of Allah! Will that relate to being few in numbers? The Prophet said: No, but your huge number will be of little effectiveness, and (Allah) will cast Al-Wahan in your hearts. They said: O Messenger of Allah, what does Al-Wahan mean? He said, Your hearts are strongly attached to life luxuries and you feel strong aversion to death. (Reported by Ahmad and Abu-Dawud)

I think this describes the current state of the Umma and our so-called “leaders”.

We must have patience and trust in God almighty. Yes, I too feel immense anger at what is taking place within our Ummah. But the only ones that can change what is happening are you and I. The Muslims themselves. We are constantly asking for reform on an international level but as I remember reading once, the demand for external reform will never transpire prior to the reform within the hearts of each Muslim.

May God swt bless the Umma and keep out iman strong.

The Rendezvous said...

Hey this is a great blog..keep it up

ArabLady said...

Dear what u said is great and ever word shine with wisdom….ur comment really pleasd me and made me feeeeeeeeeel much better

But I guess that will never ever work with Israel….

i look forward to reading ur posts

Table Mountains said...

quote" clayfuture : "A day will come when either we will wipe out israel, or THEY (israel and its many friends) will wipe us out!"

that's the mentality of the muslim world. you'll soon run out of virgins for your terrorist.your terrorist number in the hundreds of millions. you people just can't accept a world with any other religion then your own.

outsider said...

Table Mountain and Clayfuture,

BZZZZZZ! Wrong answers.

When was the last country to have been wiped off the map? That's the macho talk of ghetto warlords that is impossible to achieve. Even in the ultra unlikely option that Iran unleashed nuclear or biological missiles on Israel, then Jordan, Syria and Lebanon will suffer the fallout. I find it hard to imagine the situation in which this would realistically happen. Countries can be profoundly damaged or changed, but never wiped off the map. You might as well wake up to the fact that you are condemned to be neighbours, forever. Sorry!

that's the mentality of the muslim world Come on Table Mountain, how many Senegalese suicide bombers do you know? Or Malian? You're trying to stain a worldwide religion of a billion because of your local border issues. In fact, it coul dbe argued you are successfully exporting the problems. But if you repeat it loudly and often enough, it might become self-fulfilling.