15 July, 2006

Yesterday I slept on the sofa in the living room so I could listen to AL Arabiya News until the I fell asleep…Today in the morning and while driving to work I decided to turn on to the most braised radio SAWA Radio….As usual its news are aimed at brainwashing the Arab Youth as if they are not brainwashed already!!!!

What stunned me ....not really but I mean what pissed me off two or three things:

-Bush is proud of the Jordanian, Saudi, and the Egyptian governments’ reactions toward Hezballah’s operations…! And he is looking forward to see what the Arab summit will end up saying as it will determine by what side Arab governments stand !!!

-The Israelis Bastards claim that Hamas is gone now as half of their leaders are in the prison while the other half is under the earth hiding!!!! “Wearing a tie and suit will not change the fact that they are targeted either by assassination or prison”, said an Israeli bastard in the military.

Now what drives me crazy is that Hezballah is accused of:

-Destroying Lebanon.
-Driving the country and the region into hell by making "uncalculated adventures".
-Serving the hidden Agenda of Syria and Iran!
-Establishing illegalized terrorist state inside a state!

Having some crowd Arabs who worship the super countries blindly believe THE MENTIONED ABOVE is not the problem because you can never expect something from our governments BUT
BUT to have Lebanese who back what Israel is doing is the most disgusting thing any human being can feel!!!!!

They want to repeat the same story of Iraqis who let the Americans occupy their lands in the name of freeing them!! Some Anti-Islamists Lebanese & anti-Syrians who want to get ride if Hezballah and Shiia want Israel to do them a favor by wiping Hezbollah out !!!!

HezbAllah you have been able to do what Arabs will never be able to do!!! The whole world let you down, the whole world gave their back to you…..ALLAH will never let you down…the fingernail of one of your fighters is worth those arabs who fuck their wives in the night and cry like women in the evening for the lose of Honor and land...

To the Arab ass kissers, HezbAllah will teach you what manhood is and what faith is
……..to my friend Mirvat in Burite…I love you and wish if I were with u …..keep your head you are lebanese!!!!


Insteresting blog.

Dee said...

Was just going through your blog. Intersting. If you have time go through mine as well.


MD said...

such a sad state of affairs. i wish i was a punk, with flowers in my hair!

Naj said...

Great blog..
Thanks for the nice words
by the way this (Mahmoud Darweesh's poem) is one my favourite ones espeailly when it was sung by the Sameeh Shqeir.


Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to read this. Hezbollah intentionally slaughters innocent people without remorse. They are disgusting and evil. To say that Israel is worse is no excuse.

If manhood and faith is purposefully murdering children, then nothing is more shameful. I pray Hezbollah is destroyed.

ArabLady said...

And I pray Israel is not only destroyed but burnt….hope to c another Helter so we can get rid of the cancer in the region……… why don’t u go back to the trash bins u came from ….u might build another state there ….coz as long as u r in the middle east ……u will never rest in peace..

Brain washing is the key word..people are paid to do that..

I have been going through the same, for the past month I slept most of the time on the floor in the living room! Watching the news!
(consider allowing people who don't have blogspot accounts to comment)

ArabLady said...

No more hate anonymous comments!!!

well i guess the floor is much better "Ar7am min" than the sofaaaaa esp if the person is tall


Anonymous said...

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