30 June, 2006

Cadbury chocolate bars in UAE safe, fit for consumptionposted on 28/06/2006
""Cadbury chocolate products in the UAE are free of any contamination and are fit for human consumption, a municipal official disclosed yesterday. 'Thorough and exhaustive lab investigations and tests and field surveys conducted by food safety control and inspection authorities have found that the Cadbury chocolate bars are safe, free of the alleged contamination and fit for human consumption," said Obeid bin Isa Ahmed, Assistant Secretary General of Municipalities. 'Cadbury products in the UAE markets have been subjected to tests in various food labs. The tests have not been confined to the contamination-suspected brands reported by the international media but to all brands,' he affirmed. Cadbury local agent said in a meeting that the brands under question were not imported into the UAE markets. Reports on Friday said that more than a million Cadbury products were recalled from the market in the United Kingdom over fears that they may be contaminated with salmonella. The contamination in the UK was traced to a leaking pipe in West Central England, which has already been repaired. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)""

Wondering wuts is safe to eat…every thing seems to be contaminated…not healthy….with artificial colours…..so wut should we eat!

To me foreign brands are untrustworthy now ? ….two months ago a contact lens solution was pulled out from the UAE market after proving that it might lead to blindness and severe consequences!!…..i used to use that brand…! Imagine .....


MD said...

true! if brands like cadburys and renu are contaminated...then u cant trust anything really. and u cant believe the authorities much, since they ALWAYS try to cover up.

AMY said...

hey hey hey and yeah hey again :D !!!
Hmmm .. ok it's my first time to pass by and I was thinking of telling u that it's one of the most amaaaaaaaaaazing blogs i've ever seen ;)
For a while I thought that I was writing or sth coz ur way is really really close to mine I wonder how it comes :S
Anywayz, since I found no email and any other way to contact you I jus thought of telling u that u rock !!!! Especially the 'Do U Miss me' Journal. I PASSED 'AND STILL PASSING' THROUGH EVERY SINGLE WORD U WROTE ..
Ok .. I know I'm talkative ;P. NVM, Jus wanna say hi and maybe I've seen u around since we both are at AUS :D
Here's my email(If u don't mind)
vivid2006@hotmail.com *thumbsup*
TC .. I'll be visiting u every while n' then inshalla :D

TwinTopaz said...

Hey AL..

U can find my mail in my id..drop me a mail..

ArabLady said...

Thanks honey 4 ur sweet words….well u wont be able to c me at AUS anymore since I graduated this spring …enjoy every moment of the uni life coz life outside is very harsh nomatter how tuagh AUS is…wish u all the best and keep in touch …thnx 4 passing by

ArabLady said...

twin thx i will :))))

Anonymous said...

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