27 June, 2006

What would you do if ......?!


13 things I would do with a million DH?

I WOULD ............
1-Quit the job I might be doing ......
2-Buy 3 or 4 new brand cars. One for morning, one for afternoon, one for evening, and the last one to be parked in front of my house....
3-Buy an apartment.
4-Do my masters.
5-Establish my own business.
6-Buy a dog. My mother hate dogs.
7-Visit some countries with my dog. Some. Shit! Say the whole world.
8-Give some to charity. No I would establish some non-profit organizations…much better…
9-Adopt 10 kids. Two from each continent…
10-Give some to my family.
11-Go shopping every day three times till I say enough. I know I will never say it.
12-Set up a modern nursery so that kids learn something useful when mom at work.
13-Take some courses in other languages. Learn Italian, fresh, etc.

13 things I would do if I were ahead of state?

1-Enforce the concept of total equality between women and men……..
2-Cut off the head of men who beat up their wives and daughters!
3-Make women’s salary twice as much as men’s!
4-Make women sponsor their husbands & fathers!
5-Put an end to dowries and the wedding expenses so every body can get married
6-Promote creative minds and embrace the talents……..
7-Feed all hungry people……
8-Educate the whole population in the country…..
9-Stop using currencies and adopt the old system of exchange
10-Make every body happy……..
12-Protect the nature and the environment……..
13-Make all people equal…..so no body is richer than another…….


Very interesting...
most interesting is the order of your wishes!!

moe said...

I am japanese

ArabLady said...

tomoe ur welcome
L&H ...thx ....ya wut about cutting men's heads ;)...did u like it...well 7aram still some of them are genlte & gooood....

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to tell you that many people around the world go through the same annoyances that you seem to be going through. Just hold your head up high and enjoy the small blessings you experience. Hopefully it does get better one day and you look back at those bad times as a learning experience.
take care

MD said...

lolll...these days, 1 million isn't enough to even get an apartment... :D