20 July, 2007

Blab blah – Fashit Khooli2 PART TWO

Its about 4:30 AM & I couldn’t go back to bed…Ahlan ahla bel sleep disorders
I’m struggling to set a budget for my department but they are a hopeless case( dan min teen w dan min 3ajeeeeeeeeeeen)
Too much work….ads…flyers…Articles to write & publish…lame advertising agencies…problems …problems…plans & I NEED 10 ppl to help me out!!!!!!!

On the other side I discovered that when it comes to men, I’m:
·So innocent
·Stupid in drawing conclusions
Nothing compared to my friends who ARE WELL EXPERIENCED IN SUCH ISSUES
· Very emotional
· Very passive
· What a man says to me he says it to ALL WOMEN HE KNOWS, SEES, TALKS TO, MEETS…………ETC

My emotional immune system is very