01 December, 2007

Is it a good idea to date a man in his 40s?

Lesson Learnt :Life is very interesting in all aspects.

Is it a good idea to date a man who is 20 yrs older than you?

Lately I discovered than it’s not a very good idea to think about dating a man in 40s! I might be wrong but they tend to be sex & desire driven.

They have spent two decades working day & night & they reached a stage in which they are ready to settle with a sex machine. So you better be extremely beautiful, tricky, manipulative, & sexy in order to pass their “Physical Examination”. Yesterday I passed his Physical Test with a C Grade. So I immediately recommended that he would look for another “OBJECT” that would “PASS HIS PHYSICAL EXAMS” with A+ Grade.

His response was that I’m so tough, defendant, hot blooded, with a fighting attitude & with no sense of humor!!

Every day I discover that they treat us as objects…..

Few days ago, mom had some visitors & among them was a woman mom hasn’t seen for about 10 yrs. Actually she was khataba who was interested to see me/evaluate me to see whether I would pass her exams too!!

She wanted a 20 years girl who would sit at home, a house made in other word. Of course I don’t meet both criteria. I can’t tolerate the idea of married women sitting at home!! Unbelievable!! In my opinion they are the most useless “living creatures” on EARTH. I really feel sorry for them. No identity, no independence, total financial reliance on the man, time wasted on gossip, cooking & cleaning….etc

In short:

She is ridicules… I will never be a house maid….
Men are ridicules….. i will never be an object….

Life with such people is a horrible place to live in. Isn't ?

I believe it’s much better to be homosexual nowadays. At least you will maintain your self respect.

TO HELL with marriage

Arab Lady


lezah said...

wow this is amazing, noooo please dont marry a man like that...
we ladies should have a voice not just our husband come home and F**k us and make babies what is that a piggery? ok they give shelter and food and clothing but, we ladies we need to be aquanted to others