23 February, 2007

Time passes and my belief about Arab women oppression increases. yesterday my colleague at work asked me if I have a boy friend. I said no all of them are jerks and game players…she said yup agree & that’s what I figured out the first day I stepped into the country..so you are still virgin??

Well to be honest with you I haven’t been asked such a question before!

I just started to explain to her our culture! After that conversation she thanked God for not being a Muslim nor an Arab!

Well, actually I told her the truth and nothing other than Truth! I just explained that in our culture females are not allowed to date, have boyfriends, or even to have sex b4 marriage. I also told her about horror killing in the Arab World and how virginity is important to a female in order to get married & how women are treated like items.

I just gave her an idea about men being superior to us and any female should surrender her personal freedom in order to adhere to society rules! She felt sorry for us! And I truly feel sorry for myself living in sick cultures & feel sorry for other women who r living in harsh situation & keep their mouths shut!

The other day I saw an Arab lady in the washing room, with tight clothes, FULL HEAVY MAKE UP, and with 10 liters of perfume poured on her body. But guess what? She was wearing a headscarf !!! a head scarf!! What the hell?

Are you deceiving yourself? Take it off babe or ur papy wont allow u to do so!!

For Arabic Speaking human beings, kindly entertain urselves by reading this awesome article!

Enjoy! Thanks God for not being Saudi