16 February, 2007

I’ll go nuts & banana ppl

It’s humiliating to reach to such a stage!

Read what the idiot is suggesting! To Hell with virginity!


Thanks to Local Expat

Watch this video about Honor Killing. Isn't interesting to know about what people think about Islam!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P2rgUx87Yg&eurl ( A MUST SEE)

if interested to watch more videos

To know more about her, have a look at her website: http://www.maryamnamazie.com/

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Ooooh, chastity belt .. so kinky... I'm all for it .. for men AND women ;)
It would go nicely with the nice latex cat suit and a whip
This guy is a Joke (at best)
The lady in the video is over exaggerating the number of women living under oppression. Yes, women in Iran are living under oppression. But so are the men who sometimes are prosecuted for the simple act of shaving their beards. There's no single sane person on the world who would condone this
But shoving "universal" rights down our throats is really just another form of oppression and disrespect to people's beliefs.
It's a well known fact that Islam doesn't differentiate between men and women when it comes to punishment of adultery. And if the Islamic Shariah is to be taken literally, they need to bring 4 witnesses to prove someone's infidelity. You know that don't you?
These Honor killings are NOT mandated or even related to Islam, it's people taking it up on themselves to be more strict than need be

Mise said...

lol... Arablady...the first one could be fun. ;

Stained said...

I completely agree with qwaider...
its not only women but also men who are prosecuted for adultery...

Sever said...

Reading your posts, dear Arab Lady, & can't not agree with you.

The problem that even if there are good Arab men, then they can disrespect you for example for not being a Muslim & so on.

Arab men are Casanovas. No doubt.
But Arab Society itself sometimes kills me.
At least this topic. Virgin, honor, blah blah blah... they think of physical (if I can call it so) honor only, but what about moral honor? How to talk to each other for example.

Wish you the best in your not easy life!

May be God will not let me move to Dubai :)

Hattori Hanzo said...

It seems to me that Al Arabiya goes out of its way everyday to find some stupid piece of news that has to do with sex. What is their obsession with this subject?

milanoroger said...

I think women in our society are oppressed, let's move away for a bit from the literal shit, and talk facts, arab men use prostitutes (u cant see it, doesn't mean it's not there, it is), arab men drink alcohol (i see way more than the 6% of christians in jordan need of liquor stores), and so on, while arab women are being punished for the most easy thing for a MAN to do!
Isn't that what you call equality?
Isn't that what you call religion?

Our society screams honor and red lines, but underneath, there are neither!

clayfuture said...

Hooraaayyy... the comments are back on again!!!

Gardenia said...

I have been visiting your blog often lately..but couldn't leave you a comment.

u r right..this is so bad and has to be stopped.

localexpat said...

Ahhhhh... I see my little research findings from the net could possibly start off a heated argument.... hmmm lets see..

oh arab lady I replied to your question in my blog

Imaan On Ice said...

long time no see!! i'm back, hope to see you on my blog again. and you really have a interesting blog. i'll be back many times more! //imaan

Hi Arab Lady,

can i use the link from your post in something im writing? it probably will not be along the same lines as yours but will be based on the same. by links i mean the alarabiya link and the link for maryam namazie.


Summer said...

Hiba, you left a strange message on my blog....i am sure you meant to leave it to someone else, it has no realation to my own blog. take care! :)

BuJ said...

Hanzo San! Love your nick!!

onlibya said...

interesting you are...