21 December, 2007

Few days ago I went with sister to have a walk by the beach…the weather was amazing
She asked me one question what do you want….

Without hesitation I answered I want to be myself, I want to have a simple life. I really miss being myself. I fed up from acting. I fed up from hiding the true me. I’m sick of acting in front of them, lying, hiding the truth..etc.

It’s a double standard society that made me have two different lives.

I told her how I’m sick of being double standard. Through out the previous years I learnt to talk, act, walk, live, breathe, & think the way CLUTURE, SOCIETY, & RELIGION think it’s the RIGHT WAY.

I feel like screaming very loud telling them its not my fault that God chose us to be FEMALES. Its not our fault he gave us the burden of virginity.

I’m tired of swimming against the flow. Where am i going?
PS: Thanks for all those who send their feedback on my posts. I read all your e-mail even if i dont get the chance to reply back.
With Love,
Arab Lady