09 November, 2007

Question Going in mind….

Sometimes I wonder where women can find comfort in life. She is either having enough from her work, her family, or her husband or even her culture or all together at the same time!

Each one thinks that his/her concepts are RIGHT & MUST be FOLLOWED..something expected esp from families or MEN…!They use their religion & social power to enforce their beliefs & way of life, which I personally find ridiculous.

If you were born to a Christian family, they do expect you to embrace their values blindly same as Muslim Families.

If you are coming from a poor background, you are not expected to improve your social class & you are not allowed to dream & have ambition.

If you r coming from illiterate or conservative environment, you are not allowed to think outside the box, pursue high education, or swim against their flow.

I’m just wondering why Muslims believe they own their women. Have they bought them from the fish market or what! When will the balance of power be adjusted?

When will women ALL WOMEN get the chance to CHOOSE what to be, who to be, where to be without bearing the expensive consequences of their non-conformance actions

When will the triangle of Religion, Tradition & Sex be dissolved?

Many questions but the answers remain unknown.

Arab Lady is Back to Blogging


7aki Fadi said...

You've been missed

Summer said...
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Summer said...

nice to see you back!! keep on questioning life the way it is and the way you envision it to be...maybe one day things will change for women who are oppressed.

Arab Lady said...

thx 7aki fadi...dint know that u check my blog

summer 7abibty thx 4 passing by & i'm pretty sure things will change one day