I Got what i was looking for :)

18 July, 2005

I am really so glade that I finally found a spot where I can say freely what goes in my mind. Actually, I have no body to open up with or to share my thought with. Sometimes I find writing the only way that I can remove what is on my chest.

Well, I should first apologize for any grammatical or structural errors that I might have in any of my writings since I am not fluent in English :), but of course I‘d love to strengthen my English Communication skills at least to get a good job.

Any way I came across this site by chance and I hope to develop some friendships with people from different cultures, different nationalities so that we can exchange knowledge, ideas, and thoughts. with each other. On the top of all that, I would like to exchange information about cultural habits and customs that every one has.

About me, I am Arab who was born in UAE. Although, I came from a conservative background, I consider myself liberal and moderate at the same time. I don’t know but I try to balance between my cultural values and my own values that I have learnt from life so far. By the way, I am Muslim. But of course I do respect all religions and all religious values. I am against fanaticism and terror and value the human being rights in living the way he/she wants to live, the religion he/she wants to believe in…..etc. I am really sorry and upset for the image the Muslims have in the west, the way they are perceived, and how they are treated in that countries. All what most westerns know about Islam is that a religion that encourages killing, terror, and hatred, which is not true at all. I hope ,as an Muslim and Arab on this site, that I would give you a positive idea about who real Arabs are.

Not only Westerns suffer from terror and violence (September 11, the events of London), but also many Arab countries do. Look at what is happening in Iraq and the daily car bombs. Look at Lebanon (assassinations of politicians and journalist, and innocent citizens).

I guess the whole global suffers from people who believe in the language of violence.!!


Sadiq M. Alam said...

Hello Beloved Friend
Nice blog. Keep it up and share yours thoughts.