Towards a definite HELL

24 July, 2005

What happened in Egypt is really disgusting. What kind of future is waiting for the region? Most of the victims were Egyptians. To what hell are the terrorist driving the world? Who benefits from killing innocent people, from creating instable countries, from destroying the Economy, and ruining the reputation of Muslims?

If the most secure systems in the world have been penetrated, what do terrorism and violence hide for the whole world?

It’s not the issue of Muslims and terror any more. What’s happening in the world nowadays concerns all nations, all religions, and the humanity in general. Something must be done to stop such a trend of attacks; otherwise a global disaster would happen.
The feeling of insecurity is threatening every one on this planet. All of us are vulnerable to such barbaric attacks without knowing when and where they might happen.

Whatever the reason behind bombing cars and committing suicide is, such aggression and violence are unjustified at all. Although I am not either Egyptian, British, Iraqi, Lebanese, or Turkish I am still a human being who suffers from seeing others going through pain and paying the cost.

Although I am living in the most secure Arab country, UAE, I feel unsecured and I can see destruction and blood clearly as the fate waiting this world. I might be pessimistic but this is the case.

I can’t figure out why human being can’t live in peace and harmony with each other melting all the cultural, racial, and religious barriers. Where is the wrong in that? Is it really an impossible thing to do?

The only thing we can do is to pray and ask God to bless and save all countries.