Dreams Start Small

03 August, 2005

In one of my advertising classes during the summer, our professor asked us to use a plain paper and create something innovative. The majority of the students created things that we used to make when we were children such as plans and boats. When my turn came, I showed the class what I have made. It was a box. I don’t know what made me say that this box represents my life. Unexpectedly, the professor asked me to explain what I meant. Promptly I replied that it shows how close my life is in time I do my best to get out of the box!

Well I guess my response was exactly reflecting my state of mind and the issue of being myself. The walls of the box life symbolize the restrictions and constrains in my real imposed by others and society.

If every one of us was given a plain paper to use it in drawing or creating something out of it, the final product would reflect the psychology of that person.

One of the students made the trade center in Dubai with a slogan written on it “Dreams Start Small”. The slogan is still ringing in my ears wondering why. I even wrote that statement on a sheet of paper and stacked it on a wall in my room. Who doesn’t have dreams? Who doesn’t dream of making the dreams true? But how many work hard to make their dreams true?

Sometimes one’s situations play a role in determining at least the direction to which the person moves toward the future. But after all, to what extent the person’s willingness to be something important determines how far the person can succeed in making the impossible attainable. Who wants to make the sand gold can do this simply because the individual wants to do so. Whenever we decide to do something that we believe in nothing can stands as an obstacle because all obstacles would be overcome.