Where is justice?

03 August, 2005

Few days back I am have seen a report on TV about three hundred Jewish immigrants who arrived to the occupied Palestinian lands which IS KNOWN AS “Israel”. The immigrants were coming from France while the Israeli government is expecting other 3000 thousands to arrive later this year.

My question is simple? Who does have the absolute right to go back to Palestine? Are they who have been expelled since 1948 from their lands and houses throwing them in camps near the borders? Or are they who have no historical roots in Palestine scattered all over the world but claim that Palestine is the Promised Land by God?

Millions of Palestinian refugees who have been derived from their farms and houses are suffering in camps in Lebanon, Syria, and other Arab and foreign countries. They have the all the right to go back to their lands. Some Palestinian elders living in refugees’ camps who are in their late sixties and seventies are still having the keys of their homes from which they have been thrown out in 1948. Who will answer their questions? Who will tell them that their homes have been replaced by Israeli Settlements? Who will tell them that their fate is to suffer and to pay the cost of being Palestinians? Who will tell them that the power balance is not equal in the world and who has the right doesn’t mean that he can enjoy that right?

Where is the role of the Palestinian authorities in struggling for the refugee’s rights? Few weeks back President Abbas didn’t mind that countries give citizenship to the Palestinian refugees living in these countries?! That means that the Palestinian authority is giving up the file of the refugees?!

That’s a part of American and Israeli propaganda to make the new generation of Palestinians forget their roots, forget the stolen rights, the stolen lands, but they must remember that whatever passports and citizenships will be given to the Palestinians, they will never forget that there is something in our blood called Palestine. By the way, the Palestine that I am talking about is not what the whole world confesses it is. It is not Gaza Strip and West Bank only. It’s not only 22 % that is left from the original land. It’s from the north to the south, from the east to the west; it includes Haifa, Yafa, Jerusalem, and every single acre of the occupied lands in the 1948. If they have the political power, we have the historical rights. If they have biological bombs, mass destruction weapons, and F 16, we have the faith in God, faith in our rights, and more than that the faith in the stone!!!

I would like to say thanks for those who sold the Palestinian refugee’s rights. So, Thank you… your names will be written with pride in the history book!