Many Questions

03 August, 2005

I keep asking myself why we don’t choose our names, who our parents are, how our financial situation is, where we are living in and what our nationality is.

I know that asking such questions are useless and they won’t change our reality. But I can’t prevent myself from thinking in that way. Questioning who we are, what we are living for, and why we are living the way set by other is a right for every human being.

Just accepting what already have been set by others and following orders and instruction imposed by others mean that we are not living at all. It’s not the life that we chose. It’s what others chose. What I mean by others is the family codes, tradition, religious beliefs, and the society in general. Here in the Arab country, tradition, society, and the family play a vital role is determining how the individual’s life will look like. If you are from the type that cares a lot about what others say and think, you life will be a hell especially in this part of the world.

In my university there are a huge number of Saudi females who came to UAE to study. Since they are living in the country alone without restriction or control, you can imagine the space of freedom the have to do whatever they want to do, to go wherever they want to go, and wear whatever they want to wear. I even know that most of them got driving licenses and drive in Dubai and Sharjah, an accomplishment that they can never achieve in Saudi Arabia since women are not allowed to drive. Wondering why?
What astonishes me a lot is that when the semester ends and its time to go back to Saudi Arabia, you see all the Saudi girls in the airport covering themselves from head to toe preparing themselves for their reality saying goodbye to the tight jeans and make up!

Well what a miserable life is this? If anybody from their families has seen them in here they would not differentiate them from westerns. I hope that would not happen otherwise the university will become a battle or a pool of blood.

My point is that tradition and family restrictions in the Arab world on the woman are destroying her psychologically and driving her crazy. We ended up living a life that we don’t want but our tradition and family want!

I have no clue how far this situation is going to last?! But I am sure that things will never stay as are. I hope that this day is not really far.