An Old Friend

03 August, 2005

Last week, on Wednesday morning, my cell phone rang. I jumped to the phone and looked at the number. It was a strange number that I have never seen. Although I usually don’t answer calls from strange numbers, I answered as if I am expecting someone. A soft voice was on the other line. The lady asked for my name and then told me if I recognized her from her voice. After awhile I said to myself yes I know this voice. I didn’t believe my ears. Yes, she was a friend that I have not seen for four years. She immigrated with her family to Canada so she can study there and get the citizenship at the same time. I knew that she is on short visit. We had a long chat talking about major things that happened with each one of us in the past few years. I was happy to know that she will be coming back to UAE after finishing her study.

We decided to see each other soon before she goes back to Canada. I felt very good after that call. I felt that life is really small and I had some hope to meet my best friends who are living in other countries. One of them will get married very soon!

Oh thanks for technology that we can use to keep touch with beloved ones either through phone or the Internet.